Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chowder Theme Song Lyrics

When I want to unwind and feel young, instead of hitting the spa, I go to Cartoon Network channel 616 (Astro) to watch Chowder. Chowder is created by the C.H. Greenblatt, a former storyboard artist for Spongebob Squarepants, so you can guarantee is 110% FUNNY!

You just can't get enough of colorful singing peas and the main character's Chowder cutesy, whiny voice. Talk about a rock monster called Shnitzel that says nothing but "Rada rada!". It might be too whimsy to digest the cartoon at first, but if you're a fan of Spongebob, you'll definitely get hooked on this.

The theme song got me hyped up.

You take the moon and you take the sun, (Mung Daal)
You take everything that seems like fun, (Chowder)
You turn 'em up and then your done. (Truffles)
Rada rada rada rada rada rada... (Shnitzel)
So come on in feel free to do some looking, (All)
Stay awhile cuz somethings always cooking! (All)
So come on in feel free to do some looking, (All)
Stay awhile cuz somethings always cooking! (All)

This one goes straight to my mobile ringtones!

P.S: Did I tell you that Chowder is best to watch when you're HUNGRY? :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Navigating Tokyo 101 - Trains!

Lo and behold! Okay, I know it's too small to be seen here...but it's so complex!!! Once you arrive in Japan, there will be free train route maps around the subway.

One interesting part of traveling in Tokyo is their train system. Go here for full view. Do print this if you don't have an updated map. This is a good map for the fact that you can see the color coded route.

During my recent travel, I only opt for the old fashioned way - I bought tickets for single destination. You can also use their prepaid pass card such as PASMO or Suica. It works like Touch 'n Go (for Malaysian) or EZlink (for Singaporean). You can even use PASMO to buy vending food machine.

I brought these small books along with me; Discovery's Tokyo Smart Guide and Berlitz's Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary.

Discovery's Tokyo Smart Guide
Pros: Small and listed quite a few major hotspots around Japan
Cons: Doesn't have a full listing of Tokyo train system, but good enough. For this, you need to get a train map which is similar to the map above with JR line (National line) and the subway line.

Berlitz's Japanese Phrase Book
Pros: Small and semi-glossy paper printing (with color). I'm quite particular on the texture :D
Cons: Some of the phrases are a bit too long.

Tips for non Japanese travelers on Train

1. Learn a bit of Japanese. Important simple phrases to learn and to use while traveling. You can just memorize underline + bold ones:
  • Ikura desuka [i-koo-rah-des-ka]: How much? (You can just say 'Ikura' for short but its a bit impolite. Most phrases will end with either desuka or dekimaska)
  • Shibuya (or any location) doko desuka [Shibuya doh-ko-des-ka]: Where is Shibuya?
  • Eego ga dekimasuka [ae-go gah-dekimaska] : If you can't speak Japanese and want to ask whether they speak English, this is the phrase. Most of them will answer...sukoshi (a little).
  • Memorize 1-10 in Japanese. Good for train numbers. 1, 2, 3 (ich, ni, san) is good for ordering food. Hehe.
2. Almost ALL train station in Tokyo has a booth. During my first 2-3 days travel, I ALWAYS consult them on the train fees before paying for it. So, ask away, but prepare for the lost in translation moments if you can't speak Japanese...AT ALL

3. Look up and be aware for the color code and train number of every train line. Eg.: Keiyo line is thin stripe line.

4. GOOGLE MAPS is your friend. Before going out the hotel, refer to this so you know how long and how much each destination will cost you.

5. If you bought wrong tickets or decided to change destination, most stops has fare adjustment machine. It will adjust your actual fare and return/request for more money. Use it :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How was Japan?

"How was Japan?"
This probably the one of the most frequent asked questions I received when asked about my recent Japan trip. I wish I could pour my brains out and tell them what I've seen, ate, feel...pretty much everything. It was all TOO MUCH...too much bliss.

Japan is definitely one of the surreal holiday destination I'd ever been to. I swear I could just stroll around the city observing people going to work, little kids rushing to school in a public bus all by themselves, grandmas roaming the city independently using the trains. That's a sight I don't usually get back here in Malaysia.

This is Japan through my eyes. Well, some of it :)

1. DS is sizzling hot in here!
Young kids, young mother with 3 months infant, grandpa in a suit, office lady...heck, most of them have Nintendo DS in their hands. I thought PSP would be big here. Even McDonalds (spelled ma-ka-dona-roo-doh) have a DS wi-fi access and not accessible via computer nor mobile!

2. Disabled friendly city!
I think most developed city would have facilities for disabled person. I was quite amazed when I saw three blind individuals holding each others back, waiting for a train. FYI, most roads in Tokyo has a long line of dotted path for the blinds to walk on.


3. Japan is Fashion!
It's not all bizarre and blings here, believe it or not. For them, its the attention to details and accessories. Nothing too over the top...in general. Everything from colorful, shiny branded sneakers, mobile phone blings, sun hat, business suits, you name it!

Will I be able to see fashionable locals wearing costumes or simply a spikey haired Goku in public places?
You might find them walking aroung the fashion hub Harajuku or meido icon city, Akihabara, but rarely in train, which is their no. 1 transportation here in Japan. They could walk around Akihabara or Akiba in samurai suit on some playful occasions, but on daily basis, they are just erm, 'normal' people...like Clarke Kent. Don't be surprised, it's like they have alter egos. I've asked the locals and they told me that most of them change it in the washroom or locker room. From Superman back to CK. The least you can see on them is the trace of super-anime contact lens they're wearing. This, I found after the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) '09 event. "Girls in super bright blue eyes. Ooh, blimey!"

I found this chic group in Asakusa. They were performing some numbers at an outdoor stage, just in between the market and the temple. I've no idea how famous they are until I saw them at the screen at Shibuya city screen.

Bobbing their head and showing off some acrobatic moves (which almost reminds me of Sailormoon, they sing, "Lai lai lai lai lai lai..."

4. For hectic, rat race city, Tokyo seems to produce a lot of family man...
Having been to a similar country like Singapore, due to lifestyle and higher cost of living, I would expect that Japanese are less likely to settle down and have family. But again, I was wrong. I found a lot of them strolling around the park, zoo and museums. Even gramps spending quality time with their grand kids. Bring smiles to my face seeing young parents bringing toddlers and little kids to museums and zoo. Oh yes, and dogs too!

5. Shopping!!!
Well, if your country's exchange rate is lower than Japanese yen, then be a smart traveler and spender - only spend things you can't get in your country. For Malaysia's case, we have a lot of Japanese imported goods in Jusco and also RM5 store, Daiso.

I would use my money more on trains and the food...that's more worth it to me.

I will talk more about expenditure traveling in Japan soon.

6. Trains, trains, trains!
Took me awhile to realize that there are two types of train system in Japan; the National line (JR aka Yamanote line) and the subway line (ie. Ginza line, Chuo line). All along, I thought its just JR lines all the way. Took me at least 2-3 days to get used to it. With the right map, some basic Japanese like "Ikura desuka?" (How much is it?) and "Shibuya doko desuka?" (Where is Shibuya?) and the power of navigating, traveling in Japan can be quite do-able. No, you don't need to have a killer geographical sense..I've bad sense of directions (when driving). Hm, I think I'm more of a pedestrian person.

Again, will open up another topic on 'Navigating in Tokyo' soon. Whoa! Too many things to explain on that :D

7. Maneki neko (Lucky Cat)? Hello Kitty? Are you kidding me? Tokyo's a DOG city!
Big, small, fluffy, short, tall...I've seen it all! I don't spot cats though...well, obviously cos you don't walk the cat. Hahahaha!

8. Japanese does not have FAT legs - those are muscles!!!
The locals here spend most of their activities if not walking, cycling from point A to another. Therefore, you don't see many overweight people in Tokyo. Well, exception for Ryogoku, the sumo city, lol! And to make it more challenging, they add with killer high heels and boots! Kudos to them, I have NO idea how they do it.

9. Killer vending machine!
Hot, cold drinks in bottles, vitamin water, milk tea, ice cream cones, cigarettes, Haagen Dazs, bowl in soup, underwear....if it fits the machine, then vending it is!

And this my friend, is my no. 2 spending items in Japan. Just can't help it! Must have Pokari Sweat! :D

10. Tokyo is NOT wi-fi-free friendly
Believe it or not, this is true. Advance or not, I think Tokyo's one tough city to get access to wi-fi (free wi-fi), even McDonalds. My advice, get accommodations that provide free internet access. Or better, if you are on business trip or working + holiday trip like me, stay at the ones with free, unlimited internet access. If you're coming in group, I would suggest a mini router or a USB adapter. Trust me, you don't want to buy these in Japan. Go Lowyat!

Sometimes, while walking around the city, you'll get lucky if you happen to find any unlocked wi-fi access ;). I got a lot of them while strolling around Akihabara, esp. the electronic store.

I've been to a magical land...and you should to :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oren's Road to Recovery...

I'm sickie!!! AaaAaaaAAAaaa...

One of my cats, Oren was diagnosed with Urolith or Bladder Stone a few days ago. This is quite common problem for cats, especially male cats. My mother brought him to vet when she discovered blood in his urine.

I adopted Oren a couple of years ago when I found him with a 'cast' on his right paw. Earlier, he was a stray with perfect 4 legs and fed him on daily basis. He has a laid-back personality and loves to get cosy, pretty much everywhere I found him. On chairs, floors...everywhere! Since his accident, he wasn't be able to use his right paw due to the tearing of his nerve. Looking back at his health history, Oren had jaundice (yellow fever) last year. Ah, yes, cats too can get Jaundice. It was a groundhog's day for me cos my 9 year old cat Belang died of this disease in 2006. Thank god, Oren recovered a few weeks later.

Watch this video to decide to adopt a cat or a kitten.

Getting A Cat:
Getting A Cat: How To Choose Between A Kitten And An Adult Cat

I wasn't around to monitor his whereabouts, food and stool routine since he stayed at my parents. Being allergic to cats myself, my fortnights visits are never without sniffles, wheezing and sneezes. But what to do, I love cats to death! One just need to adjust to it; get lint roller, restrict from holding cats close to the face and ALWAYS wash your hands afterwards. Remember it's not the fur that people allergic to, its the saliva.

Back to his current situation with Bladder Stone, since Oren only has a mild case of it (thank God), the vet prescribed him with over the counter prescriptions: antibiotics, Nefrotec (Urinary Antiseptic, Antilithic and Diuretic) and Bladder Strength chewable tablets. How can vets tell whether its a mild or severe case? Some bladder stones can be palpated (felt with the fingers) through the abdominal wall. " Failure to palpate them does not rule them out because many are too small to be detected in this manner." Pawprints and Furr.Inc

Meds, meds, meds!

Plenty of water is necessary to dilute the 'stones'.

As for his food, Oren is taking Royal Canin's Urinary SO (bought at RM65).

Just a note-to self and those who own cat(s) who suffered from IFLUTD. I opted for home care for his treatment.

Article taken at Cornell Feline Health Center, Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, New York)

Home care of cats who have suffered from lower urinary tract disease is determined by the cause, and varies depending on the cat's condition and history. Usually dietary recommendations will be made, especially if struvite formation is of concern. Current feeding recommendations for the prevention of struvite urolith formation are as follows:
  1. Feed diets that promote the formation of urine that is acidic. Most commercial diets currently available meet this criteria. Avoid supplementing such diets with additional urinary acidifiers, because over-acidification can cause metabolic acidosis, impaired kidney function, and mineral imbalance.
  2. Restrict dietary magnesium intake to 40 milligrams per 100 kilocalories if acidic urine (pH of 6.4 or less) is maintained. Again, most commercial diets meet this criteria.
  3. Feed small meals on a frequent basis or feed free-choice dry foods.
  4. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.
  5. Provide an adequate number of litter boxes (usually one more than the number of cats in the household), and keep them clean.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Japan Commercials in my head...

As a foreigner in Japan, one can't help but to see Japan's TV commercial as the most interesting program to watch on TV. Luckily when I came back to Malaysia, thank to the wonderful YouTube, I get to watch it over, and over again, to re-live back the 'lost in translation' moments :D

These are some of the ones that keep chiming in my head..

Aflac's Maneki Neko Cat and Duck commercial

Shiseido's Cosmetic Commercial feat. Yoko Maki

Gatsby Facial Wash commercial feat. Takuya Kimura

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Glimpse of Tokyo

Tokyo city view taken from Roppongi Hills

This breathtaking view was taken a few days ago. I will update more about my journey in Tokyo. I'm still struggling to finish up some work in between.

For me, Tokyo Tower reminds me of a Japanese comedy romance, Over Time. I still remember every lyrics to the soundtrack and how the whole feeling and vibe about this drama makes me all...sentimental and erm, girly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Disney meets Marvel...

Blimey, Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion!!!

Others might see it as an apocalypse when Hannah Montana and squeaky Mickey Mouse clashes in to the world of grimy Wolverine and web swinging Spidey!

Just my 2 cents, Marvel is excellent on print, but on screen? Not so much.

Let's do a wee bit of review shall we?

Erm, well..first of all, exhibit A: Jem, a Marvel production cartoon series. Ok, not a good example but its still from Marvel.

Exhibit B: X-Men 90's animated series. It's old school with awesome characters and storyline, but animation wise, nothing compares to Disney's.

Exhibit C: Don't get me talking about this one for Fantastic Four. I like my anime on Japanese cartoons, not otherwise.

Exhibit D: Now. Wolverine and the X-Men. I watched the first 5 episodes of this and its definitely an improved version of the 90's series. But some fans dislike this series cos of the storyline changes with Wolverine being in the spotlight and the so-called leader instead of Cyclops.

It's just a matter of time till some big animation house come to rescue Mr Stan Lee. Thankfully, I'm kinda glad its Disney. Marvel has the substance but lack of tools and technology to make it big on animated screen.

Why am I being so positive about this? Of course, this is purely because I have seen a miracle. A miracle from Mr Walt Disney himself transforming one famous artist's masterpiece to life. And in Mr Disney's language, is his power to animate.

Presenting, Destino. A collaboration work of Salvador Dali, world class Surrealist and Walt E. Disney, well...you know who he is :). I'll talk further about my trip to Salvador Dali's NGV exhibition soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to keep in touch while traveling in Japan?

SIM cards 'collection' from countries I often travel to. For Singapore I'm using Starhub (cheaper rates), XL for Indonesia and 3 for Australia.

Like the previous post, this one has also been sent via email to my fellow friends who will be traveling to Japan with me. Of course I have to edit some details to avoid confusion. Having worked with telecommunication companies, I feel obliged to inform them with some of my findings in this area.

Feel free to comment/advise on this article since these are just what I've researched so far.

How can one keep in touch while traveling to Japan? Can I use my mobile phone in Japan? Can I rent prepaid SIM card in Japan? Are there any alternatives?

Japan network is quite different from our country since they are using CDMA (now W-CDMA) and we are using GSM. However those who have a 3G enabled mobile phones (with functions to switch to dual mode/UMTS) are able to roam in Japan ie. Nokia N82.

Here are a few options;

1) International roaming using your 3G mobile phones

Just my 2 cents and opinion traveling in general, international roaming is VERY messy especially when you're on postpaid or if you're using Celcom cos they don't limit making/receive calls, data, etc. Balik rumah, check bill, boleh pengsan! (Come back home, check phone bills and faint) I've experienced paying about RM2k in several occasions for inter'l roaming, so for 5-day travel, just use public phone to say your hellos.

Below is how charges work for Celcom users;

Making calls in Japan and different country: RM 3.50 per minute
Making calls from Japan to Malaysia: RM 8.80 per minute
For discount (roam saver) dial *120* (country code and phone no) + # : RM 2.50 per minute
Send SMS: RM 2 per sms

This is based from my conversation with Celcom careline, for more detailed, verified info, please dial 1111 (for Celcom users) or here

I am not sure how charges work on Maxis, Digi, U-Mobile, etc though.

>>UPDATE: I ended up going on roaming via Celcom. (After all the comments) Most of my friends and family are aware I'm in Japan, so I didn't receive much calls, more sms, but hey, luckily my phone bills was okay...I forgot the exact number, but its less than RM100. Yay!

2) 3G phone rental in Japan
A few operators/phone rentals co. in Japan are offering this service; Vodafone, NTT Docomo, Softbank, PuPuRu. I'm not sure about another operator, KDDI. It seems they only offer fixed line? (telephone)

3) Rent prepaid SIM card
In my opinion, this is a better choice only to those who wants to keep in touch with people around Japan. Travelers often use this to keep in touch with their travel partners and in several occasions make international calls/sms to family and friends back home but it also depends on the operator's charge fee. Softbank provides 3G SIM card rental.


Again, for 5 days travel, in my opinion, there are other cheaper FREE = better alternative.

1) Keep in touch with family and friends using public telephone to notify safe landing or updates.
2) Skype/email/sms via internet using hotel's free internet wifi. Those who'll be bringing laptop or wifi/wlan enabled mobile phone, you're in luck. Most accomodation in Japan offer high speed internet and also computers for browsing.

If all fails, there's always google :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travel to-bring Check List to Japan

My next travel will be in less than 3 weeks time. I am going to Japan this September. Word has it, its gonna be autumn soon. Excellent. More reason to go to Kyoto.

Here is my to-bring list for 3 weeks travel. I hope this will help any travelers who wants a sneak peek on what needs to be in the luggage/backpack.

1. Toiletries
- Compact toothbrush
- facial stuff (cleanser, toner, moisturiser)
- body lotion/cream: for the chilly weather. I use cream cos it sticks more on cold weather.
- dental floss (very versatile tool to tie stuff and can be alternative for luggage lock)

*If you're bringing your own toiletries, its better to bring it in small amount. I do this cos I always take the hotel shampoos, goodies as sounvenirs.

2. Medicine
- Chik kit tek aun/diarrhea pills
- Panadol/Paracetamol (satu papan)
- Vitamin C or any forms of immune boosting pills
- Vicks/Tiger balm/Cap kapak or any soothing balm/ointment
- Alucid tablet: gastric pain, hyperacidity, flatuence and heartburn
- Antihistamin pills like Clarinase

3. Wardrobe
- One formal wear for special occasion
- Jacket: Not too thick, not too thin (1)
- Undies
- Sleeping: Long johns or any comfortable long sleeve
- Towel* (if you want to bring one, bring a thin one. Easy storage and quick dry)
- Casual and semi-casual wear
- Socks

4. Shoes

- Formal shoes (the ones that doesn't take up space)
- Tough, versatile shoes: Sneakers/Boots, etc
- Casual shoes: Sandals

5. Make-ups (for ladies) and erm, metro-guys. I need to look good in Japan, okay?
- Eye: eye shadows, mascara, eyelash curler, eyeliner
- Face: Concealer, liquid foundation, powder, make up remover
- Lip: Lipbalm, lipcolor, liner
- Tool: Brushes, sponges, cotton bud/pads

6. Necessities (to bring around most time esp during flight)
- Lipbalm/petroleum based lip protection
- Surgical mask (if don't want to freak ppl out, wear the deco version)
- Perfume/cologne (all the liquid, pls make sure less than 100ml and place in clear, see through baggy)
- Hand sanitizer; Dettol (kills bacteria), Softaman (kills bacteria and viruses). Can be found in Caring Pharmacy.
- Travel kit*: Blanket, eye patch and inflatable pillow.
- Book (compact size book is better)
- Tissue (lots of them!!!!) Bring also wet tissue for extra erm, coverage
- Japan phrase book
- Guide maps
- PEN: Better bring your own. More hygienic than using public pen.
- Identification: Passport, Identification card

7. Miscellaneous
- Plastics (dirty laundry and to separate shoes)
- Carry bag (good for shopping)
- Small padlock (for luggage/lockers with no locks for added security)

8. Souvenirs from home (I'm meeting some friends there)

9. Electronics
- Phones
- Music player
- Camera
- Thumbrive/memory card (to share and transfer stuff)
- Laptop (optional)

10. Extra expenses
- Yen money (pls budget your spending)
- RM for later use
- Credit card (just in case)
- Student card for added priveledge (damn, I lost mine).

*Clear up your wallet. Keep all the receipts and local privilege cards.

11. Food
- Mints (candy, chewing gum)
- Sweet (candy, chocolates)
- Energy bar (muesli, quaker bar, snickers)
- Instant, packaged food (mee, serunding, soup) IMPORTANT to those yg kempunan and better sahur.

12. Memories
- Bring autograph book or any blank note book. Old fashioned but effective. Good for sketching too!

Well, that's it so far. I'll keep updating this list from time to time. I think I might need to refer to this soon.

Check on my previous post on Travel Preparation and H1N1

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Lion Called Christian

Anthony Bourke, John Rendall and Christian the Lion

This video is from a documentary about a relationship between two guys, (Anthony Bourke and John Rendall) and a lion called Christian. It was not highly publicized until it was made famous in YouTube and the help of tear-jerking song from Whitney Houston of course.

Here's another longer version of the video.

I am definitely buying this book, A Lion Called Christian. Here's a link from Amazon. I managed to find it in Borders Gardens (in Malaysia), with a help of internet and phone call. It costs RM 83.90 (approximately USD 24) for the hard cover version. There are two copies so far and I already reserved one via phone :D At the moment, according to the internet database, this book is not available in both MPH and Kinokuniya yet. Maybe soon.

Now I'm missing my two cats back in my hometown. Will pay them a visit this week :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quote from an Ectomorph cum Food Lover...

At 0.43 Linguine: And you're thin for someone who likes food.

"I don't like food, I love it. If I don't love it, I don't swallow," - Anton Ego, the food critic from Ratatouille.

I'm an ectomorph (skinny by nature and fast metabolism) and a food lover, so I can very much relate to this statement.

Berry Choc Pavlova

Speaking of food, I just discovered another love at DELIcious at The Marc Service Residence for lunch. It is located in Jln Pinang, which is located next to Japan Embassy.

Crispy sugary meringue, topped with Chantilly cream, huge strawberries and sprinkles of fine chocolate flakes
. It was a fine ending to a wonderful brunch, even though I couldn't finish my favorite food of all time, spaghetti bolognese. I guess I'm just not a fan of angel spaghetti in my bolognese.

So...could this beat the ultimate Mixed Berries Meringue in Alexis. You'll be the judge of it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another tribute to Yasmin Ahmad.

Roze Boomerang's April Header Tribute to Talentime, American Idol and Jamiroquai.

25 July 2009 marks another sombre day for Malaysians. A genuine Malaysian filmmaker/storyteller who bravely crafted simple notions for the 'blinds', the 'mutes' and the 'oblivious'. She made us see, feel and think the impossible and the unthinkable.

Her great masterpiece (movies and commercials): Talentime, Mukhsin, Sepet, local tv ads and even international ads for Singapore.

IMHO, Yasmin Ahmad redefines the meaning of Malaysian better than any politicians or the erm, infamous Filem Negara Malaysia.

Just a few months back, in late March, our path crossed for the first time. We acquainted in Singapore's airport terminal, both heading back home from work. Being Yasmin Ahmad, she welcomes any strangers alike and treat them like old friends, in this case, it was me and my friend. "Oooh, jom I belanja sushi!!!" (in English, let me treat you with sushi) That was her first reaction when we introduced ourselves as fellow Malaysians. Well, not until she discovered her favorite dish was not in the menu. We turned to Starbucks instead. LOL!

We talked, she showed us her freshly produced Singapore ad, we exchanged opinions, views...it was quite an experience, I'd say. Just like little chickens, we pretty much tailed her around to the airplane until we reached Air Asia terminal in LCCT. She even dubbed us "anak-anak saya" to her fellow colleagues.

We met the next following day, during her premier show, Talentime. I was in awe seeing the guests that night varies to not only the Malays, but the Chinese, Indians...well, basically Malaysians. Well, it explains like any other Yasmin Ahmad's movies, 'Talentime' is not a Malay movie, it is a Malaysian movie.

Before the movie starts, we get to say our hellos and exchanged hugs. We even get to meet her husband, Abdullah. So that was the last time I met her.

Kak Yasmin, you have inspired a lot of minds and hearts of Malaysians. It is OUR turn to return the favor to you for this is just the beginning and not goodbye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 of July 2009

16 of July...the day when I missed the premier of Harry Potter's Half Blood Prince.

...and how about a retail therapy at Ikea's? If only the store is just a walk away...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

That Awesome M Night Shyamalan's movie!

We're not talking about that ghost or the lady in the lake or swimming pool, we're talking about that one awesome cartoon show that will turned to a real life movie!

*AAAACCCCCKK!* Its the LAST AIRBENDER MOVIE!..er, countdown to July 2, 2010. Sigh...

Monday, June 29, 2009

MJ Departure Song...

MJ songs still playing in local radio stations since his departure. Billy Jean, the song that makes you dance. Heal the World, the 'peace core' song. But one song that brought me to tears (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is none other than 'One Day in your Life'.

In this video he started off saying "If you get the chance to really hear what's going on. It's really soft and slow, y'know. Just understand the lyrics."

One day in your life
Youll remember a place
Someone touching your face
Youll come back and youll look around, youll . . .

One day in your life
Youll remember the love you found here
Youll remember me somehow
Though you dont need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
Youll remember one day . . .

One day in your life
When you find that youre always waiting
For a love we used to share
Just call my name, and Ill be there

Youll remember me somehow
Though you dont need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
Youll remember one day . . .

One day in your life
When you find that youre always lonely
For a love we used to share
Just call my name, and Ill be there

......................Kleenex please.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Where is the pressurized oxygen chamber when you need it?

I just watched Michael Jackson's oxygen chamber Nat Inquirer's stunt in E! yesterday. MJ likes the bizzare headlines in tabloids. Today comes the tragic 'Prince is Dead' headlines. Unlike the previous stunts, this one is the truth.

Or it isn't...? Hmm?

Yesterday, MJ was nothing but bizarre news be it his plastic surgery blunder, the baby drop stunts, the court case on child molestation, the day when he wed the King's daughter and a lot more to be listed here. No one would ever remember him for his glorious 'Thriller' years or the time when he 'Moon Walk' and shook the world.

That was until today.

Facebook mini feed is flooded with tribute message update on Michael Jackson's death. 'RIP MJ' or the combo tribute to Farah Fawcett or quote from his music.

Star got famous. People love Star. Time passed. Star got humiliated. Star died. Star got famous.
Cruel cycle of iconic legends. Does happen to the King of Rock n Roll too, don't you think?

Michael, your music will always moonwalk in my heart and it has always been that way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This video is dedicated to all the great fathers in the world.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holiday + Melbourne + June + Winter

June 15:
Plane landed in LCCT, Sepang. Feels good after jiffy 1-week of holiday. June is not really a good time for holiday since its winter, but I was up for the challenge. Three layers of 'skin' (clothes) and it lasts me quite a long walk around the city.

Boy, I got a whole lot of stories/advice to tell you all. Too bad I can't do it all in one shot. Still a lot of pending work piling up my to-work list.

Few facts/observation for travelers (especially Malaysians) traveling to Melbourne in June/July.
  1. Even with H1N1 on the rise there, locals don't really bother wearing surgical mask here. Your choice whether to wear it or blend in. My advise, just wear it in the plane, especially from the infected countries back to your country.
  2. Keep your hands clean and away from mouth, eye and nose (MEN). Unlike Malaysia, there is not that much access to sink in restaurants. So always use hand sanitizer. Avoid using hands to scratch MEN. I use the inside of my clothes I'm wearing to scratch myself. I know its not so hygienic, but its a safer option.
  3. Don't bother bringing local food (like maggi, indo mee), especially if you're from Malaysia or Asian. If you're staying more than 2 weeks, maybe you can bring some. There are variety of food in Melbourne! Food that I managed to bring in are (safely through Australian strict custom); Ayam brand's sardines, Ibumie, Ayam brand's tuna, Maggi instant porridge, Maggi cup. I ended up eating only Maggi cup. Haha!
  4. Take advantage of City Circle. Free tram ride around the city! Taxi is expensive here.
  5. Wi-fi access is hard to get in the city. They don't go pasting on their cafe/restaurant about free wi-fi. Almost all McDonalds provide free wi-fi, so Maccas it is. Tech tips: Type Maccas in address bar.
  6. Buy winter jacket/sweater/comfortable boots from Malaysia. Don't bother buying there. Cheaper here! Its SO cold in Melbourne especially June/July. For Malaysians, malls are the shelter to keep us cool from the sunny Malaysian weather. For Melbourne, its the other way round. People go to the malls to get warm!
  7. Plenty of activities for art lovers here from Wicked musical, Salvador Dali exhibition, Nutcracker, many more! Go to visitmelbourne.com to find out the latest event.
  8. Drink plenty of water. If water is not your thing, go for juice.
  9. Bring toiletries/travel kit from your country in advance. Expensive stuff here.
  10. Moisturize lips and body. The squeeze-in lipbalm compared to the finger dipping is better! No germs in contact.
Hmm...that's all I can think of now. To those who will be traveling to Melbourne, have a safe journey and don't answer "I'm doing great!!!" the locals when they ask you "How are you doing?". It's just their way of saying "Hello". LOL!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who does that? Only Freddy Rodriguez.

He is one heck of an guy/actor. Freddy Rodriguez. I know most of Getty (Betty/Gio) fans would agree with me. My guilty pleasure - TV time with my linty throws and watch Ugly Betty.

I never liked Betty first and second boyfriend, Walter and Henry. They're just plain boring and predictable but when Giovanni Rossi played by the kid-faced Freddy Rodriguez enter Betty's life, my heart raced from 0-100 beat per second. Ok, now that's an odd expression.

What makes Freddy Rodriguez SO irresistible? Guys, watch and learn.

1. He would put on his piercing eye look. From a glance it looks like an angry look, but that's his signature passionate look.

2. When he gaze at a girl, he has this 3-5 secs rule. He would fix his eye on that girl and pretend that no one else exist. Mano y mujer (man to woman). During this duration, that gaze tells SO much how much a guy falls in love with that person. Is he in pain? Is he lost? NO, HE IS IN LOVE!

3. Now comes to the romantic part. The kiss. Besos! Quanto besos! LOL! Since Freddy is a Puerto Rican descent, a hint of espanol is must. You know I never actually get the "you're the air that I breathe" thing in the lyrics of most love songs. But heck, he would kiss/breathe that special lady as if she's an oxygen tank. REALLY!

OMG! And here is Matt...the new guy, played by Danied Eric Gold. I like him cos he reminds me of Josh Groban. My vote for Matt, but Giovanni Rossi gotta stay!

Toy Story 3 in 2010

Toy Story 3 will be debut in cinema worldwide in June 18, 2010 and the more great news is that it will also be in 3D! Yay!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Traveling preparation and H1N1

I've been a busy bee lately, working, planning and researching and contemplating about the pesky flu, the H1N1. Only 1 week to Melbourne intro trip; can't wait for it to start and also can't wait for it to end.

Since its going to be early winter in Melbourne this June, a person from sunny-all-year-resident like me need to prepare for the cold, unpredictable weather such as Melbourne. Add it with H1N1 makes the planning goes crazier.

I just got back from a pharmacy and bought a few essential stuff for travel. As for now, I think I might stick with over the counter meds. Not brave enough to resort to flu shot since word has it that there might/is a mercury content inside the shot. We'll see. Perhaps I visit a doctor before flying. Hmm.

So I consulted the pharmacist on what supplement is good for travelers and she suggested me to take Esberitox N, a chewable (also can be swallowed and dissolved) prescription-free supplement. She said its good in strengthening the immune system and preventing cough, sore throat and flu. One board costs me MYR 15 (US$4). To be taken 3 times a day. I was holding a soluble Redoxon vitamin C and decided to put it back in the shelf since Esberitox N is good enough, according to her.

Even this article 17 Ways to Avoid Swine Flu and Why Not to Freak Out recommends this medication.

Good thing I found this particular hand disinfectant called Softa-Man. It does not only work to kill bacteria but also viruses. This particular brand is used in Korea during Avian Flu. Click on the picture to see full description. Available in Caring Pharmacy, IOI Mall Puchong. I've tried looking for this in Watson's or Guardian but its not available there.

Wipes, wipes, wipes! The door knobs, handphone, flight seats...

Er, well...you never know right?

Mask shopping will continue later. I just gonna bring one or two for the heck of it.

I'm a bit skeptics of shots (eg flu shots), so I rather go for the over-the-counter supplements, plenty of water, healthy food and weekly yoga :D. So many dodgy shortcuts these days, you never know how it may effect your system.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swine Schwine Flu, now H1N1 (Updated)

I browsed around the net and I bumped to this funny video. Since I'll be traveling to countries that happen to have a few confirmed H1N1 cases, swine flu is now one of my top 3 searches. Yes...I am freaking out. Silly me.

Check out this article, To Travel or Not To Travel.

And also Six Good Reasons to Avoid Flu Shots.

So as a traveler, would you...

a) ...get the 'easy' way out: A flu shot?
b) ...do it the old fashioned way: Drink plenty of water, OJs, vitamin supplements, sleep and exercise?
c) ...be a scaredy cat?: Reschedule all your travel plans until the epidemic cools down? (like erm, next year?)

Urghh...questions in my head.

According to this particular question asked in Yahoo! Answer on "Do people traveling wear masks on the plane to avoid swine flu contamination?", the best answer actually stated that the best mask to wear is a duckbill mask.

Duckbill mask. *QUAAAACKKKK!!!*

Now that'sssss *spit* ppppperfectttttt!!!! *spit*

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lady Gaga's Basic Equation

Christina Aguilera + Amy Winehouse = Lady Gaga

I believe with Lady Gaga's incredible, (a bit) husky voice is a combo of Christina's and Miss Winehous. What do you think? What do you think?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pimp My Wendy's...

Another inventive idea to reuse your fast food left over containers. I've used the cover for Wendy's Baked Potato as a mold for my chocolate pudding. Here's to Wendy's! :D

Save the pudding, save the environment!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cartoons that make you cry...

Okay, cartoon is normally at its best when it gives kids (or kids alike, like me!) a share of laughter, joy and all those warm and fuzzy feeling.

But what about those that makes you cry?

Just to list a few, here are the list of tearjerker cartoons I can possibly think of (as for now). Good thing it comes with previews. Sweet, sweet technology :). This list has not been tear-rated yet. LOL!

1. The Iron Giant
Vin Diesel is the voice of the robot. Check out the resemblance on the head. LOL! I watched this 5 or 6 years ago and the ending of this movie makes me cry especially when he flew to the rocket and utter his idol's name, "SUPERMAN".

2. Grave of the Fireflies
Ohhh...every scenes of this movie is cry-able!

3. Fox and the Hound

"Todd, you're my best friend. We'll always be best friend forever." :((((((

4. Jurassic Bark (Futurama)
The dog was named Seymour after the 'unsuccessful' delivery from Seymour Ass. LOL! Really! This is one of the most saddest (after Luck of a Fryish) Futurama series, ever!

Kleenex anyone?

Monday, April 27, 2009


Go bananas in RM5 shop! A banana container, can you believe that?!

This afternoon, while waiting for daddy dearest pulling sweat in gym, I got the chance to stroll around the new RM5 shop, Daiso in IOI mall. They claimed to be the world's largest RM5 store. For me, its just another refined version of Hot Market, but most of the items are imported from Japan.

All different types of bandages.

Wipes everyone? If only I can read Japs. So lost in translation.

The challenge of buying in these flat rate shop is to differentiate the items that is worth the price. You don't want to end up buying a RM5 worth of cotton bud or a plastic apple!

Finally I found a corner with all sorts of pet toys and collars. If you go to normal pet shop, one item will definitely costs more than RM5.

I have NO idea what this is for. There are two shiny marbles on the cat's eye. And I assume that this might attract cats to this erm, ornament? No clue...at all.

After almost an hour of strolling around, killing time and deciding whats worth to buy, I ended buying 6 items = RM30. Yikes!

One of them is a cat scratcher (Cat Scratch. LOL!). It comes with a small sachet of Silver Vine. I never heard of this until I googled it. Its almost similar to catnip. According to the great wiki,

In Japan, Actinidia polygama (silver vine) is commonly known as "matatabi" (またたび) and noted for having an effect on cats much like that of catnip. It is mentioned in the saying 猫にまたたび、女郎に小判 (neko ni matatabi, jorō ni koban, "Silver vine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute"), meaning to put someone in a good mood by providing that which they most desire.

Aaaa...aaaa....the smell!!! Must sink my head in the carpet!

Desire it is! Check out Oren's reaction to the item. He started to roll and roll and around. I experiment it to my other cat, Hitam and got the SAME reaction. But since Hitam's a big drooler cos of her old age, I have to pull this stuff away or else I'll get a soaked stinky carpet.

He got so crazy, he nibbled the frame of the packaging. LOL!

There are so many stuff here, I can't wait to bring some friends to this shop just for the heck of it. Will definitely give IOI mall another visit again especially when the new, super gigantic Ace Hardware store starts to operate, hopefully next coming month.

Check out this youtube of a cat and its similar reaction to Silver Vine powder.
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