Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Between you two, I choose you...

I love eating good food and part of eating is choosing the best among the rest. So many brands out there that offer identical food. Here are some of the choices of the same old peas with different brands.

1. The Choco-pies: Marshmallow centered chocolate covered sandwich.

WINNER: Orion Choco-pie
The sandwich's texture is more fluffier than Lotte's and you can definitely savor the taste of the soft marshmallows. You can definitely taste a lot of difference between Orion's and Lotte's. If I'm not mistaken, there is a halal label for this product. I will double check on this fact during my next groceries trip.

Not so lucky: Lotte's ChocoPie
I'm a fan of this Jap's foodie especially their mochi ice cream, but for the choco pie's, not so much. In fact, it was rather upsetting to having buy this (mistakenly) cos both this and Ori on have the same red and white packaging. Unlike Orion's, the texture of this sandwich is less fluffier and that definitely makes the whole eating experience less enjoyable. Another thing, no halal label to be found.

2. Single Processed Cheese: Individual wrapped cheese?

WINNER: Bon Appetit's Australian Processed Cheese Slices
I spent my childhood years nibbling on Kraft's singles, but ever since I discovered this in the groceries, I never looked back. I was a bit skeptical on buying this reading the 100% vegetarian label. Is this cheese gonna taste like tofu or something? It all changed after I tasted it. The cheese melts in my mouth and goodness, its soft and perfect for me! I like having my cheese in room temperature before consuming it. Heaven!

Not so lucky: Kraft Singles
Quality most local Kraft's products in Malaysia that I used to love (including Toblerone), most of their dairy goods tasted lousy and having such 'cheap', less creamy texture. Last time when eating both Kraft Singles and Toblerone (white choc particularly), it melts in your mouth and there's more creamy milk taste rather than 'powdery'...

Others of similar brand but different source;

PRINGLES: I prefer buying the imported ones (the one with the printed label on the top opening) rather than the local version (with white labe on top). The local one tastes like Mr. Potato - very hard, super crunchy and you can't hardly taste or enjoy the flavor of the chips.

Whereas the imported ones (in most Cold Storage stores), still retain the thin layered crisp texture, and when you bite it, it slowly crunches to pieces, cleverly...all over your mouth. Goodness! I need to eat!

TOBLERONE: I was a Toblerone freak until they started selling the lousy 'powdery' choc quality. Try comparing the quality by buying the normal size Toblerone and find the mini fun size version! You'll'll know...

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