Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rants and Reviews

Okay, I got to be honest, Malaysia is pretty much one of those countries that does not (really) put Music and Art industry on the map compared to our neighbors like Indonesia and even Singapore. For us, the Malaysians, we really do think that Indonesian music is so much better than ours. Don't get me wrong, we do have a LOT of good, potential talents, even the indie artists here are awesome...but seriously, they are not as big as those outside there.

IMHO (in my humble opinion), it does have to do with non other than the good 'ol education system. Here, if you're a smarty pants, you go to Science stream and yes, art stream is for those who don't make the grade. Science stream is SO highly anticipated that they (the government) have a few branches of Science dedicated school known as MRSM (Maktab Rendah Sains Mara).

What about the young, creative minds like artist, writers, musicians and performing artists? Do we have high school for arts? NO WAY. Oh sure, we just take an extra subject for our SPM (high school exam paper) and what next? Science scholars get to earn scholarship to further tertiary education, not us. What a perk!

Pushing the sour note aside, as I was surfing through some online shopping sites (thanks to that certain someone :p), I found an article about a new Malaysian musician by the name of Zee Avi or Koko Kaina. My jaw dropped having to know that she is in the same recording label as my favorite musician of all time, Jack Jackson!!! As much as I want to be a green eyed-monster over a girl who is my age and gets to go for tours with budding Brushfire musicians, I can't help but to be proud and awe with this fellow Malaysian. She has the Cat Power thing going on. Well, that's the closest voice I can relate to actually, but yeah, she's gooooood...

Zee Azi, if you're reading this, please persuade Jack Johnson to come to Malaysia for a concert/gig. Good luck and all the best girl!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!


  1. She's a Sarawakian! woot woot :P

  2. proud with your Eastern heritage now eh? :))


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