Friday, February 13, 2009

Bye Crocs, Hello Melissa!

(In 'Fame' tunes) Would you look at this, and tell me what you see? Dorothy, you need a pair of this baby. Introducing Vivienne Westwood's Melissa shoes!

I love Crocs and I owned two of them (Beach and Prima). Beach is the classic one and I used to wear it to work, lol! They would glance down at the gigantic red and ducky footwear and say "Nice shoes". Yeah, right. Don't get me started on Prima. It took 3 months of hell to get it molded and blister-free. You hear that Crocs?! *lashing out from respond-less feedback*

Skip, skip. This is 2009 and innovation moves on. Turns out to be there was an awesome line of shoes out there back in 2004 and its called Melissa Plastic Dreams or Melissa in short. I accidentally found a local online shopping blog called Size 12 Chic and found the cutest, awesomest pair of shoes ever!!! And the good thing is I bought cheap at RM40 (retail price in Aussie website is A$89!). A few days later, I received the package and showed it to my folks and friends. Luckily it fits me and its quite comfortable. I wore the shoes last night and it feels a bit painful, but yeah, its in its 'adjusting' state. Beauty is pain, right girls?

Update: Stopped wearing after 3rd wear. Looking for interested buyer. It hurts my tiny feet, lol! I guess in no way that anyone wants to buy this even when I'm selling it cheap, right?

I can hurt someone with that pointy heels. But hey, its made from natural rubber and the best thing is its BIODEGRADABLE! 10 points for me on environment!

Now comes to the question most of the girls in Malaysia been asking for. I've googled around and found that there are quite a lot of posts asking about where can they purchase Melissa in Malaysia? I noticed the price tag ( weeh!). I'm guessing the seller bought the shoes during last year sale. According to the seller, Size12Chic, there's a shop in Bangsar Village II called Novo that retails Melissa shoes! I definitely want another pair of course. But don't buy it yet, wait for me please!

Another sets of mouth-watering Melissa's. Would definitely consider that name for a child :)

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