Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of All the Schlongs in the Watchmen...

Well, I'm probably the last person to ever write an 'intelligent' review on Watchmen. After all my DC readings only limited to the Justice League (Superman, Batman, WW, Flash) and Teen Titans (old and new). Can't blame me for not wanting to grow up.

Like most DC works, Watchmen mainly highlights on the oppression and harsh reality playing spandex/caped superheroes during the Vietnam war. Life common issues from politics, sexuality, domestic to childhood trouble are touched on this movie wrapped up with a few hit songs from the 70's.

I like the fact that there's traces of blood from every kicks and punches. Proves that those superheroes are human just like everyone else.

Some parts reminiscing the good (and bad) 'ol days of superheroes does reminds me a bit of Pixar's The Incredibles, esp. when they touched about one of the superheroes cape got stuck in the elevator. What do you think?

Did you know they actually censored Doc M's weiner in Malaysia's cinemas? Lol! Too bad we missed that blue schlongs. No fair. For me being a fan of Silver Surfer, I think these two are quite alike (minus the genital and origin) from the way they think and converse. For Silver Surfer to questioned humanity does make sense, but Jon? I know for the fact that he could see his future.. Hmmm, maybe I should get all the copy of Watchmen before jumping to conclusion.

My favorite comic-based movie of 2009 so far. Beat that, X-Men Origin.


  1. waa ur one of the rare few malaysians i know who actually enjoyed the movie. but maybe thats expected of u kot.

    dah baca the book? besttt kannn

  2. The 1/4 adult side of me said what's not to like, minus the spandex-less make out scenes la. 3/4 goes to the Marvels :D. What can I say.

    Nope, haven't get a chance to but will definitely grab it once I see it in stores. I'm sure there'll be some special edition prior to the movie. I'm no torrent person :>

  3. i bought the comic off amazon a few weeks before the movie. 'preparation' haha. didnt regret it one bit.


  4. You do not have to buy it. You can download the PDF version of the comic along with others like Wolverine Origin from, like I did.

    PS: Haven't seen the movie yet, but hope it's awesome.

  5. Hope to get the comics the noble, old fashioned way. Hehe..


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