Sunday, March 22, 2009

Edie Sedgwick, The Factory Girl

Last Sunday, I gotta chance to watch 'Factory Girl', a (some what, so they say) true story of Edie Sedgwick (played by Sienna Miller), Andy Warhol's little star. Andy Warhol, yes, the printmaker of the famous Campbell's soup, Marilyn Monroe and quite a number of America's iconic figure/items.

Edie Sedgwick (April 20, 1943 - Nov 19, 1971)

Before flower power, John-Yoko-ism and hippies, there was The Factory. The Factory is Andy's art studio and pretty much the hangout place for entourage and some called it Warhol's Superstars.

Check out Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan. Not quite the look alike, but he's charming. If they were to pick the look alike, they might go with Adam Sandler. But that would be so...wrong, right?

Some people say Edie resembles Kiera Knightly, but I'd say she looks more like Rachel Bilson. Anyway, Sienna Miller embodies Edie beautifully and imitate her really well esp. from the way she speaks.

Click here for more sneak peaks of Edie Sedgwick.

If you find Edie's look to be fascinating or would like to be her for Halloween, then this is the video for you.

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