Friday, February 5, 2010

Coffee bean deodorizer!

Coffee bean anyone?

I ran out of my arms and hammer baking soda and to me, those stuff didn't really work for me or maybe I didn't use it right. So baking soda's out my list for now.

It just so happens, I won a pack coffee bean from Starbucks a couple of weeks ago during Live and Inspire talk. Funny thing, last January, I just bought a freshly grind Colombia coffee from Coffeebean for my office. So I was like, great...two coffee and I'm not much of a coffee person. But I do love the smell of coffee, especially coffee bean.

Today, the smell of the trash in the kitchen just turns me off. Probably the carcase from Nando's chicken I ate last night. But too bad the trash is just half empty. Too lazy to take it out. I thought to myself I could either use my lemon scented Glade or...use the COFFEE BEAN!

So from there, the project begins. Stuff that I used...
  • Empty marigold jelly cup
  • Half grip of coffee bean
  • Fork heated on stove fire, just at the tip
  1. Get a fork and just heat up the tip of the fork with the stove fire. Advisable to use a thick and sturdy fork so the tip won't bend easily and your hands won't burn.
  2. Poke on the jelly cup cover.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2
There will be some speck of melted plastic on the fork. Don't worry, just wash it off with soap and use steel scourer.

Et voila! Eco friendly coffeebean deodorizer!

You can also use any small, reuse container and have it covered with plastic and manually poke some holes on it. To boost more yummy smell, dash some drop of vanilla. LOVELY!

My kitchen now smells so coffee-tastic!

Go read this article to learn more.

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