Saturday, February 27, 2010

Band on the Run - the 3 in 1 song!

Have you ever heard the chorus,
"Band on the Run....and the jailer man and sailor Sam were searching every one".
For those who barely know this song or have heard a bit of the chorus, you'll be surprised to hear the whole song; from the start, the middle and the seems like 3 different songs molded into one! This song was also featured in Guitar Hero World Tour. Yes, I get to play this song! Hahaha!

Touching on another almost related story, Paul McCartney was actually kinda struggling playing his own songs in Rock Band (sorta similar to Guitar Hero, but with more designated musician). In an interview this weekend in The Times, Paul McCartney was asked whether he'd played The Beatles: Rock Band yet.

He said, "Yeah, my assistant showed me how to set it up 'cos I'm not Mr Tech. I lost twice. On Easy. And I was playing bass, I'm ashamed to say. It's all red and green and yellow buttons. I said, ‘Can we start this again?'"

Can you imagine that? Hahahaha!

Band on the Run is a song from Paul McCartney and Wings that was released in 1974. The song gives me mixed feelings and emotions...

Start (0:00-1:18): Reminds me of John Lennon and the song "Real Love" from The Beatles
Middle (1:19-2:05): George Harrison comes to mind. Coincidently, he actually contributed some the part "If we ever get out of here".
Chorus and End (2:05 to 5:09): A bit of Paul and a little bit of The Beatles "I'm Looking Through You"

If you are interested to hear more of Paul McCartney, I really recommend the album, Flaming Pie. My favorite songs from this album are (from the track number);

1. The Song We Were Singing
5. Young Boy (dedicated to Paul's son, James)
6. Calico Skies
10. Souvenir
11. Little Willow
13. Beautiful Night

P.S: I wish Glee could perform this song!!! I'm half fainting at the thought of it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Say YES to yourself!

Say YES inspired by Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" film feat. Zooey deschanel

I'm sure everyone went through the "I can't do that" phase especially on physical activities. I too was one of them. Weak, scrawny, not so athletic, asthma kid, classic 'aura' I hate those illness. Whenever there was any sports activities, well, there I was, snip, snapping the Yashica SLR (i was in the yearbook team), hoping that I was among the strong ones to enter sports competition.

16 years old - time to change. No more listening to mama. I decided to join the annual school cross country (merentas desa). I convinced myself that I wasn't that bad of a runner. I was the queen of kejar-kejar (chasing game) in my neighborhood. Hahaha!

Seems that mama wasn't the only one who wants me out of the race. Guess who - my yearbook teacher. Haha!

So the race starts. As I ran, the heavy breathing starts. Am I gonna pass out by roadside? Tripped over some big, pointy stones? As these thoughts were clouding my head, so was the sweat beads that trickles down my forehead.

Breathing was the hardest part. I noticed it gets harder as you exhale from the mouth, but when modify it to the nose, it doesn't consume much energy.

At the end of the race, I was surprised to get 19th place out of all that 'flock' of people.

Feeling confident, I joined the race again for the following year, which happens to be my senior year. Unfortunately the competition gonna be tough this time as I will be competing along the healthy, perky juniors.

Groundhog's day. Breathing in and out. That heavy feeling in your guts...

Guess what I ranked at the end of the race? No, not 1st place of course. 4th place! For a person with asthmatic history, this definitely made my day.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate yourself! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I may never get the first 4 to win Energizer Night Race, but hey, my friends and I got lucky for Shape-up Sunday event with Mr Energizer! Thanks Energizer and Gatorade! Check out The Sun article of the event.

LED headgear for every participating runners!

Not to forget Adidas and Schick inspired running vest!

This is how last year's Energizer Night Race looks like in South Korea and imagine this happening in Cyberjaya? Each participants runner will be supplied with an LED light headgear. Surreal experience not to be missed, eh?

Registration is very limited this time around, but do check it out at the Malaysia's Energizer Night Race website and also their facebook page for updated info or queries.

My sole intention for this race was purely for fun and perhaps to re-test myself again, but I also wanna bag the finisher's medal. In order to get it, I need to finish up 10km within 1 hour and 3o minutes. Oh dear! CHALLENGE! A friend of mine recommend me reading more articles on Interval Training to beef up my training.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aglio e Olio: Easiest Pasta for Beginner Cook!

Aglio e Olio pasta served without parsley

I love going to Dome for their Spicy Olio pasta. It's one light pasta that is not so filling and is definitely low in calories, perfect for dieters out there. And best of all, it's easy and quick to prepare! Thanks to the internet, I finally found a way to eat-in rather than spending over RM20 for a decent pasta.


1. Fettuccine pasta. You can choose between
  • Rolled type: I prefer this cos I like it's easier to boil.
  • Straight type. Also comes with healthier, spinach version.
  • Spaghetti is also acceptable.
2. Chili flakes (I'm using Domino's left over chili flakes) or dried chili.

3. Parsley. Any parsley will do. If you like it to taste more italian, go for Italian Parsley, otherwise Chinese parsley will do.

4. Garlic. For 2-3 servings, I'm using about 2 big garlic cloves.
5. Beef bacon or Beef Breakfast Streak (I'm using this. Can be found in most major groceries store like Jusco, Carrefour, Cold Storage and many more.)
6. Olive oil (I'm using EVOO: extra virgin olive oil)
7. Ground black pepper
8. Salt
9. Cheese (optional). You can use either grated Pecorino Romano cheese, Parmesan or what I love to use cheese singles :D

All ingredients READY?! Okay, let's start.

Boil water. I boil my water in the electronic kettle (faster way) and once its boiled, I just pour it in the boiling pan. Make sure the pan is not hot, otherwise expect exploding bubbles. Dunk in all the pasta when the water is bubbling and splash 2-3 drops of olive oil. Once the pasta ready, strain the pasta!

Cooking is all about multi tasking so during the boiling process, have all the raw ingredients ready and chopped from garlic, parsley and the beef streak. I like my garlic chopped in mini dice so the after effect of the smell won't be that bad or some won't easily get stuck in between the teeth.

Get a wok on the stove and pour in some olive oil. The amount of oil should be just enough to moisten up the pasta, shouldn't be put too much! Put the fire on medium heat cos you don't want to burn the garlic or else, your whole pasta will be bitter. In less than one minute, sautéed the garlic till it's golden light brown (don't let it burn!). Then add in the chili and the beef.

We're almost there. Turn off the fire and transfer the boiled pasta to the wok. If you keep the wok fire on, then you'll have a crunchy pasta - and you don't want that! Mix the sauce and pasta evenly preferably using wooden spatula. Dash a few salt and pepper. Do test it in between so you get too overboard. Throw cheese, and if you're using the cheese singles, do chop/tear it in bits. Last but not least, don't forget the greens - parsley.

YAY, you're done. If you want more visual, check out this video below. Comes with beautiful Italian groove to get you into the mood! :D Bon apetit!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Eco Friendly Hair Curler!

How to curl your hair the green way? Yes, you don't really need those hair appliances or new set of plastic rod curler to curl your hair. Seriously, I was skeptical watching Michelle Phan pulling another of her ridiculous make over stunts, but I gotta tell you, IT WORKS!

Got those pesky papers or flyers lying around the house? Then use it!

The key of going green is about sustainability and you don't need to spend money for something that you can get around the house. Get any semi thick paper that is knot-able! I'm using McD's flyers or should I say spam flyers since they 'distribute' about 30 pieces of it with my drive-thru food. I didn't even ask for it :p

Please watch the video for more instruction. Miss Phan was right, my friends thought I went 'koo-koo' when they saw paper rolls on my hair, while preparing for a reunion dinner. But they were surprised to see the nifty results. Good luck! :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 - Triple Celebrations!

February 14 this year is not only reserved for Happy Valentine's Day, but its also a year of the Tiger, Chinese New Year and most importantly 1 year anniversary for Roze Boomerang site! YAY!

In conjunction of Valentine's Day, I'm gonna share you a book I'm currently reading, as recommended by Oprah Winfrey herself titled "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" by the funny man Steve Harvey.

From a radio personality to stand-up comedian, Steve Harvey's career was nothing but to entertain and cracking jokes. But for a moment when he realized that most of his audience are female and how clueless they were especially dealing with men, he believes that he's here for a mission.

This book spills everything about men and how they perceive relationship. Everything from what a man needs wants desire, ambitioned, why men cheats, to the classic mama's boy syndrome. Now all the men will definitely throw eggs at Steve to know all their dirty secrets have been revealed.

I recommend this book to all the ladies out there; those in a relationship so they can build a more solid foundation as a couple and those who are still seeking and want to know how these predators function. Some parts of this book are a bit irrelevant to me especially the part about the divorcée and older women, but hey, it's good to get the headstart ;)

Have a lovely V-day, roaring new year and thanks for reading Roze Boomerang.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheapest, awesome graphic novel ever bought!

RM 12.90 DC graphic novel! Art saves!

Who knew you can get the best book in such groceries store like Carrefour? I found this at Carrefour Alamanda.

The Plain Janes is produced by MINX, an imprint of DC graphic novel designed exclusively for teenage girls. But trust me, no puppy love story here. If you love Craig Thompson's Blanket, you gotta love this. Read the book's preview

What makes this book a whole lotta cheaper is cos its produced by the local publisher, Pelican Publishing. God bless them. We have enough manga here...bring more Marvel or DC. Sigh.

I also bought this. A funny, illustrated 'children' book about Britney Spears. RM5!

Will probably buy this phrase book if I ever wanna go to Croatia or Poland

Friday, February 5, 2010

Coffee bean deodorizer!

Coffee bean anyone?

I ran out of my arms and hammer baking soda and to me, those stuff didn't really work for me or maybe I didn't use it right. So baking soda's out my list for now.

It just so happens, I won a pack coffee bean from Starbucks a couple of weeks ago during Live and Inspire talk. Funny thing, last January, I just bought a freshly grind Colombia coffee from Coffeebean for my office. So I was like, great...two coffee and I'm not much of a coffee person. But I do love the smell of coffee, especially coffee bean.

Today, the smell of the trash in the kitchen just turns me off. Probably the carcase from Nando's chicken I ate last night. But too bad the trash is just half empty. Too lazy to take it out. I thought to myself I could either use my lemon scented Glade or...use the COFFEE BEAN!

So from there, the project begins. Stuff that I used...
  • Empty marigold jelly cup
  • Half grip of coffee bean
  • Fork heated on stove fire, just at the tip
  1. Get a fork and just heat up the tip of the fork with the stove fire. Advisable to use a thick and sturdy fork so the tip won't bend easily and your hands won't burn.
  2. Poke on the jelly cup cover.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2
There will be some speck of melted plastic on the fork. Don't worry, just wash it off with soap and use steel scourer.

Et voila! Eco friendly coffeebean deodorizer!

You can also use any small, reuse container and have it covered with plastic and manually poke some holes on it. To boost more yummy smell, dash some drop of vanilla. LOVELY!

My kitchen now smells so coffee-tastic!

Go read this article to learn more.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

OK on Karaoke

Who doesn't like karaoke? Definitely not you, frown face. Karaoke is all about letting go, the enthusiasm and not really much about whether you have a voice of angel or..erm kermit the frog. You get what I mean.

Based from my few karaoke trips, here are some of the songs that I do and don't recommend singing in karaoke. To me, the cheesiest, the better!!! Trust me...copy and paste it in your Nokia notes, Blackberry, might find this list, erm, handy in the future :D

This song reminds me the good, ol' days of me and my roomie back in university. We sang this song from a youtube karaoke song SO loud that one of the neighbors yell to shut us up! LOL!

The must-sing songs
1. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
2. Dreaming of You - Selena
3. Greatest Love - Whitney Houston
4. It End Tonight - All American Rejects
5. Crazy - Aerosmith
6. Spice Girl - Wannabe
7. Don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
8. Endless Love - Lionel Richie
9. A Whole New World - The Aladin Song :p
10. I Wanna Spend my Lifetime Loving You - Marc Anthony and Tina Arena

The sing-not songs...I like most of this songs, but I found it hard/boring/repetitive to sing during karaoke esp. with group. But again, depends on preferences.
1. Angel - Sarah Mclachlan
2. Yesterday - The Beatles
3. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat
4. Thank You for the Music - ABBA
5. Eternity - Robbie Williams
6. Take a Bow - Rihanna
7. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
8. Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden
9. Daughters - John Mayer
10. Are you Jimmy Ray - Jimmy Ray

Adam Sandler and Jack Black are two of my favorite singing actors. Here, Adam Sandler replacing David Letterman during his sick time at David Letterman Show. Don Cheadle was a guest at that time, probably promoting the movie Reign Over Me. I love this movie. Watch this movie to see the other side of Adam Sandler.

So having said that, when's the last time you karaoke?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neutrogena Wave is in town!

Found Neutrogena Wave at Watson's The Curve last night. YAY!

I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser (the golden one) for about 3 months now, I think. Not that it really works on me, but it's gentle enough for my skin. And another reason cos it's cheap and carries the brand Johnson & Johnson, which is one brand that I trust for my dry skin. Even my best friend is using it, and she has one picky 'sensitive' skin. And so far, she has no complaints.

So a month after using the 'golden' version, I kinda wanna try an additional stuff, so I bought the cleanser/mask. I honestly think its a waste of my money. To me, the mask feels like a thicker version of soap, dried up to become a mask. Even as a cleanser, its nothing so different than the golden version, only more thicker, creamier feels.

Now, another side of me goes "would you let go of this Neutrogena craze? Those stuff obviously didn't work for your skin!"

...but they're (the spokespersons) are so cute and would you look at those clean, perky faces?

Check out this video from Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panetierre and other Neutrogena spokesperson.

I was in Singapore a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity to purchase Neutrogena Wave after reading quite a number of positive reviews. At that time, I haven't found any wave in the local pharmacies yet.

I bought Wave at SG$24.90 and the refills for SG$8.95 at Guardian's Orchard Road. Malaysia's Watson is selling it for RM 59.90 and RM29.90.

The instructions:
1. Attach the cotton-like pad
2. Splash a bit of water
3. Massage your face in circular motion

Watch this Neutrogena promo video featuring Vanessa Hudgens

AA Duracell battery placed in the 'thing'. Its a waterproof case, so its good to go in shower. Just don't overdo it by soaking it in the bath tub. LOL!

The foaming pad (there's a 2 weeks supply of pads in the wave kit). It's basically a pad with neutrogena soap inside...but it has a cooling effect to it.

And pad goes onto the velcro headed wave. Don't get it wrong, the head won't spin, it just vibrates, which is in a way good for your skin's blood circulation.

My comments on Neutrogena Wave?

Unlike the previous two products of Deep Clean, this stuff rocks! At first, the vibration was a bit too much for me to handle. It makes your head a drill! But after one use, my face feels so squeaky clean and smooth! And love the cool, almost a tad icy feeling on my face.

The refills!!! The instruction said discard the pad after one use, but come on!!! Instead of one time use, I use it twice a day. Still, find it quite pricey.

Also, the commercial seems to exaggerate the foam effect coming out of the wave.

Would I recommend it to others?
Provided that you have a normal skin. Much recommended for young teens or those who are using Neutrogena deep cleanser. Fun way to wash your face.

So..any wave hacking idea for the refills?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eco Ouch!

Good cause, bad advertising!

Last September, I found this at Carrefour Alamanda's, on the way down from escalator to the ground floor. It's written,
"We need more trees for our Rhinos!" or in local language "Kita Perlukan Lebih Pokok Untuk Badak Kita!".
One could joke about it and replied "What about us, the human race?" Goodness! I wonder what the kids or any shoppers would think when they see this? Don't get me wrong, I've nothing bad to say on this great cause, but I think they should get better copywriters for this.

Go to to learn more on Honda's effort in saving the Sumatran Rhinos.
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