Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's with Left 4 Dead?

"This is fun..." *grinning through clenched teeth*

I wasn't much of a shooting games person, especially with my usual defeats playing Counter Strike with the guys. I would only at least kill 5-8 (on regular 1 hour game play) and the dudes managed to kill erm, 20 something? Other female beginners were able to score higher than me, I think. Let's say I just suck at it! :p The ambush and the repetitions from round to round makes me feel unmotivated and...bored. Maybe that will change if the digits on the killing goes a bit higher on my side. But heck, I still play CS though, for at least twice a month, whenever I had the chance to.

Guess who's Bob? :p

It all changed until Left 4 Dead invades the local cybercafes a few months back. I am not a fan of horror games, but it SUPER exciting when you're playing it with a bunch of friends! Now its not much about hiding your butt off, but more of shooting zombies cocktail and the other infectees. But beware of the Witch, Boomers puke and don't shoot at the cars!!! *although I tend to make this mistakes from time to time*

For group more than 4, you can go for the Versus Mode; Survivor vs. Infected. Super AWESOME playing Hunter, Smoker, Boomer and if you're lucky, you'll get to play Tank. Never get the chance to play Witch yet. Not sure whether that's possible.

Meanwhile enjoy these videos. I know most L4D players can relate to these parodies.

I'm considering cosplay-ing Witch in the future. Hmm...:D


  1. You can't play as a witch xP
    She's the only infected boss which is not playable

  2. Aha, I see. Would be nice to play the boss, right? But again the Witch just hides in the corner and wait for survivors, thats all.

  3. you want to play a witch where you can't move?=P

    The best to play during versus would be the Hunter...just get a high spot..and pounce on someone for 25damage..that's the best infected boss

    Btw..Alex here..haha
    I see you're also a regular LYN follower =P

  4. Aha, yeah. I figured that one out when my friend did that on the roof, and I often get shot at a few secs I got spawned.

    Tank's too slow, eh?

    Hehe, yeah. But my ID is not roze boomerang la.

  5. gotta think like the infected =X

    Tank's slow when you're going againts all good health's more irritating when you're againts survivor in big open space =s

    but it's fun as tank when you can punch them off the the 4th and 5th chapter of No Mercy xD


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