Monday, February 15, 2010

Eco Friendly Hair Curler!

How to curl your hair the green way? Yes, you don't really need those hair appliances or new set of plastic rod curler to curl your hair. Seriously, I was skeptical watching Michelle Phan pulling another of her ridiculous make over stunts, but I gotta tell you, IT WORKS!

Got those pesky papers or flyers lying around the house? Then use it!

The key of going green is about sustainability and you don't need to spend money for something that you can get around the house. Get any semi thick paper that is knot-able! I'm using McD's flyers or should I say spam flyers since they 'distribute' about 30 pieces of it with my drive-thru food. I didn't even ask for it :p

Please watch the video for more instruction. Miss Phan was right, my friends thought I went 'koo-koo' when they saw paper rolls on my hair, while preparing for a reunion dinner. But they were surprised to see the nifty results. Good luck! :D


  1. I am surprised that a green person like you is still opting for McD! They are one of the biggest polluters through the way they raise (or let raise) the cattle, they use genetically modified foods to say the least!
    Maybe you didn't know? I'm in KL and we can meet anytime for a more detailed chat :-)
    (our website is currently under construction, but we're having a facebook group under Eco-Oasis)


  2. Hi Elke. Thanks for dropping by first of all. Hm, I do try my best to adapt to greener, sustainable lifestyle as much as I can, though I gotta admit it's hard not to resist their mcflurry's and the oily french fries once in awhile. I rarely eat the burgers these days and knowing those facts from you, perhaps I'll find another alternative ;)

    Yeah, I'm open for chat anytime. Do keep in touch via FB. Awesome group btw! :D

  3. wahhhhhh quite cool!!! but to keep it overnight? too long laaaaa....

  4. Not necessary actually, can also make it in less than an hour and dry it hairdryer. I think the whole point of leaving it overnight is so that the hair will dry naturally without any heat/chemicals. This will make a good girls slumber night activity actually, lol! Jadi hantu kertas! Hahahaha!

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