Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy belated New Year, y'all. Hope you all had a fun filled sparkly celebration with a jug full of resolutions. I literally spent my new year's eve chasing fireworks around KL. It was a "meh".

2010 got me in a wrong...face, pretty much. It gives me PIMPLES, ACNE, ZITS...whatever you call it. I usually have an occasional t-zone, but OMG, ever since my visit to Leonard Drake in MidValley, KL, my pimples have migrated from forehead to my cheeks, which is quite rare especially when it comes with sets of twins...triplets at once.

Last week I had my first facial treatment at Yves Rocher, Sunway Pyramid. It was a leap of faith coming here, having no reviews on the treatment from friends nor the internet. Couldn't find any local reviews online! I actually wanted to go here with my friend but they don't have an empty slot for the whole weekend. Must be quite popular, I thought.

Price list on services @ Yves Rocher

Moment of truth. As I stepped inside the bright white store, I was attended by one of their aesthetician, Kak Siti. With my skin condition, I opted for the facial Botanical Intensive Treatment (Ultra Matte: For oily/combination skin). It is priced for RM165, but after member's discount, I got it at RM132. Kak Siti gave me quite a lot of good tips on facial care and she pretty much knows her stuff! Unlike others I've been to, they just explain on what's been put on my face and more $$$. The extraction didn't hurt that much, she was pretty gentle and get the job done. Two of my ugly pimples have now recovered thanks to her.

My face feels so clean and smooth after rituals on washing, scrubbing, steaming, antiseptic (using a glide machine) , extracting and lastly the heavenly mask! Wait...there's also shoulder massage at the end for like, 5 mins?

All in all, I'd say it's the best, modest facial treatment I've been to so far.

You only need to purchase any of their products (as cheap as RM7.50) to become members and receive discounts of their service and products. LOVELY!

Summaries on facial treatment I've been to:

Yves Rocher
High recommended for cheapo minded but wants a decent facial such as moi. Definitely a pampering experience and I love the smell of their products, natural and fresh! And you gotta love their icy cooling mask! It was thick-skin like and feels so heavenly cool on the face. A very good ending to a wonderful facial experience. Good value for money too. 10% for members! I definitely coming back again, next month we'll see.

Star rating: 4.5/5

Unisense Slimming Centre near Bukit Raja, Shah Alam
It was okay. I went here with a friend for a discounted price. Extraction is okay, not painful. A bit pushy on buying their products. I bought this one perfecting gel serum from Monreo, which kinda works but a bit pricey (more than RM100). I'm sure their specialty is more on slimming regime, not much on facial.

Star rating: 3.5/5

Leonard Drake, Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
I went here with my friend, who's a guy. I received a RM100 voucher and it only valid for treatment RM160 and above. My friend has a sensitive skin, so he opted for RM190 intensive treatment. Mixed reviews between me and my friend.

My friend: Painful extraction but good results on the face 2 weeks later.
Me: Painful extraction and painful ending. I don't have a sensitive skin, but they did quite a few damage on my forehead.

All in all, it was quite pricey for a first timer. Mine cost RM120 for a session. They called me and my friend the following week, just to follow up on the results of our face, which I think its sweet of them...but when I mentioned I got a few break-outs, they just replied "it's normal". :p

Star rating: 2.5 stars

Lancome Beauty Institute, Bangsar Village II
I went here two weeks after my Yves Rocher visit. Due to my project location and excellent reviews online such as this and this and this, I went here expecting what the reviewers been through. It was definitely the state of art/technology, I'd say one notch higher than Leonard Drake, with all the facial scanner that was able to check the size of your pores, your sebum amount, hydration level and fine lines/wrinkles just by poking your face with some rod.

Being a newcomer, I thought I'd be getting RM105 (np: RM 150), but the aesthetician, Lynn, told me to get the eye treatment (RM 120, after discount is RM84) or else I won't be getting the 30% discount. From what I thought RM105, has not only become RM 150 but RM189.

Fine, a 5-star wallet surely equals to 5-star treatment. I like the nice decor details from the white roses on the washroom and storage place...white and white.

Now let's get to real deal. The extraction was EXCRUCIATING! I know I have a series of bombastic pimples, but I would appreciate a TLC on them, not the other way round. Despite a few "ouchie" reaction, she keeps popping those injured bombs...and later the ELECTROCUTION aka antiseptic... OMG! WHY??? WHY??? It's like trying to disturb the dead...

I cringed and uttered a few profanities in my head, hoping that these painful experience would make my face as soft and flawless as Alicia Keys...

For me, I judged my facial session from the extraction and the ability/service of the aesthetician. Don't get me wrong, the one who attended me was friendly and all-smiles, but I'm not sure she's your girl when it comes to extraction.

Update: I went there second time (in June '10) cos I always happen to be in Bangsar. Again, extraction was painful, but my acne scars recovered faster than usual. Thumbs up! But too bad it's expensive :(

Star rating: 4 stars (super deco and tech, painful extraction, acne scars heal fast)

Dewi Sri Spa, Alam Sentral, Sghah Alam (no longer around)
Lovely interior, with Balinese decor. Went here with my mom. I've no complaints on the extraction, but my mom wasn't too lucky with hers. I went through a full body massage here before. It was nice, until they massaged my upper areas...erm...

Star rating: 3/5

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  1. hi there ^^ New follower here ^^
    Wanna ask that will u mind if i borrow ur picture of the facial price list and post it in my blog ? :)
    and do they do extraction in their facial ?
    feel free to check out my blog ya ^^

  2. Hi YJia. Sure thing, but do cited Roze Boomerang below the pic. Thanks for dropping by :) I went to your blog, got loads of fantastic info! Will definitely have a look-see now and then.

    Yes, they do extraction for both Basic Facial (Purete Vegetal)and the Botanical Intensive Treatment (RM165)-first time visitor get RM132.

    I tried both treatments, and in my opinion the Botanical Intensive is better cos they massaged and prepped your face longer so your face won't hurt when you do extraction. I didn't understand that at first until I started going to the normal one. It makes a whole lotta difference and I like the fact that the products they put on during facial smells organic (doesn't smell so foreignly chemical, you know what I mean)

  3. Thanks a lot Roze ^^ Sure I'll cited ur blog name when I post the pic ^^
    But dunno when do I have the time to do a lot bloggin stff :(
    because 2molo I'll went back to my university and bucks of assignments and mid term tests is waiting for me >< sigh....
    but i'm so tempting to try Yves Rocher's facial now ! hehe...

  4. Haha, I understand what you mean. I only blog after uni. So many distractions during uni, with assignments, club activities and presentation. Working life can be a bit too dull, that's when blogging came in :D

    Can always 'kumpul duit' first. Make a piggy bank, put RM1 everyday..haha. So when it reached RM132, you can bring all that money to facial. Hahaha! Do call them (03-749404488) first to make appointment and double check on the price first. Get Kak Siti. I like Kak Siti cos she's friendly, nice to talk to and she gives a lot of tips to me. ^_^ Usually aesthetician only talk about the products they put on your face..if ask something also, they only reply a bit only..

  5. then i need to wait more 132 days ><" haha...

    ya loh ya loh , some facialist they just tell you , "you sleep la,you enjoy la" ..then they dun really wanna answer you one .

    That day the RMK SA try on their spring collection on me mah ^^ she is so nice loh ! teached me many make up techniques and tips ^^
    and she said:" makeup artist seldom teach ppl how to make up one" ...hahaha...i think may be that's the way they keep their job ? haha...

  6. Glad I stumbled into your blog as I am currently battling acne too! your opinion please - which one's more important? to consult a skin doctor or to go for extractions? or both? much appreciated :) thank you!!!

  7. Hi Sabrina. First of all, how severe is your acne condition? My opinion, if your acne is severe (all of the sudden) and no over counter items can fix your problem, then do go consult dermatologist or skin doctor. Do ask him a LOT of questions. You might want to 'interrogate' him with some cause of your breakouts and what medicine will he prescribe to you.

    ...and most skin doctor would give you 'hormone pills' that you need to take constantly = more trips to the clinic = more money for doctor.

    Extraction part is a bit tricky. My first breakout was after I went to Leonard Drake. I don't want to point fingers whether they are the root of cause to my 'crazy breakouts', but here are the pros and cons of extraction/facial treatment.

    Pros - One needs to go to facial because you need to leave it to the 'professional' to do extraction on your face properly. If it's not done properly, you'll have scars.

    Cons - If you're unlucky and encounter with 'unskilled' beautician, they will extract your acne badly/painfully, and worse, it may aggravate your acne/pimples. A good beautician will never pick on your 'uncooked' pimples.

    Wow, sorry I got so many things to share to you. I am still battling acne though. But if there's one thing that helps me a bit is my water intake and BELIEVE IT OR NOT...don't bother buying acne facial cleanser. It's best to go for the mildest, most natural cleanser (no benzoyl peroxide, no salycic acid, chemical stuff) as possible. :D

  8. Hey Roze :)

    Thank you so much for your reply! you've been such great help, in fact I am planning to make a trip to Dr Ting's clinic in the morning tomorrow, just like you did (like suddenly so inspired haha)! I was thinking of making an appointment but today it's Sunday - do you think they're open today if I were to call them? Or I should just go at 8am like you did :)

    So the green pills you mentioned the doctor prescribed you were hormone pills? Are you still taking them? And thank you for confirming this - I bought tons of acne facial cleanser and I am so pissed that none of them work :( as for facial, I think since my case is somewhat severe (like all of a sudden even though I've always had acne-prone skin, but only recently it became worse, so I think I shall see a doctor first :)

    I followed you on Twitter :) once again, so glad to stumble upon your blog, thank you!

  9. Hi Sabrina. My pleasure. I'm not sure about Dr Ting's opening hours these days. I stopped going for him after my 2nd visit because he prescribed me the same meds all over again and my skin condition is not as better as I thought it would be, just so-so.

    I am not 100% sure that it's hormone pills, but it has the same criteria - my face produces less oil after consuming this. Dr Ting is one of the doc that would nod or shook his head when it comes to patient-to-doc Q&A, but if you're lucky, he might explain briefly on your skin condition and what causes the breakouts.

    Besides the pills, the cleanser that Dr Ting provide is very gentle, which is a plus.

    Good luck, hope all goes well with you. Don't worry too much about your skin cos at the end of the day, your skin will regenerate itself overtime ;) *am convincing myself the same too*


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