Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Favorite American Idol Top 36

Danny Gokey for AI Season 8! Woo!

I hope everything turns well for American Idol this year. I've been hooked on AI since Season 3. I'm not so keen on Jordin Sparks and David Cook. Both of them are so an echo of Raven Simone and Chris Daughtry.

I've watched a few earlier auditions and sadly I missed a few. Skip, skip, now they've finalized the Top 36. There are some really good ones and the of course the just-okay-cos-they-have-the-whole-package (voice, personality and appearance).

I just loved Danny Gokey (the pic above). AI first introduced him as a husband who just lost his wife (I think with some fatal sickness, probably cancer). I'd say he is the ultimate hopeless romantic guy *flashing back 'Only You'*. He looks sooo much like Robert Downey Jr, right? Right? Okay..lets get to his voice. He sang Seal's Kiss of the Roses during the Hollywood audition so beautifully. Love love love!

Adam Lambert is my 2nd favorite. I love his Broadway-ish rock voice! He looks like Josh Drake.

And who can forget a visually impaired guy, Scott MacIntyre. He gets the Top 36 tix too! Good luck, Scott :)

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