Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 - Triple Celebrations!

February 14 this year is not only reserved for Happy Valentine's Day, but its also a year of the Tiger, Chinese New Year and most importantly 1 year anniversary for Roze Boomerang site! YAY!

In conjunction of Valentine's Day, I'm gonna share you a book I'm currently reading, as recommended by Oprah Winfrey herself titled "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" by the funny man Steve Harvey.

From a radio personality to stand-up comedian, Steve Harvey's career was nothing but to entertain and cracking jokes. But for a moment when he realized that most of his audience are female and how clueless they were especially dealing with men, he believes that he's here for a mission.

This book spills everything about men and how they perceive relationship. Everything from what a man needs wants desire, ambitioned, why men cheats, to the classic mama's boy syndrome. Now all the men will definitely throw eggs at Steve to know all their dirty secrets have been revealed.

I recommend this book to all the ladies out there; those in a relationship so they can build a more solid foundation as a couple and those who are still seeking and want to know how these predators function. Some parts of this book are a bit irrelevant to me especially the part about the divorcée and older women, but hey, it's good to get the headstart ;)

Have a lovely V-day, roaring new year and thanks for reading Roze Boomerang.


  1. hey roze, was just blog hopping and here i am! :p hey, i wanna pinjam this book from u next time we meet kays? sounds like i can pick up a tip or two ;p

  2. Sure sure. Remind me next time we meet, or better, come to Cyber la. Can wii and lepak too :D


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