Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Glance of Bali

Exploring the glory and glam of Kuta.

Browsing around the art marketplace in Ubud.

Attended a drop-in yoga session, Vinyasa Flow for Intermediate level at Yoga Barn, Ubud.

A short dive for beginners in Tanjong Benoa.

Bali is one stop tourist destination. Notice the bold on tourist there. All in all, it was one heck of a short and sweet trip. Love the rich culture, architecture and nature surrounding Bali. If planned accordingly, everything from accommodation, food and travel can be as low as RM1000 for 4-5 days trip. More on Bali, coming up soon.


  1. Awesome roze! More pics plss.. We're going jakarta next. Now andrew said he might be able to come back on wed.

  2. Haha, aight aight. Will do it soon ;)

    Andrew's coming?! That's awesome-lah! Now all that left are the tix and accommodation. Waiting for Bongky's reply on that. Syakil ajak stay kat his place. Ahaks!


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