Friday, June 26, 2009

Where is the pressurized oxygen chamber when you need it?

I just watched Michael Jackson's oxygen chamber Nat Inquirer's stunt in E! yesterday. MJ likes the bizzare headlines in tabloids. Today comes the tragic 'Prince is Dead' headlines. Unlike the previous stunts, this one is the truth.

Or it isn't...? Hmm?

Yesterday, MJ was nothing but bizarre news be it his plastic surgery blunder, the baby drop stunts, the court case on child molestation, the day when he wed the King's daughter and a lot more to be listed here. No one would ever remember him for his glorious 'Thriller' years or the time when he 'Moon Walk' and shook the world.

That was until today.

Facebook mini feed is flooded with tribute message update on Michael Jackson's death. 'RIP MJ' or the combo tribute to Farah Fawcett or quote from his music.

Star got famous. People love Star. Time passed. Star got humiliated. Star died. Star got famous.
Cruel cycle of iconic legends. Does happen to the King of Rock n Roll too, don't you think?

Michael, your music will always moonwalk in my heart and it has always been that way.

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