Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swine Schwine Flu, now H1N1 (Updated)

I browsed around the net and I bumped to this funny video. Since I'll be traveling to countries that happen to have a few confirmed H1N1 cases, swine flu is now one of my top 3 searches. Yes...I am freaking out. Silly me.

Check out this article, To Travel or Not To Travel.

And also Six Good Reasons to Avoid Flu Shots.

So as a traveler, would you...

a) ...get the 'easy' way out: A flu shot?
b) it the old fashioned way: Drink plenty of water, OJs, vitamin supplements, sleep and exercise?
c) a scaredy cat?: Reschedule all your travel plans until the epidemic cools down? (like erm, next year?)

Urghh...questions in my head.

According to this particular question asked in Yahoo! Answer on "Do people traveling wear masks on the plane to avoid swine flu contamination?", the best answer actually stated that the best mask to wear is a duckbill mask.

Duckbill mask. *QUAAAACKKKK!!!*

Now that'sssss *spit* ppppperfectttttt!!!! *spit*

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