Monday, March 16, 2009

Catsy Cats!

This would be my first post about cats! I'm sure judging from the title header, some peeps would get the idea that I owned or at least adore cats.

Yes, I am indeed a cat person and strangely allergic to them, haha! I would sneeze about 10 times in a row and eventually end up with blotchy eye(s). But after 13 yrs of cat care experience, I just learn to adjust. Less hugging, just patty pat *note to self*.

I owned one 12 yr old cat, Hitam and adopted a stray male cat, Oren (age about 3 or 4...or older) a year before. Will blog about them soon.

I recently paid a visit to a friend's house and acquainted with a momma cat and her 3 adorable princes. This happen to be one of the cats that I'd helped to matchmake with interested cat owner, which is also a friend of mine. It was just suppose to be a ONE cat, but less than a month later, the cat, Bella, was bloated with 5 kittens.

Two female kittens were later adopted, leaving 3 male kittens behind. OMG! They are HUGE for 4 months old kittens and weigh about 1-2 kilos.

Momma, Bella (2 yrs old) and her sphinx-like kitten. If you are a fan of sphinx, but would like to have one with a little more fur, than this is the cat for you.

Left, is the cutesy-wootsey creamy van patterned cat. VERY cute! And right, a white-ish version of a Balinese cat. Wow, what a variety!

I am quite pleased to matchmake the cat, (now with additional 3 kittens, LOL!) with a friend of mine. The cats are well-taken care of and living indoor, which I think is very very ideal environment to nurture cats. Of course, they are brought outdoor once in awhile for weekly dose of sunshine. Right, Jon?

Will pay another visit soon, maybe for a photoshoot session on my DSLR :D

P/S: My friend, Jon is looking for responsible and eligible owner(s) who is interested to take care of the kitten(s). One main criteria is NO children at home and must have experience on cats. This only applies for Malaysian residents, preferably living in Klang Valley. Just leave a comment below.


  1. Yes it is. The kittens are sooooooooooooooo beautiful! One of them really looks like a sphinx! And one of them looks like the cat in Care Bears. LOL! I wonder who's the dad ar?

  2. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, as do I, you no doubt find him asking to be let out, even though he has his cat doors.extra large cat litter box


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