Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazz Fest Fever!!! (updated)

OMG OMG OMG! Java Jazz Festival '09 is just a couple weeks away and I just found out about it last night. This year it will be held from 6-8 March. Daily pass costs at around RM145 and 3-day pass is about RM475. Yikes! Heck, my dad attended last year's Java Jazz and guess what, he only went for James Ingram's slot. Aiseh.

This year's highlights will be Jason Mraz, Laura Fygi and quite a few prominent names in Jazz industry. Even the local jazz musicians in Indonesia are extremely talented. My dad bought back a few Indo cds home and it sounds really really good.

Psst..pssst, a not-so-secret news to tell, MAS is having an RM1 sale to Jakarta.

Man...last year I missed Renee Olstead, and I'm starting to have that headache (similar to shopping headache during sale season). I don't wanna miss the show + cheap flight sale. What a bad timing; it clashes together with my uni gang's outing :((

Before 17 Feb (morning)
Last night's update:
My friend and I spread the news to our friends, and straight away we decided to gather around and see whether the MAS RM1 offer is still valid.

After (night)

So they say,
"You snooze, you lose".
That was it. Folks, if you ever see a super cheap flight deals, just SWIPE it! It will never pop your way again. My friend once saw a friggin cheap deal to Gold Coast (1st night of Air Asia's 500,000 free seats), and due to his slow-po ness in making (any) decisions, he close the laptop, sleep. And next day, *poof*, the number tripled and until now he's been having a "Post Flight Deal Syndrome" (every day check flight deals like an addict).

Example: Person on the left is a good example of 'shopping headache' syndrome.

So back to yesterday's friends gathering. We were in Chilli's MidValley with one goal, one mission. No, not to eat Bottomless Chips with Beef Queso (eventhough its super good), but to get cheap tix to Jazz Fest with as many friends as possible. We called our friends out, hitting sms's asking for passport details, calling MAS 1300 hotline (which is useless, since they don't entertain Economy class users, lol!) and checking better deals in their site.

Nada (no, in espanol). My friend and I checked AirAsia earlier, and it appears that its more expensive than MAS. Weird, right? So we checked again, and yes, there's hope. RM254 each for Jakarta return tickets.

BAD NEWS. One of us didn't have a full passport details. Time is money, so we drove back to our place before the clock hits 12 and trying to avoid Groundhog's day from happening again.

"Please let not be anyone buying the remaining tickets...."
When I got back home, all of a sudden, a miracle's happening!



  1. Your dad actually attends concerts?

    I wish my parents were as cool.

  2. Haha, just one of his mid-life crisis things to do, LOL!

  3. Yoooohooo.. we are going! :P But next we gotto grab the concert tix. Check out this link:


    Strange name for a ticketing company but you know how funny their names can be..

  4. That's so weird..I thought you can just purchase it from the javajazz website. Best day is Day-2. Seems that once you have the daily pass, say Day-2, you can attend the special show concert. Hmmm....

    Will try to ask Bongky for advice where to stay and all...hehehe


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