Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neutrogena Wave is in town!

Found Neutrogena Wave at Watson's The Curve last night. YAY!

I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser (the golden one) for about 3 months now, I think. Not that it really works on me, but it's gentle enough for my skin. And another reason cos it's cheap and carries the brand Johnson & Johnson, which is one brand that I trust for my dry skin. Even my best friend is using it, and she has one picky 'sensitive' skin. And so far, she has no complaints.

So a month after using the 'golden' version, I kinda wanna try an additional stuff, so I bought the cleanser/mask. I honestly think its a waste of my money. To me, the mask feels like a thicker version of soap, dried up to become a mask. Even as a cleanser, its nothing so different than the golden version, only more thicker, creamier feels.

Now, another side of me goes "would you let go of this Neutrogena craze? Those stuff obviously didn't work for your skin!"

...but they're (the spokespersons) are so cute and would you look at those clean, perky faces?

Check out this video from Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panetierre and other Neutrogena spokesperson.

I was in Singapore a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity to purchase Neutrogena Wave after reading quite a number of positive reviews. At that time, I haven't found any wave in the local pharmacies yet.

I bought Wave at SG$24.90 and the refills for SG$8.95 at Guardian's Orchard Road. Malaysia's Watson is selling it for RM 59.90 and RM29.90.

The instructions:
1. Attach the cotton-like pad
2. Splash a bit of water
3. Massage your face in circular motion

Watch this Neutrogena promo video featuring Vanessa Hudgens

AA Duracell battery placed in the 'thing'. Its a waterproof case, so its good to go in shower. Just don't overdo it by soaking it in the bath tub. LOL!

The foaming pad (there's a 2 weeks supply of pads in the wave kit). It's basically a pad with neutrogena soap inside...but it has a cooling effect to it.

And pad goes onto the velcro headed wave. Don't get it wrong, the head won't spin, it just vibrates, which is in a way good for your skin's blood circulation.

My comments on Neutrogena Wave?

Unlike the previous two products of Deep Clean, this stuff rocks! At first, the vibration was a bit too much for me to handle. It makes your head a drill! But after one use, my face feels so squeaky clean and smooth! And love the cool, almost a tad icy feeling on my face.

The refills!!! The instruction said discard the pad after one use, but come on!!! Instead of one time use, I use it twice a day. Still, find it quite pricey.

Also, the commercial seems to exaggerate the foam effect coming out of the wave.

Would I recommend it to others?
Provided that you have a normal skin. Much recommended for young teens or those who are using Neutrogena deep cleanser. Fun way to wash your face.

So..any wave hacking idea for the refills?

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  1. omg! I've been searching this product. I'm from Shah Alam & i've searched for it all over Shah Alam, Wangsa Maju area, Setiawangsa (near my uni).

    much thanks! I'll go there :D


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