Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheapest, awesome graphic novel ever bought!

RM 12.90 DC graphic novel! Art saves!

Who knew you can get the best book in such groceries store like Carrefour? I found this at Carrefour Alamanda.

The Plain Janes is produced by MINX, an imprint of DC graphic novel designed exclusively for teenage girls. But trust me, no puppy love story here. If you love Craig Thompson's Blanket, you gotta love this. Read the book's preview

What makes this book a whole lotta cheaper is cos its produced by the local publisher, Pelican Publishing. God bless them. We have enough manga here...bring more Marvel or DC. Sigh.

I also bought this. A funny, illustrated 'children' book about Britney Spears. RM5!

Will probably buy this phrase book if I ever wanna go to Croatia or Poland

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