Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holiday + Melbourne + June + Winter

June 15:
Plane landed in LCCT, Sepang. Feels good after jiffy 1-week of holiday. June is not really a good time for holiday since its winter, but I was up for the challenge. Three layers of 'skin' (clothes) and it lasts me quite a long walk around the city.

Boy, I got a whole lot of stories/advice to tell you all. Too bad I can't do it all in one shot. Still a lot of pending work piling up my to-work list.

Few facts/observation for travelers (especially Malaysians) traveling to Melbourne in June/July.
  1. Even with H1N1 on the rise there, locals don't really bother wearing surgical mask here. Your choice whether to wear it or blend in. My advise, just wear it in the plane, especially from the infected countries back to your country.
  2. Keep your hands clean and away from mouth, eye and nose (MEN). Unlike Malaysia, there is not that much access to sink in restaurants. So always use hand sanitizer. Avoid using hands to scratch MEN. I use the inside of my clothes I'm wearing to scratch myself. I know its not so hygienic, but its a safer option.
  3. Don't bother bringing local food (like maggi, indo mee), especially if you're from Malaysia or Asian. If you're staying more than 2 weeks, maybe you can bring some. There are variety of food in Melbourne! Food that I managed to bring in are (safely through Australian strict custom); Ayam brand's sardines, Ibumie, Ayam brand's tuna, Maggi instant porridge, Maggi cup. I ended up eating only Maggi cup. Haha!
  4. Take advantage of City Circle. Free tram ride around the city! Taxi is expensive here.
  5. Wi-fi access is hard to get in the city. They don't go pasting on their cafe/restaurant about free wi-fi. Almost all McDonalds provide free wi-fi, so Maccas it is. Tech tips: Type Maccas in address bar.
  6. Buy winter jacket/sweater/comfortable boots from Malaysia. Don't bother buying there. Cheaper here! Its SO cold in Melbourne especially June/July. For Malaysians, malls are the shelter to keep us cool from the sunny Malaysian weather. For Melbourne, its the other way round. People go to the malls to get warm!
  7. Plenty of activities for art lovers here from Wicked musical, Salvador Dali exhibition, Nutcracker, many more! Go to to find out the latest event.
  8. Drink plenty of water. If water is not your thing, go for juice.
  9. Bring toiletries/travel kit from your country in advance. Expensive stuff here.
  10. Moisturize lips and body. The squeeze-in lipbalm compared to the finger dipping is better! No germs in contact.
Hmm...that's all I can think of now. To those who will be traveling to Melbourne, have a safe journey and don't answer "I'm doing great!!!" the locals when they ask you "How are you doing?". It's just their way of saying "Hello". LOL!

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