Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travel to-bring Check List to Japan

My next travel will be in less than 3 weeks time. I am going to Japan this September. Word has it, its gonna be autumn soon. Excellent. More reason to go to Kyoto.

Here is my to-bring list for 3 weeks travel. I hope this will help any travelers who wants a sneak peek on what needs to be in the luggage/backpack.

1. Toiletries
- Compact toothbrush
- facial stuff (cleanser, toner, moisturiser)
- body lotion/cream: for the chilly weather. I use cream cos it sticks more on cold weather.
- dental floss (very versatile tool to tie stuff and can be alternative for luggage lock)

*If you're bringing your own toiletries, its better to bring it in small amount. I do this cos I always take the hotel shampoos, goodies as sounvenirs.

2. Medicine
- Chik kit tek aun/diarrhea pills
- Panadol/Paracetamol (satu papan)
- Vitamin C or any forms of immune boosting pills
- Vicks/Tiger balm/Cap kapak or any soothing balm/ointment
- Alucid tablet: gastric pain, hyperacidity, flatuence and heartburn
- Antihistamin pills like Clarinase

3. Wardrobe
- One formal wear for special occasion
- Jacket: Not too thick, not too thin (1)
- Undies
- Sleeping: Long johns or any comfortable long sleeve
- Towel* (if you want to bring one, bring a thin one. Easy storage and quick dry)
- Casual and semi-casual wear
- Socks

4. Shoes

- Formal shoes (the ones that doesn't take up space)
- Tough, versatile shoes: Sneakers/Boots, etc
- Casual shoes: Sandals

5. Make-ups (for ladies) and erm, metro-guys. I need to look good in Japan, okay?
- Eye: eye shadows, mascara, eyelash curler, eyeliner
- Face: Concealer, liquid foundation, powder, make up remover
- Lip: Lipbalm, lipcolor, liner
- Tool: Brushes, sponges, cotton bud/pads

6. Necessities (to bring around most time esp during flight)
- Lipbalm/petroleum based lip protection
- Surgical mask (if don't want to freak ppl out, wear the deco version)
- Perfume/cologne (all the liquid, pls make sure less than 100ml and place in clear, see through baggy)
- Hand sanitizer; Dettol (kills bacteria), Softaman (kills bacteria and viruses). Can be found in Caring Pharmacy.
- Travel kit*: Blanket, eye patch and inflatable pillow.
- Book (compact size book is better)
- Tissue (lots of them!!!!) Bring also wet tissue for extra erm, coverage
- Japan phrase book
- Guide maps
- PEN: Better bring your own. More hygienic than using public pen.
- Identification: Passport, Identification card

7. Miscellaneous
- Plastics (dirty laundry and to separate shoes)
- Carry bag (good for shopping)
- Small padlock (for luggage/lockers with no locks for added security)

8. Souvenirs from home (I'm meeting some friends there)

9. Electronics
- Phones
- Music player
- Camera
- Thumbrive/memory card (to share and transfer stuff)
- Laptop (optional)

10. Extra expenses
- Yen money (pls budget your spending)
- RM for later use
- Credit card (just in case)
- Student card for added priveledge (damn, I lost mine).

*Clear up your wallet. Keep all the receipts and local privilege cards.

11. Food
- Mints (candy, chewing gum)
- Sweet (candy, chocolates)
- Energy bar (muesli, quaker bar, snickers)
- Instant, packaged food (mee, serunding, soup) IMPORTANT to those yg kempunan and better sahur.

12. Memories
- Bring autograph book or any blank note book. Old fashioned but effective. Good for sketching too!

Well, that's it so far. I'll keep updating this list from time to time. I think I might need to refer to this soon.

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  1. have a safe trip to Japan... and most importantly is to have fun fun fun!

  2. Thank you thank you or should I say Arigatou!

    Still scratching head, googling, asking inquiries in forums and also bought a couple of 'tourist' books for Japan. LOL!

  3. oooooohhhh japan!!!
    i went there last july and it was awesome :)) u gonna have loads of fun.

  4. how to apply visa?? take a long time or not???

  5. That depends. If I'm not mistaken, it will take 1-2weeks for it to processed. But the hardest part is the requirements;

    - Bank statement: You need to have more than RM5000 (or was it RM3000?) in your account, print the statement get the bank verified. Do check on the amount by calling the embassy

    - Itinerary: This can be a crack in the head, but not to worry much on this. They just need a brief on this.

    You can process you visa by going straight to the embassy or through travel agency.

    This is the must view place for Malaysians going to Japan. VERY useful info.

    For more info on the visa, go here

    Good luck! :D I need to make mine soon for my next year visit.

  6. This is from Lowyat.NET forum. It's RM6000, sorry. And yes, if you are tied under PTPTN and have been blacklisted, please clear it. True story, my friend's friend didn't make it to Japan only because of this.

    Visa Application
    Q : I am a student. How much do I need to have in my bank account for visa application?
    A : Depends on length of stay. Usually, for holiday <7 Nights, RM6,000min.(applicants must have a bank statement copy, verified and certified by the bank!) with confirmed flight ticket and hotel reservation is sufficient. Refer to MY Japan embassy to confirm.

  7. We should go for a yoga class or outing one of these days. Also, we should use travel friendly and high-quality yoga bag to carry your stuffs well.


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