Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamiroquai's Promising Performance!


I reached Sepang a few minutes earlier before the main race starts. Hm, not that I was interested to watch the bullet speed cars racing up and about. I grabbed my camera and it was merely impossible to shoot a single decent frame without the fence interrupting the shot, plus the cloudy weather.

Car! Car! ....I give uuuuuup!!!

Oh the fence. I need the fence. I want the fence. My mission for this event is to stand behind the fence that separates the stage and the audience. 'Cos lets face it, that's the best seats in the house!

5.53pm @ Sepang International Circuit

It was 20 mins to 7.00pm and sprinkles of rain pouring down. They have to stop the race somehow cos I don't think they're postponing the after-show party to late. I started to talk to one of my friends into walking to the venue early. Just as soon as I about to do so, they announced on the race discontinuation. Oh well, better hurry now!

With the slippery road and the ducky-like Crocs its almost impossible to run to the concert venue (helipad area) which happens to be where the performance is. My friends and I reached there and saw the other 100++people already waiting in front of the entrance. I'm guessing almost all of them didn't watched the race.

15-20 mins of waiting, they finally opened the door. While the others walk their way inside (slowly) and some walked to the food booth, I ran (crossing the puddled and muddy walkway) for my life in hoping to get the fence.

Finally, I saw a medium sized stage and try to found a valid gap about 1 ft long. Its almost impossible to rest one elbow on it, so I politely asked one of the girls there to scoot aside. Luckily, I got the spot and patiently waited for the man of the night.

First act is an Indonesian jazz band, Malique and D'Essentials followed by local singer, Atilia. Some of the audience which I think are Indonesians were singing along to their songs. Wow, I wonder whether they actually know that they're coming.

After that it was Naturally 7, award winning Jazz, R&B, gospel group based in NYC. They are an awesome human beatboxer, especially the yellow shirt dude who actually immitate the sound of a high pitched electric guitar. Amazing!

It was 9 pm-ish. At that time, I was thinking, how many other acts are going to perform. At last, a checkered hat dude appeared and everyone was screaming, shouting applauding to famous front man, Jason Kay or known as JayKay. He was very smooth on stage, dancing to every beat from left to right, to the bass, the backup singers...just splendid!

Equipped with only D40 and 135mm lens, I've tried to get the best shot and at the same time enjoy the music. It was a 60/40 thing, 60 of music and 40 pressing the shutter. When I put my camera down, for some reason, the girls standing in between me have asked the same question, "Why aren't you taking pictures?". Oh well. Can't blame me for the music.

The show ends at 11.09pm.

Rain and mud, it was all worth it. Jamiroquai performed more than 10 songs from the famous Cosmic Girl to the Deeper Underground. If its not worth your RM50-100, I don't know what is!

***Please ask for permission if you want to use my photos here.

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