Friday, May 1, 2009

Cartoons that make you cry...

Okay, cartoon is normally at its best when it gives kids (or kids alike, like me!) a share of laughter, joy and all those warm and fuzzy feeling.

But what about those that makes you cry?

Just to list a few, here are the list of tearjerker cartoons I can possibly think of (as for now). Good thing it comes with previews. Sweet, sweet technology :). This list has not been tear-rated yet. LOL!

1. The Iron Giant
Vin Diesel is the voice of the robot. Check out the resemblance on the head. LOL! I watched this 5 or 6 years ago and the ending of this movie makes me cry especially when he flew to the rocket and utter his idol's name, "SUPERMAN".

2. Grave of the Fireflies
Ohhh...every scenes of this movie is cry-able!

3. Fox and the Hound

"Todd, you're my best friend. We'll always be best friend forever." :((((((

4. Jurassic Bark (Futurama)
The dog was named Seymour after the 'unsuccessful' delivery from Seymour Ass. LOL! Really! This is one of the most saddest (after Luck of a Fryish) Futurama series, ever!

Kleenex anyone?



  2. i had a same type of entry! cartoon yang membuatkan aku menangis. :P


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