Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Digging time in Bangsar!

The All New, Slimmer Pavlova

Most people would relate Bangsar to night life and clubbing often comes in the picture. But for me, the best thing to do in Bangsar especially with your girlfriends is to have desserts in Alexis! I've tried about 5 types of desserts there but nothing beats these two sweet love affairs.

I've brought in a few groups of my girlfriends (guys just can't appreciate this thing like us girls do) and the moment they have their first bite, I'd say there is nothing but silence. "So how was it, girls?", I asked. They would have this freaky expression on their face (eg: What-the-hell-I just-ate kinda look). Scientifically, its best known as the Explosive Endorphines Phenomena. They totally LOVED it!

Of course there are names for such thing, its called Mixed Berries Meringue and Pecan Pie with Vanila ice cream. These are the two must-eat desserts in Alexis. Mind you, if you just walk-in on Friday night without a booking, there's always a chance that you won't be acquainted with these lovely treats. There are 5 Alexis branches in Malaysia, but my personal favorite is in Bangsar. I would dial in 03-22842880 (Alexis, Bangsar) just checking whether its still available for the night. Talk about a dessertless date :(

This might look like an ordinary, boring Pecan Pie, but once you sink your teeth in this baby, there's nothing but you, the wonderful gooey caramel taste and the big precious chunks of pecans. And the vanilla ice cream really compliments the desserts.

Last but not least, my first love in Alexis -Mixed Berries Meringue! On some other days it comes in a form of Pavlova (in a crater-like version) but this is the best form ever, with stacks of strawberries and blueberries on every layers of Chantilly cream. And not to forget the crispy meringue on the sides which almost tasted like a crispy marshmallows. YUMMY! Do NOT take away this baby home. unless you have a proper ice box or something. I've done this mistake twice, and the very last time I practically 'peed' in my pants on the way back home to Cyberjaya. Don't get me wrong, I'm too old (not that old!!!) to pee in my pants. The cream inside the cake will totally melt through the box. And if you manage to bring in back in 1 piece, please consume it right away or else you'll be surprised to see a splattered Pisa in your fridge.

P/S: Happy Valentine's Day people :)

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