Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Endless Ocean Moment in Bali

My underwater fascination grew ever since I snorkel in the great Redang island in 2007 in addition to playing Endless Ocean in Nintendo Wii. If it weren't for these two spectacular experiences, the sea would just be another foreign planet to me.

Such a surreal feeling being underwater, seeing the real thing and later get to re-live it once again in a gaming realm. Endless Ocean is one relaxing adventure game, with superb soundtracks from Hayden Westenra like "Prayer" and "Pokarekare Ana". And no, there is no jaws moment or a deadly irukandji jellyfish trying to sting your hand while diving. I managed to complete all the missions in this game. Yay me.

Word has it, there'll be another sequel to Endless Ocean, coming soon in Dec 09. Can't wait!

Skipping chapter to Bali, I get to dive for the first time in Pandawa, Tanjong Benoa. Not the best place to dive, but for starters and the price (rp 450,000 after bargain) per pax, it was alright. They will brief you on the instructions as well as the do's and the don'ts. A lot reviews suggest the best diving destination in Bali like Tulamben (shipwreck) and Gilimanuk, which is VERY far away from Bali's central area.

Check out the crazy hair!

With another Rp 115,000 (bargain price again), you can have your photos and videos taken by the diving instructor/guide. Not the best shots taken but yes, its worth it!

While I was in the water, I'd imagined Pokarekare Ana (my favorite soundtrack in the game) playing in the background. Such a soothing song. Hm, is there such thing like underwater iPod? Mr Jobs, this could be one swell invention :p

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