Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oren's Road to Recovery...

I'm sickie!!! AaaAaaaAAAaaa...

One of my cats, Oren was diagnosed with Urolith or Bladder Stone a few days ago. This is quite common problem for cats, especially male cats. My mother brought him to vet when she discovered blood in his urine.

I adopted Oren a couple of years ago when I found him with a 'cast' on his right paw. Earlier, he was a stray with perfect 4 legs and fed him on daily basis. He has a laid-back personality and loves to get cosy, pretty much everywhere I found him. On chairs, floors...everywhere! Since his accident, he wasn't be able to use his right paw due to the tearing of his nerve. Looking back at his health history, Oren had jaundice (yellow fever) last year. Ah, yes, cats too can get Jaundice. It was a groundhog's day for me cos my 9 year old cat Belang died of this disease in 2006. Thank god, Oren recovered a few weeks later.

Watch this video to decide to adopt a cat or a kitten.

Getting A Cat:
Getting A Cat: How To Choose Between A Kitten And An Adult Cat

I wasn't around to monitor his whereabouts, food and stool routine since he stayed at my parents. Being allergic to cats myself, my fortnights visits are never without sniffles, wheezing and sneezes. But what to do, I love cats to death! One just need to adjust to it; get lint roller, restrict from holding cats close to the face and ALWAYS wash your hands afterwards. Remember it's not the fur that people allergic to, its the saliva.

Back to his current situation with Bladder Stone, since Oren only has a mild case of it (thank God), the vet prescribed him with over the counter prescriptions: antibiotics, Nefrotec (Urinary Antiseptic, Antilithic and Diuretic) and Bladder Strength chewable tablets. How can vets tell whether its a mild or severe case? Some bladder stones can be palpated (felt with the fingers) through the abdominal wall. " Failure to palpate them does not rule them out because many are too small to be detected in this manner." Pawprints and Furr.Inc

Meds, meds, meds!

Plenty of water is necessary to dilute the 'stones'.

As for his food, Oren is taking Royal Canin's Urinary SO (bought at RM65).

Just a note-to self and those who own cat(s) who suffered from IFLUTD. I opted for home care for his treatment.

Article taken at Cornell Feline Health Center, Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, New York)

Home care of cats who have suffered from lower urinary tract disease is determined by the cause, and varies depending on the cat's condition and history. Usually dietary recommendations will be made, especially if struvite formation is of concern. Current feeding recommendations for the prevention of struvite urolith formation are as follows:
  1. Feed diets that promote the formation of urine that is acidic. Most commercial diets currently available meet this criteria. Avoid supplementing such diets with additional urinary acidifiers, because over-acidification can cause metabolic acidosis, impaired kidney function, and mineral imbalance.
  2. Restrict dietary magnesium intake to 40 milligrams per 100 kilocalories if acidic urine (pH of 6.4 or less) is maintained. Again, most commercial diets meet this criteria.
  3. Feed small meals on a frequent basis or feed free-choice dry foods.
  4. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.
  5. Provide an adequate number of litter boxes (usually one more than the number of cats in the household), and keep them clean.


  1. it's also the protein in the dander (sort like cat dandruff.. skin flakes from their skin under the fur) that makes one allergic and exhibit all the allergy symptom :) I took anti-histamines to counter my allergic symptoms just so I can smush my face into their fur! hehe

  2. Oh wow, that really actually works eh? Would definitely give that a try soon. I also heard that you can get it in a shot. Hmmm...

  3. yeaps it really works :) The thing is that I've always had allergy rhinitis (i get hay fever at the slightest whiff of allergens - dust, pollen, and oh god, CAT DANDER) but have never been diagnosed for it. So I went to Subang Specialist centre to get myself checked out - and the once diagnosed - the doctor gave me an anti-histamine called Xyzal (it's a small pill u take everyday, or when u think u'll be facing lots of allergen :i.e just before spring cleaning XD). So far so good - not itchiness, or sneezing bouts and I can totally hug my cat to bits :3

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