Saturday, February 27, 2010

Band on the Run - the 3 in 1 song!

Have you ever heard the chorus,
"Band on the Run....and the jailer man and sailor Sam were searching every one".
For those who barely know this song or have heard a bit of the chorus, you'll be surprised to hear the whole song; from the start, the middle and the seems like 3 different songs molded into one! This song was also featured in Guitar Hero World Tour. Yes, I get to play this song! Hahaha!

Touching on another almost related story, Paul McCartney was actually kinda struggling playing his own songs in Rock Band (sorta similar to Guitar Hero, but with more designated musician). In an interview this weekend in The Times, Paul McCartney was asked whether he'd played The Beatles: Rock Band yet.

He said, "Yeah, my assistant showed me how to set it up 'cos I'm not Mr Tech. I lost twice. On Easy. And I was playing bass, I'm ashamed to say. It's all red and green and yellow buttons. I said, ‘Can we start this again?'"

Can you imagine that? Hahahaha!

Band on the Run is a song from Paul McCartney and Wings that was released in 1974. The song gives me mixed feelings and emotions...

Start (0:00-1:18): Reminds me of John Lennon and the song "Real Love" from The Beatles
Middle (1:19-2:05): George Harrison comes to mind. Coincidently, he actually contributed some the part "If we ever get out of here".
Chorus and End (2:05 to 5:09): A bit of Paul and a little bit of The Beatles "I'm Looking Through You"

If you are interested to hear more of Paul McCartney, I really recommend the album, Flaming Pie. My favorite songs from this album are (from the track number);

1. The Song We Were Singing
5. Young Boy (dedicated to Paul's son, James)
6. Calico Skies
10. Souvenir
11. Little Willow
13. Beautiful Night

P.S: I wish Glee could perform this song!!! I'm half fainting at the thought of it!

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