Sunday, January 31, 2010 - as easy as BREAKING UP? - as easy as BREAKING UP?

Yeap! The irony! Do watch it first and soon you know what it means :) Er, so what do you guys think of the video? *biting fingers*

I think most people can relate a lot with the video. We always have this urge to get out of town whether for quick getaway, escapism or in this case, guy hates her cats and pimples! LOL!

I never knew there's MAS on mobile (MHmobile), until I saw advertised in Nuffnang early this month. It's one neat app, for the fact that you can even BOOK and view flight prices on your mobile.
"Umm, I wonder how much is a one way ticket to New York?"

I'm now checking the price on my mobile (as I'm writing on the PC), it's RM2290 inclusive of tax. Wait a min, there's even a 'HOLD' option next to the 'Purchase' button. Now that's awesome!
Let's do a walkthrough on this for L.A. in commemoration of the above video.

Grab your mobile and test the awesomeness by typing this on your web mobile browser... or

Let's scroll up and press 'Book Flight' instead. Shall we, Totoro?

3.15pm flight for RM way ticket to ride! Weeee!!!

Now this is my favorite function, the 'HOLD' button. You use this to reserve the ticket without making ANY payment within 8 hours. 8 hours is enough for you to get your friends to give up their passport no. and surrender to few days of leave and holiday experience with group of friends.

*speaking from experience* hahaha! Weekend for Java Jazz Festival in Feb 2009

The site doesn't have a fancy, flashing thing, so accessing airline info on mobile browsers never been so smooth and fast such as this. Simple, quick yet very effective!

I have quite a few blog entries of my travel experience, but believe it or not...

I would love to win this cos...

  1. Travel is my passion. I give up buying a car so I can travel, at least every two months to go to educational exhibition, music events, conventions, etc.Yes, I'm that poor.
  2. Turkey has been in my list-to go travel for quite awhile. Nope, never been to Europe too.
  3. Halal food is always a concern for my travel partner, so most of the time, I go vegetarian or no meat diet for most of my travels be it Philippines, Australia, Bali, Japan, etc.. I LOVE food and that's why Turkey is a dream destination for me cos I know I won't have problem eating.
  4. Why not ask from parents? Never receive any financial support from my parents for travel. All from my pocket money, huhuhu. Except the time when my dad gave me RM50 during my first trip overseas when I was 16. Kedekut!!! Having said that, most my income goes to either travel or PTPTN..or good food. T_T
Could MAS make this silly, old girl's dreams come true?


  1. lol
    juz planning to enter this contest coz all the video is not that good
    but watching yours, gosh, need to start shooting now!

  2. And I need to bite my fingers more cos this means more competition, hehe! :D Good luck dude!


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