Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who does that? Only Freddy Rodriguez.

He is one heck of an guy/actor. Freddy Rodriguez. I know most of Getty (Betty/Gio) fans would agree with me. My guilty pleasure - TV time with my linty throws and watch Ugly Betty.

I never liked Betty first and second boyfriend, Walter and Henry. They're just plain boring and predictable but when Giovanni Rossi played by the kid-faced Freddy Rodriguez enter Betty's life, my heart raced from 0-100 beat per second. Ok, now that's an odd expression.

What makes Freddy Rodriguez SO irresistible? Guys, watch and learn.

1. He would put on his piercing eye look. From a glance it looks like an angry look, but that's his signature passionate look.

2. When he gaze at a girl, he has this 3-5 secs rule. He would fix his eye on that girl and pretend that no one else exist. Mano y mujer (man to woman). During this duration, that gaze tells SO much how much a guy falls in love with that person. Is he in pain? Is he lost? NO, HE IS IN LOVE!

3. Now comes to the romantic part. The kiss. Besos! Quanto besos! LOL! Since Freddy is a Puerto Rican descent, a hint of espanol is must. You know I never actually get the "you're the air that I breathe" thing in the lyrics of most love songs. But heck, he would kiss/breathe that special lady as if she's an oxygen tank. REALLY!

OMG! And here is Matt...the new guy, played by Danied Eric Gold. I like him cos he reminds me of Josh Groban. My vote for Matt, but Giovanni Rossi gotta stay!


  1. Thanks so much for posting that video. honestly Freddy Rodriguez did a wonderful job as Gio Rossi in Ugly Betty. Everytime he was on scene you couldn't help love him or hate him or be amused by his clever remarks and the witty banter with the leading lady.
    I see you are liking the new character Matt.
    But I second you: Giovanni Rossi MUST STAY in the show. I miss him so much these days.

    By the way, that video is part of a poll in

  2. Thanks Beatrice for dropping by. I've been a fan of your vids in YouTube since you have a lot of UB best collection there. You did a super good job there! Kudos!!!

  3. OMGG whatever you said was totally true.. i had the same feeling: 0-100 beat per minute!! :) he's mega gorgeous .. i fall in love with him everytime he talks in spanish.. even thought i don't understand it (i really wish i could)....
    *SIGGHH* he's amazing.

  4. Yeaahhhh! Totally! I wish I could explain it to my friends how gorgeous he can get, but one need to watch his show/movies to get it.

    Oh Freddyyyyy


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