Monday, February 22, 2010

Say YES to yourself!

Say YES inspired by Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" film feat. Zooey deschanel

I'm sure everyone went through the "I can't do that" phase especially on physical activities. I too was one of them. Weak, scrawny, not so athletic, asthma kid, classic 'aura' I hate those illness. Whenever there was any sports activities, well, there I was, snip, snapping the Yashica SLR (i was in the yearbook team), hoping that I was among the strong ones to enter sports competition.

16 years old - time to change. No more listening to mama. I decided to join the annual school cross country (merentas desa). I convinced myself that I wasn't that bad of a runner. I was the queen of kejar-kejar (chasing game) in my neighborhood. Hahaha!

Seems that mama wasn't the only one who wants me out of the race. Guess who - my yearbook teacher. Haha!

So the race starts. As I ran, the heavy breathing starts. Am I gonna pass out by roadside? Tripped over some big, pointy stones? As these thoughts were clouding my head, so was the sweat beads that trickles down my forehead.

Breathing was the hardest part. I noticed it gets harder as you exhale from the mouth, but when modify it to the nose, it doesn't consume much energy.

At the end of the race, I was surprised to get 19th place out of all that 'flock' of people.

Feeling confident, I joined the race again for the following year, which happens to be my senior year. Unfortunately the competition gonna be tough this time as I will be competing along the healthy, perky juniors.

Groundhog's day. Breathing in and out. That heavy feeling in your guts...

Guess what I ranked at the end of the race? No, not 1st place of course. 4th place! For a person with asthmatic history, this definitely made my day.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate yourself! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I may never get the first 4 to win Energizer Night Race, but hey, my friends and I got lucky for Shape-up Sunday event with Mr Energizer! Thanks Energizer and Gatorade! Check out The Sun article of the event.

LED headgear for every participating runners!

Not to forget Adidas and Schick inspired running vest!

This is how last year's Energizer Night Race looks like in South Korea and imagine this happening in Cyberjaya? Each participants runner will be supplied with an LED light headgear. Surreal experience not to be missed, eh?

Registration is very limited this time around, but do check it out at the Malaysia's Energizer Night Race website and also their facebook page for updated info or queries.

My sole intention for this race was purely for fun and perhaps to re-test myself again, but I also wanna bag the finisher's medal. In order to get it, I need to finish up 10km within 1 hour and 3o minutes. Oh dear! CHALLENGE! A friend of mine recommend me reading more articles on Interval Training to beef up my training.

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