Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bully (Wii) Review

I’ve already finished playing most Wii games that I bought (not really, haha!)…except for Bully. So far I’m stuck in ‘Stronghold Assault’, trying countless of times beating up nerds with spud cannons and slingshots. I’m almost there though. You wait and see, Earnest. You wait and see.

If you’re into Grand Theft Auto then Bully is the game for you. It’s highly addictive, alright. You can go for 2-players on mini games and 1-player for the real adventure. For 1-player, you’ll be playing the new kid in school, Jimmy Hopkins. He’s not that bad of a guy, just trying to fit in, running errands for teachers, street beggars, school kids…hmmm, pretty much everyone!

Can’t believe I've only played 42% of the game. Waaargghhh!

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