Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I (and other girls) love Danny Gokey?

Let me be blatantly explain why women just LOVE Danny Gokey.
  1. He's a hopeless romantic widower! He totally steals women's voter for this season. Period.
  2. Just google Danny Gokey and Robert Downey Jr. I'm not the only one who thinks that he's another look-alike.
  3. He sings like Robert Downey Jr (again). Yes, Robbie sings too. He sang "Every Breath You Take" with Sting and that was awesome! I have a strong gut feeling that American Idol might bring in Robert Downey Jr to sing with Danny!

Conclusion, Husky Voice + Romantic Widower + Robert Downer Jr x 3.....DANNY GOKEY!

Robert Downey Jr. singing A Man Like Me.

This is my favorite performance from Danny Gokey when he sang Kiss From a Roze (hehe). Too bad most of AI youtube are in audio form. I guess its a new rule.


  1. Well.... Danny Gokey is way better looking than Robert Downey Jr. AND A way better singer. And his dancing, ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I wish I could dance with him! Robert Downey kinda sounds like the guy who sings on Toy Story. I don't remember his name. I can't wait to buy a Danny Gokey C.D. *Go Daniel J. Gokey! From your biggest fan!

  2. LOL! Yes, adorable it is, Julia. I'm sure Simon would disagree on that, just like JPL (Jon Peter Lewis).

    No deny he has the best vocal compared to Robey.


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