Monday, July 27, 2009

Another tribute to Yasmin Ahmad.

Roze Boomerang's April Header Tribute to Talentime, American Idol and Jamiroquai.

25 July 2009 marks another sombre day for Malaysians. A genuine Malaysian filmmaker/storyteller who bravely crafted simple notions for the 'blinds', the 'mutes' and the 'oblivious'. She made us see, feel and think the impossible and the unthinkable.

Her great masterpiece (movies and commercials): Talentime, Mukhsin, Sepet, local tv ads and even international ads for Singapore.

IMHO, Yasmin Ahmad redefines the meaning of Malaysian better than any politicians or the erm, infamous Filem Negara Malaysia.

Just a few months back, in late March, our path crossed for the first time. We acquainted in Singapore's airport terminal, both heading back home from work. Being Yasmin Ahmad, she welcomes any strangers alike and treat them like old friends, in this case, it was me and my friend. "Oooh, jom I belanja sushi!!!" (in English, let me treat you with sushi) That was her first reaction when we introduced ourselves as fellow Malaysians. Well, not until she discovered her favorite dish was not in the menu. We turned to Starbucks instead. LOL!

We talked, she showed us her freshly produced Singapore ad, we exchanged opinions, was quite an experience, I'd say. Just like little chickens, we pretty much tailed her around to the airplane until we reached Air Asia terminal in LCCT. She even dubbed us "anak-anak saya" to her fellow colleagues.

We met the next following day, during her premier show, Talentime. I was in awe seeing the guests that night varies to not only the Malays, but the Chinese, Indians...well, basically Malaysians. Well, it explains like any other Yasmin Ahmad's movies, 'Talentime' is not a Malay movie, it is a Malaysian movie.

Before the movie starts, we get to say our hellos and exchanged hugs. We even get to meet her husband, Abdullah. So that was the last time I met her.

Kak Yasmin, you have inspired a lot of minds and hearts of Malaysians. It is OUR turn to return the favor to you for this is just the beginning and not goodbye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 of July 2009

16 of July...the day when I missed the premier of Harry Potter's Half Blood Prince.

...and how about a retail therapy at Ikea's? If only the store is just a walk away...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

That Awesome M Night Shyamalan's movie!

We're not talking about that ghost or the lady in the lake or swimming pool, we're talking about that one awesome cartoon show that will turned to a real life movie!

*AAAACCCCCKK!* Its the LAST AIRBENDER MOVIE!, countdown to July 2, 2010. Sigh...
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