Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DEWEY, the true story of a Library Cat

Dewey Readmore Books (Nov 18, 1985-Nov 29, 2006)

With blistered feet from wearing plasticky shoes, I was practically limping my way to get "On Cats" by Doris Lessing in MPH 1Utama since that's the only copy they have in Klang Valley.

Half way to inquiry service, I found another novel with an orange cat on the cover embedded with "New York Times Best Seller" and immediately snatched it and paid it in an instant.

Journey back by train with Dewey and erm, a Subway meal :D

I'm still half way reading the book and I'm TOTALLY in love with it. Just to brief it, the author, Vicki Myron tells a (true) story about Dewey, the town (Spencer) most beloved library cat, her heart wrenching life and a few snippets of the town's historical background. Too be honest, it was a bit snoozey to have read through the whole town history and all, but it gets interesting eventually.

Its interesting to know that one cat, one tiny creature can make a big impact to people's lives. I cannot tell you how is it specifically, you really gotta read the book.

Priced at only RM34.90 at MPH, its definitely a sweet, sweet treat for cat or pet owners alike.

This video pretty sums up most of the part in the book.

P.S: There's been a rumor (or not) about making the book into a movie. Word has it said that Meryl Streep is interested to play Vicki, the author! Oooooh, GOODIE!


  1. Hmm, very similar to Tama, a cat who was made 'station master' of a train station in Japan. They even gave her a captain's hat and all.

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  3. Hmm...seems that this Tama is quite new compared to Dewey. It could probably be a copy of Dewey, another publicity stunt. But Dewey is pure serendipitous. Check out the YouTube video of Dewey. They had Japs footage of Dewey. That could've inspired them to have Tama

  4. Saw this at MPH the other day. Was quite cynical on picking up a book without going through a bunch of proper reviews although me myself being a huge fan of cats (I have 8 of them). Must pick it up on my next trip to the bookstore.

  5. Yes, you should Zana. It's a lovely book! I'm still reading it bit by bit...savoring each page by page..

    Wow, 8 cats! :0 Kudos to you dear. I'm having hard time keeping two of them, lol!

    LOVE your blog, bunehmunches. Will definitely link it in here ;)

  6. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  7. Never heard about this book. I would definitely gonna read this very soon. I dont know how I miss this gem! thanks for the share. NomNomNow


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