Thursday, April 16, 2009

Supple Game Review and Tips

My recent quote says,
"Life's a Social Simulation Game I never get to finish".
I feel like a geek saying this, but after experimenting a few social simulation games, you'll be surprised on how these games is 'some-what' similar to real life itself...notice the inverted comma.

Supple (its the name of the magazine, in the game)

Talking about the game I got to finished, after a few months of search, I finally decided to buy Supple for $19.99 via Yahoo! Games. Oh yes, after playing the limited free trial, I just can't wait to get my hands on the full version. Like what the official website described, its a Girl Game like the Sims but Characters can Talk. Its more of a strategy game where players need to multi task and balance the character's life requirements. Read Supple Review here. I'll be covering some parts that this link has not covered.

For those who wants to have a test drive on this game, please go here for free trial from the main website.

I've finished playing Easy and Medium level. It took me about 6 hours to complete Friday as its the last round for every level (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Print screen of Medium Level (Friday)

Game starts. You'll be playing Arin Costello along with your arch enemy, Hugh in mission to earn the position as Style Editor.

(1) Arin's (You) workstation.
(2) Coffee Machine
(3) Food Machine
(4) Hugh's workstation

Here some tips to increase the GPM/Game Performance Meter (Green).

Change clothes. If the clothes is new, then you can earn +16 on Confidence. Constant changing only gives you about +5. Examine clothes that gives both Biz (for Margot) and Sexy appeal (for Hugh). The expensive the clothes, the better effect it makes.

Work. Research progress earns you +9, but of course the Star (bottom right) will give you answer to Margot's question. Be alert once you earn the star and always look down on the bottom centre screen for the answer, so you know which answer you gets. You don't want to answer Hugh's star answer, better to evade. Sometimes Margot forgives you depending on your performance/boss likes you meter.

***Margot will come in to check Arin and Hugh at 11.00am++ and 2.00pm++. Just to be safe, please be at the working desk, doing work 10 mins before she comes in. In between that, you're welcome to go Shopping, Bar or even the Bedroom. As she comes in, your GPM will increase if she caught you working.

Drink Coffee. Latte can gives you +10 in Confidence and fasten your work pace but Expresso has more effect (only available in the afternoon).

Eat variety of food, don't keep eating or drink the same thing. By doing so, it will increase at least +5 GPM. Lunch's at 12pm onwards.

Console Hugh (for Flirt Suck Up), . Higher marks if the boss/Hugh likes you, cos they'll apologize = higher points

Insult. Do it to Hugh or Margot, but of course their 'like you' meter will decrease, means less chance to Suck Up to Margot.

Be a Bitch to Hugh and even Margot. Do this at appropriate situation. If Margot compliments about your outfit (she'll say a Fashion Fairy sprinkles a fashion dust on you), then Be a Bitch. If she compliments about your looks, saying that you can be in a fashion magazine, then say Thanks.

Take Course. You need to earn enough $$$ (from Work) to take courses from Writing, Design to Fashion.

Suck Up. Only do this if you have done your work and the coast is clear (from Hugh). Better to be done when Hugh's not around the office (when he's out for Drink or Shop). You can do it in front of Hugh, but he'll console you again and lower down your confidence.

Go to Bar. Preferably at 2.30 pm and above since Margot last visit to the office starts at 2.00pm. Drink Martini will increase more Confidence. Complain about Hugh/Margot/Money/Life/Work will increase +5. But you can't complain when Hugh's around, unless (you can) if its already clicked and in the to-do bar. If you see Margot when your drunk meter is up, brace yourself for nagging. Drunk meter will decrease to time.

Flirt. Oh yes, (the 'fun' part) this will increase your GPM too, provided if you're in good terms with Hugh. Before doing this, just Poke Fun, or Talk about Fun, Share Work Info, Give Gift (after Margot's 2pm inspection, cos the star info would be ineffective after that). Don't do this when Margot's around or she'll put you down. Then comes the "second base" and the next base provided you have the right outfit for it, if you know what I mean.

I noticed there are not a lot of walkthrough, tips and cheat out there for this game, I hope this helps. Any question or more tips, feel free to send comment here ;)


  1. I would like to know how to get in the game supple like in the bedroom cuz i cant

  2. Hmm, lemme try to recall my strategy for this. It's been awhile.

    The only time you can go to the bedroom is at the peak of the game, when you manage to be on good terms with Hugh. That's the ONLY function of the room.

    Two main things you need to accomplish to get to this level;

    1) Flirt with Hugh and increase your GPM. To get to this level, you need to throw him gifts, poke fun, or basically anything positive to Hugh.

    2) Last but not least, sexy outfit. You need $$$ for this. To get $$$, you need to work, work work ;)

    Hope that answers your question. Lemme know.

  3. i cant get past wenseday
    excuse my spelling
    i have played quite a few times but ii cant my gpm in the green

  4. It will get easier once you know the trick and how to balance up your work, time and networking (schmooze with Margot and Hugh). You can't just do all work without drinking the right coffee or getting a meal. Or, if you are too slow or go to the shop at a 'wrong' time, then your gpm will be slashed down the moment Margot enters in the office compound.

    Just like real life, everything needs a balance....the yin yang ;)

    Maybe I could do another post on the real walkthrough, hm...

  5. I LOVE the game. When is it the right time for her to get new dressies and things?

  6. Hi there. You can get new dress/office attire when you earn money from working on courses/daily = pleasing Margot with answering the right question + not slacking when she's around the office. Start buying attire that is not so expensive (from low to high). You have to strategize and be quick with it cos you have limited time. Good luck :)

  7. Thank you. So much Roze for anwereing me. I love the game. But I AM tried of loseing. Love ya all game player have fun.

  8. AGH, I can't get past Tuesday! Help? I'd appreciate it.

  9. Sure thing. It's been awhile since I last played the game. Care to share how you play it?

  10. This game sucks. IDK if it is me or what but I can't get past Tuesday. My GPM is usually high until the last couple hours. I got a refund.

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