Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Disney meets Marvel...

Blimey, Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion!!!

Others might see it as an apocalypse when Hannah Montana and squeaky Mickey Mouse clashes in to the world of grimy Wolverine and web swinging Spidey!

Just my 2 cents, Marvel is excellent on print, but on screen? Not so much.

Let's do a wee bit of review shall we?

Erm, well..first of all, exhibit A: Jem, a Marvel production cartoon series. Ok, not a good example but its still from Marvel.

Exhibit B: X-Men 90's animated series. It's old school with awesome characters and storyline, but animation wise, nothing compares to Disney's.

Exhibit C: Don't get me talking about this one for Fantastic Four. I like my anime on Japanese cartoons, not otherwise.

Exhibit D: Now. Wolverine and the X-Men. I watched the first 5 episodes of this and its definitely an improved version of the 90's series. But some fans dislike this series cos of the storyline changes with Wolverine being in the spotlight and the so-called leader instead of Cyclops.

It's just a matter of time till some big animation house come to rescue Mr Stan Lee. Thankfully, I'm kinda glad its Disney. Marvel has the substance but lack of tools and technology to make it big on animated screen.

Why am I being so positive about this? Of course, this is purely because I have seen a miracle. A miracle from Mr Walt Disney himself transforming one famous artist's masterpiece to life. And in Mr Disney's language, is his power to animate.

Presenting, Destino. A collaboration work of Salvador Dali, world class Surrealist and Walt E. Disney, well...you know who he is :). I'll talk further about my trip to Salvador Dali's NGV exhibition soon.

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