Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Glance of Bali

Exploring the glory and glam of Kuta.

Browsing around the art marketplace in Ubud.

Attended a drop-in yoga session, Vinyasa Flow for Intermediate level at Yoga Barn, Ubud.

A short dive for beginners in Tanjong Benoa.

Bali is one stop tourist destination. Notice the bold on tourist there. All in all, it was one heck of a short and sweet trip. Love the rich culture, architecture and nature surrounding Bali. If planned accordingly, everything from accommodation, food and travel can be as low as RM1000 for 4-5 days trip. More on Bali, coming up soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Morning!

I woke up from the sound of my text ring tones at 6.19am. It was a farewell msg from my land lady who's leaving to OZ. After that, went straight to bed, a few attempts to sleep and eventually give up.

Hmm, morning yoga would be nice. Astro has a yoga segment called 'Namaste Yoga' at Discovery Home & Health, channel 733 every weekdays at 8am. They used to have it at 7.30am, now at least I can just warm up myself (er, watching The Simpsons and That 70's Show) to get ready for some challenging poses. I love the stunning mixed location and the soothing, sexy voice over. Rrrr...

I don't really recommend it for beginners though, but it's worth a try. The poses get crazy especially if they abruptly change from one pose to half shoulder stand...over and over. For me, difficult poses are like the 'boat pose' (in the video at 2:17) since I have a skinny ass, lol. More friction on my tail bone instead of my tush, so it does hurt at some point. Plus, you need to have a strong abs to hold on to that pose for a few breaths. Want a flat tummy, this is the pose for you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Who Should Play Archie girls?

When digital entertainment is not accessible, Betty & Veronica comics has always been there for me especially during the boring no.2 moment, if you know what I mean.

Which reminds me, one of my all-time favorite childhood comics, Dragonball has been made into a movie, a LOUSY one. Too lousy and pathetic, it would not even qualified to be written as a review. For heaven's sake, a white Son Goku and let's not go to Chow Yuan Fatt as Master Roshi! Argh!!!

Okay, back to the main topic, I swear if they were to make Archie and Friends to a movie, then these girls should be in their top pick.

Megan Fox (Transformers) as Veronica Lodge

Lindsay Lohan as Cheryl Blossom

Anna Faris (The House Bunny) as Betty Cooper

Hmm...what do you think?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I (and other girls) love Danny Gokey?

Let me be blatantly explain why women just LOVE Danny Gokey.
  1. He's a hopeless romantic widower! He totally steals women's voter for this season. Period.
  2. Just google Danny Gokey and Robert Downey Jr. I'm not the only one who thinks that he's another look-alike.
  3. He sings like Robert Downey Jr (again). Yes, Robbie sings too. He sang "Every Breath You Take" with Sting and that was awesome! I have a strong gut feeling that American Idol might bring in Robert Downey Jr to sing with Danny!

Conclusion, Husky Voice + Romantic Widower + Robert Downer Jr x 3.....DANNY GOKEY!

Robert Downey Jr. singing A Man Like Me.

This is my favorite performance from Danny Gokey when he sang Kiss From a Roze (hehe). Too bad most of AI youtube are in audio form. I guess its a new rule.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazz Fest Fever!!! (updated)

OMG OMG OMG! Java Jazz Festival '09 is just a couple weeks away and I just found out about it last night. This year it will be held from 6-8 March. Daily pass costs at around RM145 and 3-day pass is about RM475. Yikes! Heck, my dad attended last year's Java Jazz and guess what, he only went for James Ingram's slot. Aiseh.

This year's highlights will be Jason Mraz, Laura Fygi and quite a few prominent names in Jazz industry. Even the local jazz musicians in Indonesia are extremely talented. My dad bought back a few Indo cds home and it sounds really really good.

Psst..pssst, a not-so-secret news to tell, MAS is having an RM1 sale to Jakarta.

Man...last year I missed Renee Olstead, and I'm starting to have that headache (similar to shopping headache during sale season). I don't wanna miss the show + cheap flight sale. What a bad timing; it clashes together with my uni gang's outing :((

Before 17 Feb (morning)
Last night's update:
My friend and I spread the news to our friends, and straight away we decided to gather around and see whether the MAS RM1 offer is still valid.

After (night)

So they say,
"You snooze, you lose".
That was it. Folks, if you ever see a super cheap flight deals, just SWIPE it! It will never pop your way again. My friend once saw a friggin cheap deal to Gold Coast (1st night of Air Asia's 500,000 free seats), and due to his slow-po ness in making (any) decisions, he close the laptop, sleep. And next day, *poof*, the number tripled and until now he's been having a "Post Flight Deal Syndrome" (every day check flight deals like an addict).

Example: Person on the left is a good example of 'shopping headache' syndrome.

So back to yesterday's friends gathering. We were in Chilli's MidValley with one goal, one mission. No, not to eat Bottomless Chips with Beef Queso (eventhough its super good), but to get cheap tix to Jazz Fest with as many friends as possible. We called our friends out, hitting sms's asking for passport details, calling MAS 1300 hotline (which is useless, since they don't entertain Economy class users, lol!) and checking better deals in their site.

Nada (no, in espanol). My friend and I checked AirAsia earlier, and it appears that its more expensive than MAS. Weird, right? So we checked again, and yes, there's hope. RM254 each for Jakarta return tickets.

BAD NEWS. One of us didn't have a full passport details. Time is money, so we drove back to our place before the clock hits 12 and trying to avoid Groundhog's day from happening again.

"Please let not be anyone buying the remaining tickets...."
When I got back home, all of a sudden, a miracle's happening!


Monday, February 16, 2009

First Satellite Crash in History!

It was last Tuesday when I heard the jaw dropping/funny/could-be-scary-if-it-hits-Malaysia news on the collision of US-Russian satellite right above Siberia. Now the other satellites have to practically play dodge ball to avoid being hit by remaining debris from the collision.

A few friends of mine joked about the incident and inspired me to draw this. Hmmm, I guess in a year or two, Earth could have a ring on his own, just like Saturn!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Favorite American Idol Top 36

Danny Gokey for AI Season 8! Woo!

I hope everything turns well for American Idol this year. I've been hooked on AI since Season 3. I'm not so keen on Jordin Sparks and David Cook. Both of them are so an echo of Raven Simone and Chris Daughtry.

I've watched a few earlier auditions and sadly I missed a few. Skip, skip, now they've finalized the Top 36. There are some really good ones and the of course the just-okay-cos-they-have-the-whole-package (voice, personality and appearance).

I just loved Danny Gokey (the pic above). AI first introduced him as a husband who just lost his wife (I think with some fatal sickness, probably cancer). I'd say he is the ultimate hopeless romantic guy *flashing back 'Only You'*. He looks sooo much like Robert Downey Jr, right? Right? Okay..lets get to his voice. He sang Seal's Kiss of the Roses during the Hollywood audition so beautifully. Love love love!

Adam Lambert is my 2nd favorite. I love his Broadway-ish rock voice! He looks like Josh Drake.

And who can forget a visually impaired guy, Scott MacIntyre. He gets the Top 36 tix too! Good luck, Scott :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Digging time in Bangsar!

The All New, Slimmer Pavlova

Most people would relate Bangsar to night life and clubbing often comes in the picture. But for me, the best thing to do in Bangsar especially with your girlfriends is to have desserts in Alexis! I've tried about 5 types of desserts there but nothing beats these two sweet love affairs.

I've brought in a few groups of my girlfriends (guys just can't appreciate this thing like us girls do) and the moment they have their first bite, I'd say there is nothing but silence. "So how was it, girls?", I asked. They would have this freaky expression on their face (eg: What-the-hell-I just-ate kinda look). Scientifically, its best known as the Explosive Endorphines Phenomena. They totally LOVED it!

Of course there are names for such thing, its called Mixed Berries Meringue and Pecan Pie with Vanila ice cream. These are the two must-eat desserts in Alexis. Mind you, if you just walk-in on Friday night without a booking, there's always a chance that you won't be acquainted with these lovely treats. There are 5 Alexis branches in Malaysia, but my personal favorite is in Bangsar. I would dial in 03-22842880 (Alexis, Bangsar) just checking whether its still available for the night. Talk about a dessertless date :(

This might look like an ordinary, boring Pecan Pie, but once you sink your teeth in this baby, there's nothing but you, the wonderful gooey caramel taste and the big precious chunks of pecans. And the vanilla ice cream really compliments the desserts.

Last but not least, my first love in Alexis -Mixed Berries Meringue! On some other days it comes in a form of Pavlova (in a crater-like version) but this is the best form ever, with stacks of strawberries and blueberries on every layers of Chantilly cream. And not to forget the crispy meringue on the sides which almost tasted like a crispy marshmallows. YUMMY! Do NOT take away this baby home. unless you have a proper ice box or something. I've done this mistake twice, and the very last time I practically 'peed' in my pants on the way back home to Cyberjaya. Don't get me wrong, I'm too old (not that old!!!) to pee in my pants. The cream inside the cake will totally melt through the box. And if you manage to bring in back in 1 piece, please consume it right away or else you'll be surprised to see a splattered Pisa in your fridge.

P/S: Happy Valentine's Day people :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bye Crocs, Hello Melissa!

(In 'Fame' tunes) Would you look at this, and tell me what you see? Dorothy, you need a pair of this baby. Introducing Vivienne Westwood's Melissa shoes!

I love Crocs and I owned two of them (Beach and Prima). Beach is the classic one and I used to wear it to work, lol! They would glance down at the gigantic red and ducky footwear and say "Nice shoes". Yeah, right. Don't get me started on Prima. It took 3 months of hell to get it molded and blister-free. You hear that Crocs?! *lashing out from respond-less feedback*

Skip, skip. This is 2009 and innovation moves on. Turns out to be there was an awesome line of shoes out there back in 2004 and its called Melissa Plastic Dreams or Melissa in short. I accidentally found a local online shopping blog called Size 12 Chic and found the cutest, awesomest pair of shoes ever!!! And the good thing is I bought cheap at RM40 (retail price in Aussie website is A$89!). A few days later, I received the package and showed it to my folks and friends. Luckily it fits me and its quite comfortable. I wore the shoes last night and it feels a bit painful, but yeah, its in its 'adjusting' state. Beauty is pain, right girls?

Update: Stopped wearing after 3rd wear. Looking for interested buyer. It hurts my tiny feet, lol! I guess in no way that anyone wants to buy this even when I'm selling it cheap, right?

I can hurt someone with that pointy heels. But hey, its made from natural rubber and the best thing is its BIODEGRADABLE! 10 points for me on environment!

Now comes to the question most of the girls in Malaysia been asking for. I've googled around and found that there are quite a lot of posts asking about where can they purchase Melissa in Malaysia? I noticed the price tag ( weeh!). I'm guessing the seller bought the shoes during last year sale. According to the seller, Size12Chic, there's a shop in Bangsar Village II called Novo that retails Melissa shoes! I definitely want another pair of course. But don't buy it yet, wait for me please!

Another sets of mouth-watering Melissa's. Would definitely consider that name for a child :)
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