Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Green Journey...

My tree planting experience in Miyagawa Village, Mie Prefecture. Click more stories here.

At one point during my saving-the-earth-journey somewhere in end of 2001, I behaved like any other enthusiastic teenager - over conscious on what needs to be thrown and what's not till my mother just can't stand the sight of my room. Oh yes, I was the hoarder among the household, collecting everything from Pringles cans, ice cream sticks to candy wrappers.

Here are some of the ideas of a 23 yr old, mediocre environmentalist. Some of these tips are not 100% environment friendly, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

Go Warhol?

All the serviette left overs from the pizza meal, reuse it!

The biscuit tray is reused for kitchen use :)

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda! Jack of all trades! Cleaning the toilets, kitchen, teeth and even deodorizing underarms! LOL! You can grab this particular brand at Ace Hardware and Cold Storage. If not, any baking sodas will do.

Re-use pumped bottles for dish washing liquid

This is one enemy you got to avoid - PLASTIC. But some enemy cannot be dodged. Bachelor and bachelorette out there, no need to buy the black or blue trash bags, just reuse the ones you already have from (the unplanned) groceries shopping.

Behold, my kitchen utensil drawer! I placed everything from Polypropylene raffia strings, ketchup & chilli sauce sachets, chopsticks to plastic utensils. And all of it comes from the take outs, I don't even have to buy it. *I know I got to avoid from accepting this stuff, but some things are just not avoidable*

Some of my collection of eco-shopping bags. The bigger ones (for groceries) are in my shoe drawer. My must-bring items are now updated with eco bag followed by keys, wallet and mobile.

While the new reusable bottle raves are all on SIGG bottle, my H2O buddy is Platypus. I bought this online at Tiny Tapir and it only costs me RM 31.50. I can squeeze in this tiny wonder in my oh-so tiny handbag, its SO convenient! My yoga teacher saw me quenched up in this bottle and she exclaimed "Is that RO?!".

I know each small steps can bring a huge difference on people and I hope this blog will inspire one or two or more individuals who are reading this.

Happy anniversary, Earth!


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