Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wardrobe Preparation for Wintery Seoul

Prepping for Winter Sonata!...I think I'm over prepared..

Black puffer down jacket, ONLY brand @F.O.S: RM 169.90
Purple fluffly scarf @Sox World: RM 24.90
Purple with black polka dot micro fleece top@Uniqlo: RM59.90
Black & white stripe acrylic leggings @Forever 21: It costs around RM40-70.
Black tutu skirt: I forgot where I bought this, but it's not more than RM30

To me, traveling and fashion must go together if you want to have memorable photos during your vacation. I learn it the hard way when I was photographed recently with a blah outfit and out of bed look in Hong Kong. My photos turns out to be so bad (to me), I just have to look away.

As of today, I am just one month away to my winter Seoul vacation and I need to be a little more prepared since the temperature there will definitely hit below 0 degrees. My last buy on winter gear was 9 years ago, for Hokkaido. I definitely need something new. I basically need;
  • Down Jacket
  • Long John
  • Hand glove.
  • Scarf and sweater hat.
  • Face mask. (To moisture and warm up your nostril and lips)
  • Lip balm and moisturiser lotion.
  • Shoes with leather sole
  • Sunglasses if go Ski resort.

A foldable postcard with useful winter travel guides from Winter Time. Excellent!

So with so much buzz on Uniqlo located at Fahrenheit 88, I just have to find out myself what is it with this Japanese brand that makes people go ga-ga on it.

Tell you the truth, after spending almost an hour in Uniqlo, the price is just so-so to me. Like what a friend told me, Uniqlo is like an expensive Giordano. The price is not that cheap nor it's expensive if you want to compare it to other local winter clothing stores. I end up buying the thermal Heat tech long john which costs me RM59.90, a micro fleece top (in the pic) and a set of slacks for sleep at RM79.90 (not proud of this particular buy).

Here's my 2 cents on Uniqlo:

1) Thermal undergarments - heat tech top long sleeve. Bottom pants sold out already: RM59.90
2) Fleece jacket: RM79.90. Still so-so on the price.


1) Down jacket: If you think RM299 is a bargain, then this might be a bargain for you. Otherwise, FOS has more trendy and cheaper option. You can even found GAP stuff here too.
2) Accessories: Wool hats, leg warmers, ear warmers...just plain boring and expensive. Go to Forever 21 or SoxWorld much cheaper and lots of choices.

After Uniqlo, I decided to give Sungei Wang one last try and I found quite a lot of bargain items one would never expect to get for winter gears. At F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store), I found a few interesting down jacket selling as cheap as RM169.90 (below). They also have selections from GAP selling for RM190. Normal down jackets typically costs RM200 and above.


So how does all the items above would look like on me? While googling on winter wears, I stumble upon this cool website called Couturious and decide to visualize my look by matching it up with my look-alike wardrobe and the result is this! :D

Rock Your Seoul!
How's this lookin'? Okay, the stripe might look a bit extreme.

For 4 days trip in Seoul, I will only bring two pairs of outfit since Seoul is pretty much the hub of fashion, I might as well buy most of my clothes there anyway.

How do you prepare for winter this time around? Do share it here :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Roze Met Burt's Bees

My pilot self treat that earns me Burt's Bees membership!

I first discovered Burt's Bees tucked in the hidden corner of Garden's Midvalley, next to Cold Storage. It was all woody, yellowish and very inviting. I was with my girl friends at that time, and intuitively we have to come in...:D

Oh dear, I've pretty much sampled everything there, and OMG, I just LOVE the yummy, all-natural scent of Burt's. It's like going to a vanilla, honey, milky, land! The prices are a little bit more expensive than The Body Shop, but not as steep as Origins or Crabtree (I've never bought anything from these two anyway, haha!). I left the shop with nothing, only the sample testers that left me drooling for weeks to come.

Like any girly scrooge out there, I did my research on Burt's. It's a USA company established in the mid 80's, selling beeswax candles and eventually selling natural, earth friendly personal care ingredients that drools millions including me. If you noticed on most of their products, they are really striving for the natural ingredients percentage - most of their products are 100% natural and some are 90-ish%, thumbs up Burt!

So after a few weeks of waiting, I finally ripped open my wallet and did my super quickie shopping here (I was rushing for my dinner). In order to get the membership, I need to spend RM200 above. The awesome thing about the membership is that you'll earn 10% off for your purchase (not inclusive of promotional items). *And even if you're not a member, you'll get 20% off for bringing empty containers from Burt's on every 31st of the month. SUPER!

Here are the reviews. Take note of the * ratings :)

Too bad at that time, they're running out of body butter, so I bought Burt's Honey and Milk Lotion instead. It's quite light for my likings (I like my lotion thick), but I adore the smell. The moisture stays on my body even after 12 hours and it's not sticky on your body, whichis a plus for some people. I've been using this every morning to work - great substitute to my perfume. But unfortunately the smell doesn't last the whole day. Price: RM56.80 ****

My super personal favorite - Burt's Bees Beeswas & Banana Hand Creme. I came back for this again cos it smells like banana taffy candy! The texture is quite thick, almost like lipbalm feel. I used this for my elbows and hands. You can also use it on your knees and feet. And guess what!? It's 100% natural! Price: RM 56.80 ***** (yes! I love this!)

When I bought this, I didn't have the time to sample the lipbalm cos I was rushing for time. I took this primarily cos of my attachment to 'Passion Fruit'. I love passion fruit. The smell however didn't much resembles this fruit, instead it smells very tutti fruit or more like cotton candy bubble gum. The smell still rocks by the way. But the downside of this is that the texture is 'hard' and it doesn't glide easily on your lips. Also, it leaves a little white-ish residue on your lips instead of polishing it. Please sample on this first before buying it. However, they do have an award winning lipbalm, which is not this one. This Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lipbalm SPF 8 is selling for RM25.80. ***

Last but not least, Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment. This stuff is selling like hot cakes cos it runs out easily in the store. They have two types of serum/oil like acne treatment; one is a blemish sticks and another one is this. The sales person recommend me of using this because it works on existing 'blooming' pimples. Unlike The Body Shop tea tree that only useful for early sign of acne, this works like wonders on my big pimples. My big pimples did shrink overnight, but of course not entirely.

The downside of spills easily!!! It's not really oil based, it dries out from your finger very fast. For any serum or oil application, I always use the back of my hand or fingers before applying it to my face, but this one dries out like water in sahara! So I have to really quickly dab it on my face from my fingers. Hence within two weeks, this small 7.5 ml bottle was half empty. I just have to look at it on the bright side since I can bring the empty bottle back and earn more discount for my next purchase :D

Price: RM 62.80 (which is almost twice the price from TBS Tea Tree Oil) ****

How much does these stuff costs me? The magic number is RM202.20!

I really recommend everyone out there to sample out these stuff first. The price is a little steep but its worth every ringgit because it's made from yummy, natural ingredients, which won't do much damage on your face or skin. My advice, sample the stuff first, go back home and do the research. If you dream about it, then you can buy it :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Hong Kong Halloween Weekend

Halloweeners in Lan Kwai Fong

It was one heck of a Halloweekend, last October. The picture above says it all.

This was my pilot trip to Hong Kong and I came here primarily to visit, shop and spend a nifty Halloween. Before coming here, I've had a few months of shopping diet, meaning that I stop buying nice clothes for almost half a year just to be able to spend money in here. LOL!
My shopping style: Buy things that I need (I have to-buy list), unbelievably affordable and stylish at the same time.

I rarely go for high fashion brands, but if you do, then you will love Hong Kong. It's tax free here and you get stuff here cheaper than any other countries in the world. On my way back in the airport, I saw a lot of tourists carrying shopping bags from Louis Vuitton, H&M, Bvlgari, Juicy Couture, you name it!

Below is how much I spent while I'm in Hong Kong for 3 days and 2 nights:

Hostel at Hop Inn: RM 210 for 2 nights
Flight ticket: RM116 return (seriously yes, it was bought during AirAsia sale!!! :D )
Transportation + Shopping + Food: RM1000 cash = HK$ 2513


If you travel here in a group, then of course your expenditure will decreased as you can share accommodation, transportation and even your meals with your travel buddies.

Speaking of transportation and meals, the first thing you need to get in Hong Kong is none other than OCTOPUS CARD! This is basically the awesome and smartest card here that you can use for all things; trains, bus, taxi, 7 eleven, pharmacy (like Watson), cake shop...everything here! It's not like your usual touch n go card. Almost every stores and transportation using this system and you can practically go around the city using this card. Just make sure you have enough value in your card.

Octopus Card in New York Fries restaurant

Where to get Octopus Card or top up value?

1. If you're at the airport, find Airport Express booth and you can purchase the card for HK$150; $50 will be returned as deposit and the remaining $100 is the value of your card.

2. MTR station

3. 7 Eleven store

For next post, I will be telling you all the places I have covered for my quick 3 days trip, shopping items and of course the highlights on Halloween! :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dressing well with Trinny and Susannah

Fashion Guru: Trinny and Susannah

I recently watched this new, unknown British channel in Astro GRA (Granada) 735 and was thrilled to see a show from Trinny and Susannah.

I was first introduced to these duo when they were featured in Oprah. How should I describe them? They're like Simon Cowell of fashion! But they're not just all about throwing critiques like what Fashion Police does, most importantly they teach women how to dress correctly!

They believe that all women are blessed with all shapes and sizes and it's all the matter of wearing the right outfit to compliment them.

I can so relate to this. I remember one time when I wore my loose dress, which I thought wasn't that bad on me (in front of a mirror). Later, I was once shocked to see in my friend's pictures that I look like a stick in the dress from side ways. No way I'm wearing that dress again!

So how can we identify our shapes? T&S have created 10 possible shapes and there are;

  1. Apple
  2. Hour Glass
  3. Pear
  4. Brick
  5. Goblet
  6. Cello
  7. Cornet
  8. Lollipop
  9. Column
  10. Bell
Photos taken from of Mail Online

So what shapes are you? Mine is a Cornet, lol!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15


Remember my old post on Bobbi Brown Oil Free Finish? I bought a new one a few months ago and it gave me pimples :(( I wasn't about to give up on Bobbi yet after that incident cos for the fact that my face change from dry to oily skin within a year. So...I decided to give the one for oily skin - Natural Finish Long Lasting.

Did I immediately buy the RM160 foundation? NO. When you buy foundation this expensive, you need research, girl! It's not that hard, just type in the name of the product and you'll be amaze on how many articles and video reviews you can find.

Every months or so, I will be a victim of breakouts and pimples and I am REALLY looking for that one foundation that will at least reduce the shine and won't cause me extra pimples. I live in all-summer country btw. I was googling here and found a product called Bare Minerals, but after a few research, I found it a little impossible to get it here in Malaysia and it's a no-no to buy foundation online. Better to do it in-store so you'll get the right shades for your skin.

There are two awesome features in Bobbi Brown website that I want to share with you.
  1. Star ratings and reviews
  2. Live Chat with an Artist
The user reviews really helped a lot of making decision cos it compiles a lot of useful info and the skin profile of the users.

Last but not least, the live chat function. Bare in mind, the artists follow USA time. Here are their operation time: Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm (EST) Sunday 11am - 7pm (EST)

I was awake at god knows 3 0r 4am in the morning, then I thought, why not have a chat with Bobbi's Artist? For awhile, I thought I was chatting with a bot. Am I?

After a few mins of questions, I received the chat transcript in my email. How cool is that?

This is how my old and new bottle look like together.
They are both 30ml despite the height and width differences. My old bottle (oil free foundation) looks bigger cos the glass base at the bottom does the trick.

The shades between my old and new bottle are totally different. I was using 4.5 (warm natural) for the oil free foundation but with the new, Natural Long Lasting Finish it's 5.5 (warm honey), which 1.5 shades darker.

Before and after difference. (one layer of foundation without powder or concealer)
For office wear, I like to wear my foundation by itself and top it up with my bronzer+blusher. If there's special occasion, I'll bulk it up with powder.

What I love about this particular BB product is that it's so light on my face and smells like lotion (which I totally adore). And no, no pimples this time! Yay!!! If you are looking for a total coverage, then do opt for their concealer, not this. A pro makeup artist once told me that a good makeup does not conceal, but it functions as an enhancer. Thus, foundation works to even up the uneven skin tones, patches, blemishes, etc.

I remember a lot of users gave a few similar feedbacks and one of them is the 'dewy + glowy' effect and trust me, I believe them! I feel that this foundation gives me the extra glow in my face and does reduce the extra oil on my face, but not entirely. I still have a bit of oil, but at the right places - my cheeks and such. And it doesn't dry either.


So here are my summary;

- This is non-comodogenic, means it does not cause whiteheads or blackheads.
- If you want a foundation that gives a natural glow and hey, you-don't-look-like-you're-wearing-makeup, then this is your baby! :D
- Before using the foundation, make sure your face is primed or hydrated for smoother application.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paint the Malayan Tiger!

It's pitiful to know that these adorable Malayan tigers is categorized as an endangered sub-species. Fact has it that there are only 500 of them left in Malaysia and Thailand and for human sake, the number could be reducing day by day as we speak.

We humans are lucky. Not only we can think, speak and move mountains, we also kill to live. We kill living things, those who can't speak and defend themselves just for the sake of money, furry fashion and maybe just as 'small' as being able live in a house.

So, what about them? Sure, tigers are wild and dangerous to human society and if you see them walking around your neighborhood, I'm sure most of us would say, "Hey, that tiger could have escaped from zoo or some forest nearby?"

If that tiger can speak in human language, he would say "Hey, you destroy the forests and build your houses there, so where do you reckon I live? I can't be your cat; you could be my dinner. If I happen to roam around your area, chances that I could be shot! So where's my living rights? My lawyers?"

Flash mob from WWF-Malaysia 'Freeze Tiger Trade'
Picture from WWF

While others would gather around, dance to be seen and heard, what would artists like you and me would do to express our concern on this matter?

Maybank is organizing a painting competition for young contemporary artists and painters aged 18-35 years old. All you have to do is submit a 2D artwork of your artistic interpretations of 'Expressions of the Malayan Tiger'.

To download a form and view the terms and condition, save this link or go here or view the page here

What are you waiting for? Grab a sketch pad, canvas, brushes, paints, etc and go wild your thoughts! Let your hearts and mind be seen and felt :)

Oh wait, have I told you that the deadline is by the end of this month, 29 October? :O

P.S: I am hoping for miracle of time to work on this artwork, I really do.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Cupcake from Cupcake Chic

September was the craziest, but most exciting month of the year for me (you can see by my lack of blog updates). And part of the excitement was when I get to plan a wedding reception for a very cute couple. The wedding theme was "Midsummer Night's Dream".

For those of you who haven't watched this movie (including yours truly), this is a comedy based from William Shakespeare's play featured ensemble casts like Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart and the list goes on! All the magical and quirky elements of fairies, goddesses, donkey all rolled up into.

Oops, back to the cupcake, after a long search on the best cupcake for this event, I finally found a perfect place to go to - Cupcake Chic. My aim is to have the most classic, simple, good value and tastes good of course! Cupcake Chic happens to fit my budget perfectly. RM 3.60 for 100 pcs of cupcakes and they also provide acrylic tier rental.

My draft sketch for the cupcakes. Yes, it's custom made by request!

Whether you're an artist or not, get a piece of paper or just use any paint program, and sketch out your ideas and see how the shape, colors, textures and decor could compliment one another. You don't want to have a crowded looking cake piece, therefore it's best to find a focal point of attraction in the arrangement.

One of the best way to convey your ideas is to get your reference online or even from a piece of brochures or magazines.

Key in your keywords as specific as you can when looking for reference online. Example: 'yellow white cupcakes butterfly nature'. You'll be surprised to find out a lot of useful photos in the online world. Thank you, online contributors! :D

My steps to ordering Cupcake Chic cupcakes;
  1. E-mail your requirements, date of delivery and etc to
  2. Follow up by calling at 03 7726 9075.
  3. Meet the rep in person, clarify your cupcake designs (how you want it, the color scheme), the flavors, the prices and method of delivery. The flavors will depend on the day of your cupcake collection since the shop has a fixed flavors for everyday. You can view their wedding cupcake photo gallery here.
  4. Collect or have your cupcakes delivered. Extra RM50 will be charged for delivery within Klang Valley.

At first, I was worried that my cupcakes selection will look too boring cos I didn't choose the bright looking colors, but the lady from Cupcake Chic assured me that it's all about the arrangement and decor. And yes, she was right indeed! :D

Add fresh flowers, twinkle lights, bling blings and some green and you're good to go! The key is simplicity. It's best to stick to the theme color of the event and let the decor compliment the cupcakes.

Cupcake Chic has three branches; The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and Pavillion. The customer service is super excellent. Their rep was friendly and attentive to all my requirements. The guests loved the cupcakes. With that I put them in my 5 stars list! :)

My article was featured in Wedding Guide Asia last December, under How to Choose Your Cupcakes.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video to Watch: My Skin Care Tips & Routine

I found this great video tips from GlossGloss that I personally want to share with all of you. Update news: Her video collection has recently been removed. Early this year, I have struggled with really bad breakouts and after a few episodes of product testing, lifestyle change, etc, I came to realization that hygiene also plays a very important part to acne-free life.

Her keypoints are;
1. Keep your mobile clean!
2. Drink a lot of liquids- stay hydrated!
3. Wash your pillow case more often.
4. Don't use products that are too harsh for your skin. Use products to suit your skin type!

Really good advice, especially keeping your mobile phone clean. That is something that everyone use in daily life that we took for granted. After watching this video, I make sure my silicone cover mobile phone clean all the time.

P.S: I love her British accent and she's hot! Reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones and a bit of Kate Beckinsale, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eco Pasar Malam Shopping!

After a few unplanned trips to pasar malam (Malaysian wet market that sells food and drinks), I totally feel guilty for 'breeding' more deep pink plastics and styrofoam. These stuff definitely will take hundred of years to biodegrade or if not, would do harm to other living things when it ends up in...god knows where :( I'm sorry Mr Turtle, that's not jelly fish!

This post might prove useful during the fasting month of Ramadhan in Malaysia last August-early Sept, but since pasar malam is a weekly thing here, I very much think that everyone should start saying NO to these eco-enemies;
  1. Deep pink or orange plastic bag
  2. Cheap un-recyclable Styrofoam
  3. Plastic spoon and fork
  4. Plastic cups and straw
I pledged myself that my 2nd week of puasa (fasting), will be a NO plasticky day. That means NO-NO to all of the '4' above. I have a few 'cool' containers of my own, most of them were from take-outs.

The black container inside was from salad takeouts and the one next to it was a huge but lightweight container I received from pizza takeouts in Singapore. I brought the containers back with me in the plane cos I thought it will be very much useful in the future and I was right.

I brought these containers to a restaurant for break of fast take outs. In fasting months, it's hard to get decent seats 30 mins before breaking time, thus its easier for one to take out instead. I would not recommend take outs on normal basis, its better to eat in = less packaging, but if that's not an option, then you need to have it on the go. But do it the right way.

I do admit that one needs to put on some thick skin bringing all the containers to restaurants or wet market, but I got to tell you that you will be highly satisfied and surprised on the amount of plastic or containers you say no to. At the end of the day, you can pat yourself for scoring 10000 points for being eco-tastic! :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Travel Guide to Ghibli Museum

Taken at the rooftop garden. This metal giant is HUUUUGE!

If I could point out the best moment during my indie travel in Tokyo, it would be visiting 'Ghibli Museum'. It's truly the best place for artists and anime lovers to date!

Having immersed myself in anime and manga at a very young age, it would kill me not to go to one of Japan's greatest animation museum. Hayao Miyazaki is the leading man behind the great animations from Spirited Away, Totoro and his latest creation, Ponyo. The cartoons often leave me smiling in glee like a 5 year old kid :)

There are a few extra steps needed in order to have a fun, smooth ride to Ghibli.

STEP 1: Getting the tickets
They don't have ticket counter sales at the museum. Thus, you need to buy tickets in advance. Period. It's a very Japanese thing of having to prepare everything in advance, I'd say. If you're living in US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Taiwan or any other parts of European countries, then you're in a luck as you can purchase tickets at your local JTB travel agencies. But if you're not from any of above, then you better get your tickets at Lawson convenience store when you're in Japan. Go here at Ghibli's Ticketing Information.

This is how a Loppi machine works.

Read this if you are buying tickets in Lawson convenience store
This is quite a funny experience for me. When I stepped in the store, I think I saw a couple of machines, I have no idea which one is the Loppi ticketing machine so I approached the counter dude for it. I mentioned the word 'Ghibli museum', and it took awhile for him to understand.

Then he exclaimed, "aaahhhh Jibuurri!" Aha, okay, so they pronounce it with 'J' instead of 'G'.

If you would like no assistance on purchasing the ticketing machine, please print the walkthrough instructions here. But then again, even with the printed instructions, I was left to wonder when stumbling upon the numerous menu in Loppi. In my opinion, it's best to get a Japanese person to help you out with this in case you mistyped your name in Japanese or worse, having to type the wrong information. It's an advantage to know your full name in Japanese 'Katakana' as they will need that for the registration. To translate your name in katakana, go to Kanjizone.

STEP 2: Travelling from Tokyo to Mitaka
You will need a few rounds of public transportation, depending where you are staying. It took me a good 2 hours for this, so you need to travel early!

From Ueno where I was staying, in summary;
1. A couple round of trains from Ueno to Mitaka
2. Reach Mitaka, find shuttle bus nearby the station
3. Arrive in Ghibli!

I LOVE google maps cos it will calculate everything according to your departure time, journey duration, traveling method (walk/train/bus) and even the cost it takes for you to travel.

The only problem with it is that it will translate the locations in Japanese. Maybe you need a round of Babelfish with that.

Let's say you're in a train station, just look for Mitaka stop. When you arrive in Mitaka, like everything that I will always do, look out for signage. I remember seeing 'Ghibli Museum' sign on top of the ceiling on my way out from the train. From here, you need to head to the shuttle bus stop which is outside the train station. Do ask around on the location of the bus stop.

You will see this yellow thingy smack right in the middle of a pavement. At first, I thought it's just a big pole, but when you look closer, it's actually a standalone ticketing machine.

You need to pay 300 yen return ticket for this. You'll get two tickets each (journey to and back)

Close up of the pasted paper

"Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation.

Ticket can be purchased only at a designated local agencies outside Japan or at Lawson convenience stores in Japan.

For more details, please contact the Ghibli Museum directly or see our website"

OMG! Cute bus! I hope they make a Totoro bus soon!

Next is to wait for the bus. It will take a good 10-15 minutes of journey from the bus station to Ghibli Museum. Once you reached the museum, you will be directed to the reception area where they'll give you an Information map and a ticket for movie screening.

The cool negative film movie tickets!

Tap detail. Located in the outdoor cafe areas.

I love every details in Ghibli Museum. The spiral staircase, the English inspired interior, the colorful tiles, that surreal Gaudi-ish feel...Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to take photographs or video when they are indoor, but you can do so while you're outdoor. I wish I have the time to sit down and sketch things out. So tips for artists: Bring a sketch book!

Does this couple cats reminds you of Grant Wood's American Gothic painting?

One needs to peel their eyes open as you often bump to some quirky hidden characters all around the compound. Also, the museum has a few movie screenings, so make sure to be alert on that.

With limited budget and time, I managed to get a vanilla ice cream for 380 yen, which is oh-so heavenly nice especially in hot weather.

If you have more time, do spend some time dining in here. When I was there, there was quite a queue for this. But I gotta tell you, its a well worth experience eating here in a green, luscious surrounding of the garden. The museum is located right in the heart of Inokashira park so not only you get one surreal, experience in Ghibli, but you can also get your whole family to enjoy a walk in a quiet, suburban park in Tokyo...away from all the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Ooh, and don't forget to splurge on Ghibli's souvenir shop

I bought Totoro plush toys and a few small characters keychains for give aways. Expensive, but well worth the price coming from the one and only Ghibli Museum Shop.

Best experience to date! I will very much visit the museum again next year, we'll see :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I got RM255 return to Seoul, South Korea!

What's that on the right hand side?

At 12.45am this morning, just like any other busy day, I would log on to my blog to check the amount of traffic for the day.

To my surprise, as I was scanning 360 of my blog, I then suddenly saw Nuffnang ad on AirAsia's new route to Seoul, South Korea promo. I immediately did my usual hunting on the dates and found the perfect date!

The cheapest rate is RM74 per person!

Now comes another tough part, convincing your travel mates for the date and the duration of the stay. Everyone has different schedule and priorities, but if you have had discussion about future travel plans with your mates, then it's all good. Remember you only need their full name (in passport) and date of birth for booking. Not to forget the check in bag. The rest can fill in later and no fees needed for that.

After taxes, food and check in luggage the grand total for 4 adults is RM1348 which equals to RM337 per person. Woohooo!!

Finally we found a great date - end of January next year, just perfect for a quick 4 days winter holiday. Looking forward to South Korea's ice skating and speed skating which happens to be their most popular winter sports. April to May is also the best time to travel there, just in time for spring.

Coincidentally, AirAsia has added one useful note in their Facebook called Bargain Hunter 101 (Survivor's Guide) which summarized well about how I got most of my promo tix from AA.

Useful info taken from their notes:

Plan your trip in advance.
Prepare a few travel plans. If Plan A doesn't work, at least you'll have back-up plans and you'll save the hassle of planning from scratch again.

Have all passengers' details at hand. I.e: Name, Address, D.O.B, passport numbers, etc...

Now that you know, click here to find when is the best time to travel to South Korea.
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