Thursday, February 4, 2010

OK on Karaoke

Who doesn't like karaoke? Definitely not you, frown face. Karaoke is all about letting go, the enthusiasm and not really much about whether you have a voice of angel or..erm kermit the frog. You get what I mean.

Based from my few karaoke trips, here are some of the songs that I do and don't recommend singing in karaoke. To me, the cheesiest, the better!!! Trust me...copy and paste it in your Nokia notes, Blackberry, might find this list, erm, handy in the future :D

This song reminds me the good, ol' days of me and my roomie back in university. We sang this song from a youtube karaoke song SO loud that one of the neighbors yell to shut us up! LOL!

The must-sing songs
1. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
2. Dreaming of You - Selena
3. Greatest Love - Whitney Houston
4. It End Tonight - All American Rejects
5. Crazy - Aerosmith
6. Spice Girl - Wannabe
7. Don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
8. Endless Love - Lionel Richie
9. A Whole New World - The Aladin Song :p
10. I Wanna Spend my Lifetime Loving You - Marc Anthony and Tina Arena

The sing-not songs...I like most of this songs, but I found it hard/boring/repetitive to sing during karaoke esp. with group. But again, depends on preferences.
1. Angel - Sarah Mclachlan
2. Yesterday - The Beatles
3. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat
4. Thank You for the Music - ABBA
5. Eternity - Robbie Williams
6. Take a Bow - Rihanna
7. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
8. Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden
9. Daughters - John Mayer
10. Are you Jimmy Ray - Jimmy Ray

Adam Sandler and Jack Black are two of my favorite singing actors. Here, Adam Sandler replacing David Letterman during his sick time at David Letterman Show. Don Cheadle was a guest at that time, probably promoting the movie Reign Over Me. I love this movie. Watch this movie to see the other side of Adam Sandler.

So having said that, when's the last time you karaoke?

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