Monday, April 27, 2009


Go bananas in RM5 shop! A banana container, can you believe that?!

This afternoon, while waiting for daddy dearest pulling sweat in gym, I got the chance to stroll around the new RM5 shop, Daiso in IOI mall. They claimed to be the world's largest RM5 store. For me, its just another refined version of Hot Market, but most of the items are imported from Japan.

All different types of bandages.

Wipes everyone? If only I can read Japs. So lost in translation.

The challenge of buying in these flat rate shop is to differentiate the items that is worth the price. You don't want to end up buying a RM5 worth of cotton bud or a plastic apple!

Finally I found a corner with all sorts of pet toys and collars. If you go to normal pet shop, one item will definitely costs more than RM5.

I have NO idea what this is for. There are two shiny marbles on the cat's eye. And I assume that this might attract cats to this erm, ornament? No all.

After almost an hour of strolling around, killing time and deciding whats worth to buy, I ended buying 6 items = RM30. Yikes!

One of them is a cat scratcher (Cat Scratch. LOL!). It comes with a small sachet of Silver Vine. I never heard of this until I googled it. Its almost similar to catnip. According to the great wiki,

In Japan, Actinidia polygama (silver vine) is commonly known as "matatabi" (またたび) and noted for having an effect on cats much like that of catnip. It is mentioned in the saying 猫にまたたび、女郎に小判 (neko ni matatabi, jorō ni koban, "Silver vine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute"), meaning to put someone in a good mood by providing that which they most desire.

Aaaa...aaaa....the smell!!! Must sink my head in the carpet!

Desire it is! Check out Oren's reaction to the item. He started to roll and roll and around. I experiment it to my other cat, Hitam and got the SAME reaction. But since Hitam's a big drooler cos of her old age, I have to pull this stuff away or else I'll get a soaked stinky carpet.

He got so crazy, he nibbled the frame of the packaging. LOL!

There are so many stuff here, I can't wait to bring some friends to this shop just for the heck of it. Will definitely give IOI mall another visit again especially when the new, super gigantic Ace Hardware store starts to operate, hopefully next coming month.

Check out this youtube of a cat and its similar reaction to Silver Vine powder.

X-Men Origin: Wolverine

Adamantium claws, ready! Popcorn, ready!

X-Men Origin: Wolverine will be clawing Malaysia's cinemas this Wednesday, April 29th! There's been some bad rumors about the storyline and plot, but what the heck! I'm watching!!!

"I'm as hard as diamond! Boooyaaaah!" - Emma Frost

A few new/old characters will be featured in this movie from Emma Frost (Jean Gray's rival), Deadpool, Sabretooth, Cyclops, Gambit, The Blob and many more! Heck, Will I Am is also in this movie! I just can't wait to see how the casanova Ryan Reynolds gonna pull the witty, mischievous Deadpool.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's with Left 4 Dead?

"This is fun..." *grinning through clenched teeth*

I wasn't much of a shooting games person, especially with my usual defeats playing Counter Strike with the guys. I would only at least kill 5-8 (on regular 1 hour game play) and the dudes managed to kill erm, 20 something? Other female beginners were able to score higher than me, I think. Let's say I just suck at it! :p The ambush and the repetitions from round to round makes me feel unmotivated and...bored. Maybe that will change if the digits on the killing goes a bit higher on my side. But heck, I still play CS though, for at least twice a month, whenever I had the chance to.

Guess who's Bob? :p

It all changed until Left 4 Dead invades the local cybercafes a few months back. I am not a fan of horror games, but it SUPER exciting when you're playing it with a bunch of friends! Now its not much about hiding your butt off, but more of shooting zombies cocktail and the other infectees. But beware of the Witch, Boomers puke and don't shoot at the cars!!! *although I tend to make this mistakes from time to time*

For group more than 4, you can go for the Versus Mode; Survivor vs. Infected. Super AWESOME playing Hunter, Smoker, Boomer and if you're lucky, you'll get to play Tank. Never get the chance to play Witch yet. Not sure whether that's possible.

Meanwhile enjoy these videos. I know most L4D players can relate to these parodies.

I'm considering cosplay-ing Witch in the future. Hmm...:D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Green Journey...

My tree planting experience in Miyagawa Village, Mie Prefecture. Click more stories here.

At one point during my saving-the-earth-journey somewhere in end of 2001, I behaved like any other enthusiastic teenager - over conscious on what needs to be thrown and what's not till my mother just can't stand the sight of my room. Oh yes, I was the hoarder among the household, collecting everything from Pringles cans, ice cream sticks to candy wrappers.

Here are some of the ideas of a 23 yr old, mediocre environmentalist. Some of these tips are not 100% environment friendly, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

Go Warhol?

All the serviette left overs from the pizza meal, reuse it!

The biscuit tray is reused for kitchen use :)

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda! Jack of all trades! Cleaning the toilets, kitchen, teeth and even deodorizing underarms! LOL! You can grab this particular brand at Ace Hardware and Cold Storage. If not, any baking sodas will do.

Re-use pumped bottles for dish washing liquid

This is one enemy you got to avoid - PLASTIC. But some enemy cannot be dodged. Bachelor and bachelorette out there, no need to buy the black or blue trash bags, just reuse the ones you already have from (the unplanned) groceries shopping.

Behold, my kitchen utensil drawer! I placed everything from Polypropylene raffia strings, ketchup & chilli sauce sachets, chopsticks to plastic utensils. And all of it comes from the take outs, I don't even have to buy it. *I know I got to avoid from accepting this stuff, but some things are just not avoidable*

Some of my collection of eco-shopping bags. The bigger ones (for groceries) are in my shoe drawer. My must-bring items are now updated with eco bag followed by keys, wallet and mobile.

While the new reusable bottle raves are all on SIGG bottle, my H2O buddy is Platypus. I bought this online at Tiny Tapir and it only costs me RM 31.50. I can squeeze in this tiny wonder in my oh-so tiny handbag, its SO convenient! My yoga teacher saw me quenched up in this bottle and she exclaimed "Is that RO?!".

I know each small steps can bring a huge difference on people and I hope this blog will inspire one or two or more individuals who are reading this.

Happy anniversary, Earth!

Friday, April 17, 2009

All This Love Crap by Hanson

This is one hilarious clip of Hanson singing "All This Love Crap" in conjunction of this year's Valentine's Day. Btw the chocolate that they're erm licked and smeared on their face was their limited edition choc for V-Day. What a way to promote 'em.

Autograph drew by Zac Hanson

I grew up listening to their music and yes, we did grew old together. LOL. They grew up, married with the girls of their dreams - I grew up, graduated from university and accomplished a few amazing things. All the happiness, the sorrow, giving-up moments are shared through their music. Words can't describe the idol-and-fan relationship we have here. I met them personally in Dec 2004 during a M&G session and that was the best time of my entire life.

Latest news from Hanson: Taylor Hanson has collaborated and formed a supergroup called Tinted Windows with James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins (guitar), Adam Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne (bass), and Bun E. Carlos from the legendary Cheaptrick (drums). Talk about SUPERGROUP!

What about the other two bros? I heard there's a new album coming up soon! I guess they just can't stop the music, eh? :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Supple Game Review and Tips

My recent quote says,
"Life's a Social Simulation Game I never get to finish".
I feel like a geek saying this, but after experimenting a few social simulation games, you'll be surprised on how these games is 'some-what' similar to real life itself...notice the inverted comma.

Supple (its the name of the magazine, in the game)

Talking about the game I got to finished, after a few months of search, I finally decided to buy Supple for $19.99 via Yahoo! Games. Oh yes, after playing the limited free trial, I just can't wait to get my hands on the full version. Like what the official website described, its a Girl Game like the Sims but Characters can Talk. Its more of a strategy game where players need to multi task and balance the character's life requirements. Read Supple Review here. I'll be covering some parts that this link has not covered.

For those who wants to have a test drive on this game, please go here for free trial from the main website.

I've finished playing Easy and Medium level. It took me about 6 hours to complete Friday as its the last round for every level (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Print screen of Medium Level (Friday)

Game starts. You'll be playing Arin Costello along with your arch enemy, Hugh in mission to earn the position as Style Editor.

(1) Arin's (You) workstation.
(2) Coffee Machine
(3) Food Machine
(4) Hugh's workstation

Here some tips to increase the GPM/Game Performance Meter (Green).

Change clothes. If the clothes is new, then you can earn +16 on Confidence. Constant changing only gives you about +5. Examine clothes that gives both Biz (for Margot) and Sexy appeal (for Hugh). The expensive the clothes, the better effect it makes.

Work. Research progress earns you +9, but of course the Star (bottom right) will give you answer to Margot's question. Be alert once you earn the star and always look down on the bottom centre screen for the answer, so you know which answer you gets. You don't want to answer Hugh's star answer, better to evade. Sometimes Margot forgives you depending on your performance/boss likes you meter.

***Margot will come in to check Arin and Hugh at 11.00am++ and 2.00pm++. Just to be safe, please be at the working desk, doing work 10 mins before she comes in. In between that, you're welcome to go Shopping, Bar or even the Bedroom. As she comes in, your GPM will increase if she caught you working.

Drink Coffee. Latte can gives you +10 in Confidence and fasten your work pace but Expresso has more effect (only available in the afternoon).

Eat variety of food, don't keep eating or drink the same thing. By doing so, it will increase at least +5 GPM. Lunch's at 12pm onwards.

Console Hugh (for Flirt Suck Up), . Higher marks if the boss/Hugh likes you, cos they'll apologize = higher points

Insult. Do it to Hugh or Margot, but of course their 'like you' meter will decrease, means less chance to Suck Up to Margot.

Be a Bitch to Hugh and even Margot. Do this at appropriate situation. If Margot compliments about your outfit (she'll say a Fashion Fairy sprinkles a fashion dust on you), then Be a Bitch. If she compliments about your looks, saying that you can be in a fashion magazine, then say Thanks.

Take Course. You need to earn enough $$$ (from Work) to take courses from Writing, Design to Fashion.

Suck Up. Only do this if you have done your work and the coast is clear (from Hugh). Better to be done when Hugh's not around the office (when he's out for Drink or Shop). You can do it in front of Hugh, but he'll console you again and lower down your confidence.

Go to Bar. Preferably at 2.30 pm and above since Margot last visit to the office starts at 2.00pm. Drink Martini will increase more Confidence. Complain about Hugh/Margot/Money/Life/Work will increase +5. But you can't complain when Hugh's around, unless (you can) if its already clicked and in the to-do bar. If you see Margot when your drunk meter is up, brace yourself for nagging. Drunk meter will decrease to time.

Flirt. Oh yes, (the 'fun' part) this will increase your GPM too, provided if you're in good terms with Hugh. Before doing this, just Poke Fun, or Talk about Fun, Share Work Info, Give Gift (after Margot's 2pm inspection, cos the star info would be ineffective after that). Don't do this when Margot's around or she'll put you down. Then comes the "second base" and the next base provided you have the right outfit for it, if you know what I mean.

I noticed there are not a lot of walkthrough, tips and cheat out there for this game, I hope this helps. Any question or more tips, feel free to send comment here ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adam Lambert Gets Standing Ovation from Simon Cowell

Picture: American Idol

I'm not sure this is due to lack of time (only Simon gets to rap up the judging), but I gotta tell you it's a huge honor when you received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. And its not even the finale yet! Bravo Adam! You did it again!

Adam, you're so a mile away from the rocker twins like Chris Daughtry and David Cook! I don't care about your sexuality rumors, you're just amazingly talented!

My Top 4 List

1. Adam Lambert
2. Matt Giraud
3. Anoop Desai
4. Danny Gokey

Li'l Rounds and her usual saying, "If America decide to keep me then I'll prove to y'all, yada yada".

Scott is adorable but I don't think he's that special. Look on the bright side, I think Disney might wanna hire him. He sounds like a Disney prince, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elton John - Rocket Man - The Definitive Hits Review

Special Malaysia Edition for RM29.90 (USD$ 8.35)

I just bought Elton John's Rocket Man - The Definitive Hits CD a couple of days ago and I am LOVING IT! Been wanting to get the best compilation of Elton's and this seems to be the best choice.

I grew up listening and singing to the " aaaaaaaa...aaaaaaa...ahhhh aaa aaaah" of Elton's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Took me years to figure out the title of the song, lol!

Most of the songs that are in the album happens to be in the American Idol medley for Top 9 Season 3, featuring Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia. This is one of my favorite group performance in Idol. And I just so in love with the charming Jon Peter Lewis aka Pen Salesman (dubbed by Simon Cowell).

And this one for their finale. 5.07- 5.57 (Elton John's)

Bring back the red piano to Malaysia, Elton!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamiroquai's Promising Performance!


I reached Sepang a few minutes earlier before the main race starts. Hm, not that I was interested to watch the bullet speed cars racing up and about. I grabbed my camera and it was merely impossible to shoot a single decent frame without the fence interrupting the shot, plus the cloudy weather.

Car! Car! ....I give uuuuuup!!!

Oh the fence. I need the fence. I want the fence. My mission for this event is to stand behind the fence that separates the stage and the audience. 'Cos lets face it, that's the best seats in the house!

5.53pm @ Sepang International Circuit

It was 20 mins to 7.00pm and sprinkles of rain pouring down. They have to stop the race somehow cos I don't think they're postponing the after-show party to late. I started to talk to one of my friends into walking to the venue early. Just as soon as I about to do so, they announced on the race discontinuation. Oh well, better hurry now!

With the slippery road and the ducky-like Crocs its almost impossible to run to the concert venue (helipad area) which happens to be where the performance is. My friends and I reached there and saw the other 100++people already waiting in front of the entrance. I'm guessing almost all of them didn't watched the race.

15-20 mins of waiting, they finally opened the door. While the others walk their way inside (slowly) and some walked to the food booth, I ran (crossing the puddled and muddy walkway) for my life in hoping to get the fence.

Finally, I saw a medium sized stage and try to found a valid gap about 1 ft long. Its almost impossible to rest one elbow on it, so I politely asked one of the girls there to scoot aside. Luckily, I got the spot and patiently waited for the man of the night.

First act is an Indonesian jazz band, Malique and D'Essentials followed by local singer, Atilia. Some of the audience which I think are Indonesians were singing along to their songs. Wow, I wonder whether they actually know that they're coming.

After that it was Naturally 7, award winning Jazz, R&B, gospel group based in NYC. They are an awesome human beatboxer, especially the yellow shirt dude who actually immitate the sound of a high pitched electric guitar. Amazing!

It was 9 pm-ish. At that time, I was thinking, how many other acts are going to perform. At last, a checkered hat dude appeared and everyone was screaming, shouting applauding to famous front man, Jason Kay or known as JayKay. He was very smooth on stage, dancing to every beat from left to right, to the bass, the backup singers...just splendid!

Equipped with only D40 and 135mm lens, I've tried to get the best shot and at the same time enjoy the music. It was a 60/40 thing, 60 of music and 40 pressing the shutter. When I put my camera down, for some reason, the girls standing in between me have asked the same question, "Why aren't you taking pictures?". Oh well. Can't blame me for the music.

The show ends at 11.09pm.

Rain and mud, it was all worth it. Jamiroquai performed more than 10 songs from the famous Cosmic Girl to the Deeper Underground. If its not worth your RM50-100, I don't know what is!

***Please ask for permission if you want to use my photos here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My most challenging yoga pose - Boat Pose!

I've been practicing yoga almost 6-7 months (intermediate level). Having a mild scoliosis (and a skinny tuckus) seems to make some poses quite hard for me and one of them is Navasana (the boat pose). My abs would shiver and my tail bone would be cling-less from the floor.

So I've youtubed a few videos and finally found the perfect video for reference. Here it is.

6 packs, here I come!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leaving Idol with Joy

I love her the first time I saw her during the AI audition. Pretty, bubbly and definitely has a unique vocal.

But ever since Top 12 show, agreeing with Simon, her choices of songs got a bit too indulgent and she really strained her voice a lot. Not that its all bad songs, but its the kinda song that its nice to hear on the radio, instead of someone like Megan singing it.

She would really do good singing Nelly Furtado, Adele and Natasha Bedingfield. Sigh.

Tonight when they announced her name for the elimination, she was cool with it and for the first time (erm, and the last), she really pulls one of her great performance in Idol.

P/S: Week by week, Adam Lambert really pulls the best show from the bunch. I even lost my interest on Gokey :(. Gosh.
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