Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singing to the Sesame Street

My "I never grow up" shirt

My mom used to tell me when I was as young as 3 years old, I would wake up early in the morning (without disturbing my parents) and watch Sesame Street. The opening song "Sunny dayyy, sweeping out clouds awaaayyy.." would cheer any kids or kids alike...up until now.

My favorite characters? Gosh too many of them. When I feel silly and willy, it's Ernie. When I wanna be chatty and curious, I'll look up to Big Bird, when I feel like singing, Kermit's my man and when I feel hungry and longing for cookies....well, you know who, right?

Just want to share you some starry, singing moments on the sunny Sesame Street. Enjoy!

James Blunt singing Triangle: You're Beautiful

Piano lady, Norah Jones singing Don't Know Why feat. Elmo and the letter Y. This is my favorite.

OMG! Old skool Backstreet Boys boybanding with Elmo

The laundry, Jason Mraz and his guitar

Adam Sandler doing what he likes to do, making up songs!

You started to realize how old is Sesame Street when you see a younger Julie Andrews singing with my green man, Kermit.

This post is brought to you by the letter 'R' for Roze and 'B' for 'Bing bang you hit me like a Boomerang'!

Running: A mind game

First of all, just want to say, YATTA! I made it! I ran 10km last Saturday, during the Earth Hour for Energizer Night Race that was happening in Cyberjaya.

Adidas vest XS (for women) and M (for men)

This was my first race in 8 years. Very much a deja vu moment for me. I was an asthmatic who were told not to join any sports activities, but not wanting to be the weak one, I've decided to take up running as personal challenge. Like Forrest Gump, I just felt like running.

Best part of all after that, I no longer have asthma since :)

Back to the race, thank God, I managed to set a personal record of 7.6 mins per kilometer (76 mins for 10km), which gets me the qualifying time. My previous practice marked a poor stats of 10mins per km, so I was relief to get through. 76 mins wasn't a super impressive timing, but I wasn't there not to beat anyone, I was there to beat me. To beat the impossible. To beat that negative side of me that's been yacking "There's no way you can get there in time since you haven't run in a long time".

Sweet medallion

Just want to share a bit of a walk-through of what I went through during the race. The obstacles and solutions. I'm not a pro-runner, just telling you as it is.

My silly summary:
  • No sprinting
  • Breathing through nose
  • When tired, best not to stop immediately.
  • Smile when your heart is aching :D
  • Experiment new move - run like a ninja!
  • MUSIC!!!
As advised, I didn't sprint the first few minutes. In fact, I jogged and walked most of the time. When you run long distance, it's not all about being Speedy Gonzales, its more of maintaining and synchronizing the rhythm of your heartbeat, your leg ability and your breathing.

Again, as mentioned earlier in previous post, having used the deep breathing practice in yoga, I found it easier to inhale and exhale from the nostrils. Mouth breathing takes a lot of energy.

I noticed when running long distance, if it gets harder to breathe, its better to keep walking (gradually) than stopping immediately. Imagine a spinning fan theory.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, I had a smile on my face half way running. I swear that smile resembles Rachel Berry in Glee episode 7: Vitamin D. It may sound gleekily weird, but that was the time when my speed increased momentarily. For some reason, it feels good to smile and run at the same time. Try it.

I've been watching the anime series Naruto lately and for some reason, I thought that running with hands on the back would somehow make running a little smoother. So I've tried doing that without making it look so obvious. HAHAHAHA! One of the runners whom I met recently told me that she saw me doing that and she thought I had a backache! Results: Weirdo!

Get the right music with you. That's one thing I forgot to prepare. I brought my phone along and most of the songs in the playlist are 70% easy listening. Imagine running to 'Comfortable' from John Mayer. LOL! But if there's one song that lifts me up for that night, it was Benny and the Jets from Elton John. YEAAAAHHHH!!!

A yoga relief workout after running courtesy of virtual yoga guru, Sadie Nardini.

So what's your excuse for not running?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's from JUSCO?!!!

One of my sisters just love to watch Yakuza-spired movie and she recently introduced me to this movie called 'Kamikaze Girls'. I trust her taste - she knows the best stuff out there, not the usual fala-la-la stuff. OMG, if you enjoy Stephen Chow's movie, you'll definitely love this movie. So oh, bizarrely funny...so Japanese.

Kyoko Fukada plays a blonde fashionista who's into Victorian-lolita inspired clothings.

Quick fact: You can find a lot of Jap girls in this fashion in Harajuku Street. One of the 'paparazzi' shots I took last Sept (during first day of Raya).

Let's talk Jusco now :D

Did you know you can get discounts or free trials with your J Card? Yes, the Jusco card. It's not only a point collecting scheme, there's a LOT of benefits you can gain by just flashing the card and perhaps with a little help of a JCard catalogue.

My worn out Jusco catalog
Currently I'm using my JCard for Starbucks; 10% discount for any beverage. You can also get 10% off on ala carte in A&W. Other food outlets that grants 10% off are Jogoya, Johnny's (steamboat), Mr Teppanyaki, Carl's Jr (RM30 and above), Sushi King (RM60 and above)...pretty much most restaurants in Jusco/Aeon mall.

There's also privilege on Beauty services (facial treatment), fitness centre, hotels and lots more!

My advise: Go to JCard member counter and grab 1 or 2 copies of their catalog. Put one in your car or better bring if you want to get discounts. To view the online privilege catalogue (valid from July 1, 2009 - June 30 2010) go HERE.

A few days ago, I went to mYoga at Garden's Midvalley in attempt to go for trial as mentioned in the Jusco catalog. The reception made me wait to see the sales person. I told the sales person about the JCard privilege and I am entitled to get 2 free sessions and she told me that she didn't know anything about Jusco and its privilege! I didn't have the catalog with me at that time, so I can't prove anything. Aiyoyo! Will bring it next week to show them. It's either the sales person was not informed about this or for the fact not a lot of people know about such privilege.

Anyone up for yoga or ballet?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Questions of Eco-friendly...

What's this 'eco friendly' term we always read, see, listen everywhere? Is it just a mere symbol? A consumer approved label? A 'cool' trend? A branding that identifies an act, a group or an individual?

Does buying t-shirts that says "Save Mother Earth" or "I'm eco-licious" could change society's perception or make a difference on the environment? Maybe? Could it? Impossible?

What about tote bags? I'm not sure about others, but I get tote bags at least twice a month. Mostly from marketing events and shopping promo. That's a total of 24 tote bags in a year. Enough bags to last me about good 'ol 3 to 4 years. I can't stop but to cringe every time I see some marketing ploy come up with "Buy bag, save a forest". More eco bags for purchase?

There have been many questions chiming in my head lately. Why am I doing these?

Who's that monkey?
Why do I recycle weekly? Who do I reuse my items? Why do I bring shopping bags to groceries? Why do I plant trees? Why do I spend on expensive eco-friendly products?

2 shopping bags equals to 5 plastic bags. Seriously

Why??? To save the environment? What environment? *looking 360 at my office room*

To make the world a better place? You mean, free from Global Warming?

To make the world greener? Why not blue? Red? Yellow? Ooh, rainbow color!

Have you really found a definite answer, the core, the objective behind all these green acts?

One of the film documentaries that redefines my perception on the definition of eco friendly is Leonardo diCaprio's 11th Hour. I find that the starting of the film a bit hard to digest with all the destructions and tragedies, but as it reaches the ending, it gets better :) I'm not gonna give out spoilers, just watch it.

If I have one pledge, just one pledge for Earth Day 2010, that one pledge is for people to LOVE.

Love yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your life, people's life, love the nature, that annoying neighbor of yours (try), the young, the old, everyone!

Only with love, you started thinking twice on every action or decision you make...the WHAT IF.

If I buy this....would I be happy? Is this what I need and not a mere compulsive shopping? Would others (the society/wildlife) get anything out of my purchase? Where this item gonna end up in if it's thrown, reused or recycle?

Today's the Earth Hour, the 1 hour celebration of no-electricity. We should have it every day! :D I'll be running 10km for Energizer Night Race, my first race in 8 years. Wish me luck.Will update more on that soon ;)

Here is my previous article "A Green Journey" written in conjunction of Earth Day in 2009.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boiling eggs on my face? Possible?

Hahaha, I'm kidding! Though I have one oily face, don't ever try that on me. A ready cooked eggs would be nice though. I love eggs.

5 years ago, I wouldn't use this, but lately with my oily face and busy schedule out of office, this is a must-have. Great to remove excess oil and it won't really strip (a bit) off the existing foundation powder you're wearing. I prefer to use blotting tissue instead of touching up my face using foundation powder. I find that a bit eww-wy since you probably be rubbing bacteria and germs from the foundation sponge on your face, unless if you constantly keep the sponge clean.

Anyway, here's a double review on two different blotting tissue I'm using at the moment - The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissue and Clean and Clear Oil Control Film.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissue (65 sheets)

Pros: Tea tree ingredients on every tissue! Cool! Plus since its made from paper, therefore its biodegradable and earth friendly. Plus, the tissue pulls out nicely. Love the compact size too!
Cons: Prone to tear (see the image above). The paper like feel makes blotting less enjoyable.
Absorbing power: So-so. The paper texture and feel is very tissue paper like (tissue gift wrapper)
Effect: My face feels less oily and a bit shineless, but not completely oil-free. At least I know there's a hint of tea tree here :D
Value: Bought at an affordable price of RM10 (promo price)

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (50 +10 silky sheets)

Pros: The blue film is so velvety smooth and goodness, it absorbs the oil way better than The Body Shop's. It made my skin smooth, oil-less and shine-free.
Cons: It did absorb some trace of my liquid foundation though. The other downside is that it's made from plastic, not so good for mother earth.
Absorbing power: Power! Can see how much oil it absorbs! (see the image above. Disgustingly awesome!)
Value: I forgot...will update soon. It's cheap though.

Hmmm...at the end, it depends on the priority. Would you like a medicated film? Or would you prefer the one with the absorbent power. I'd go for the blue film. One blue film for me equals to 3 of the green films ;)

Another blotter entry: Clean & Clear Oil Control Film - Grapefruit scent!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wipe that make up off!

Simple and St Ives facial wipes

Instead of my usual cotton pad + Maybelline make up remover, I've moved on to the wet wipes recently. I find it convenient for travel and also for the fact that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the eye and face, which I think is the reason why I used to have a small pimple (melia) on my brow bone since its oil based.

St. Ives Cleansing Wipes (Moisture Pack) of 40 sheets priced at around RM14.90
- It's gentle and moisturizing compared to Simple's.
- Removes the make up well from eye makeup to foundation.
- I like the plastic lid cos it stores the tissue well unlike the sticker type.
Cons: When you pull out one sheet, another sheet will come out - very tissue like. I've to push the next tissue back in using my fingers which I don't really like cos it invites germs or bacteria.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing of 25 sheets priced at RM12.90 (discount price at Guardian)
- Cleans well. Unlike St Ives, when you pull out the sheet, the next one stays in nicely.
- Good value for money
- The wipes cleaning effect is a bit too strong, therefore leaves less moisture on my face.
- Not too fancy on the sticker lid cos I've to push out the excess air before closing the wipes.

So, if I were to buy new wipes again, I would get the St. Ives.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A glance of Home Organisation...

Growing up in my teens, my mom keep telling me, "Kalau suka semak nanti besar-besar nanti orang tak nak kawin ngan hang" (in English it means "If you're a messy person, when you grow up later, no one would marry you). A very Asian thing, if you ask me.

Pressing the button forward + 10 years later, I'm now living in a rented apartment and I'm loving it. Thanks to my mom and my clean and organized room mate back in college, I am now a changed person.....a bit, I hope :D

Some of my home organization and deco tips that's somewhat-suitable for those who live in rented (where you can't really heavily decorate your place) and limited space.

Since I like to color coordinate, I organize my wardrobe in color scheme. I find it easier to search for my clothes especially if you're in a rush. I have a small wardrobe, so I've to simplify the color scheme.

All Black: All Black
Raging Reds: Red, Purple and Orange
The Blues: Blue, Green,
Bright Lights: White, Yellow, Gray

I'm a hat/head gear person so I need something to hang it on. I bought this mini tree stand at Ikea for RM19.90, I think. Wish the branches were longer so I cut put more stuff on it. Here you can see everything from my goofy spider-man mask, headbands, surgical mask, etc. Er...still looks messy right?

The Ikea stand (without anything on it)

What would you do if you're not allowed to drill your wall for picture frame? Just use adhesive hanger and get a cotton rope as a rail. You can remove the adhesive later using 'Goo Gone' when you want to move out. Here, you can hang your favorite photographs or postcards. I'm hanging a few photos from travels and my dear cats and also a postcard that I've received from The Body Shop friendship campaign.

I love what's written here. It's like a wedding vow, but it's for a friend. "I promise to be a good listener, to be there through thick and thin, good and bad times, a shoulder to cry on, a smiling face.."

Same ol' principle like above, except that this doesn't involve adhesive. I'm using a fancy red wire to hang my jeweleries and accessories and tie it at both ends of my metal rack.

Thanks for reading this far and here's an inspiring quote from Peter Walsch, a professional organizer (featured in Oprah show).
“Make room daily for your own time and space, so that you are able to open your door generously to others.”
For more readings on Peter Walsch and his tips on how to de-clutter your home, please go here

Friday, March 19, 2010

A thing or two on party planning...

Autograph card cum photo frame - Sex & the City style

First of all, I'm not a full time party planner although I've organized several parties for some good friends of mine and I gotta say, the awesome thing about party planning is to be able to come up with unthinkable stuff within a limited amount of time. It will be crazy messy during production time but afterwards, looking back (especially from the party photos), you'll be satisfied and happy to know that you've done it and all the happy faces of people who come to the party.

Please eliminate this negative vibe, "I'm not creative enough!". If you can write your own signature, then YOU ARE CREATIVE! And if you're out of ideas, GOOGLE is your best friend. Get the right keywords, search for images, and you'll be surprised on cool stuff you find online *trying to point to Roze Boomerang* hahaha!

I bought this book called "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris at MPH for 113.90. I don't normally buy expensive books (not even graphic books) but this book is definitely a love at first sight - in a good way. It has a lot of quirky and fun tips on how to be a good host and party tips and ideas. Also comes in a soft cover (all black and white) at RM66.00, but the hard cover version is more worth it cos it comes with colorful illustration. Even if you don't wanna buy it, just have a look-see at any big local book store like Border's, MPH or Kinokuniya :)

Tiki Party for the Tikiman. You can buy this Tiki torch at any Ace Hardware. I think this is about RM19.90 The mascot is made from a 'trash' polystrene board I found nearby my apartment and it's painted using poster colors.

If you want a party to remember, you need to fix a theme for it. Don't just simply come up with the usual theme party, get a background check on the celebration or the person you're throwing a party to.

Color Scheme
Say, if Sex & City is your pick, you need to focus on certain color scheme. For this night, I chose the colors Pink (main color), Silver, Gold, Black and purple (as secondary colors). It's okay to mix and match, but my advice, stick to it, otherwise you'll get a massive headache during shopping/hunting time.

Bought this candle holder for RM3.50 per piece, but I got another 70% discount for this at Contact, Sect 9. Amazing!

This is very important. Big or small, it doesn't matter cos you can always work around it.

Gold and silver candles at Art Shop, Garden's Midvalley

Don't just limit yourself to places like party shops. You'll be surprised to see a lot of stuff in hardware store and art shops.

Add Image
Mobile phone jewelery pasted on a champagne glass

Places I like to hunt for party resources;
  1. Ace Hardware, Pyramid/Midvalley
  2. Art Shop at Garden's Midvalley
  3. YYG at Sect 9, Shah Alam (cheap costume accessories for kids and also adults). I bought feather boas here and it's SO cheap! Even the wigs here cost less than RM20!!!
  4. Contact, Sect 9, Shah Alam: Cheap, unique stuff! Definitely a hidden gem!
  5. Balloon Buzz
  6. Daiso, IOI Mall: Japanese cheapo wonder all RM5!
If a cowboy's weapon is his gun, then a party planner's gun is a GLUE GUN! A must have item but please be careful with it :D

Hardware store is your friend!

See what I mean? Messy 'ol spaghetti! So...KFC anyone? :D

Food & Beverage

Keep it simple, especially if its for guests less than 10 pax. Avoid all the soupy, sloppy food. Having done a lot of gatherings and dinner, I started to realize that finger food is more convenient for parties (to prepare and eat), or at least have 1-2 heavy main course to satisfy the hungry ones. If you like to make desserts, you can invest on a dozen of shot glasses. You can use these tiny glasses to make creme caramel, drinks and even this recipe I've invented below.

Crushed strawberries (I use spoon/garlic crusher) + dash of castor sugar to balance up the soury taste of strawberries. Lastly, top it with whipped cream and chopped dark chocolates. YUM!!

Guitar Heroes!!!

Party activities
If you have party games like wii, guitar hero/rockband or traditional games like Taboo the you're pretty much set. If you don't, not to worry. You can't plan what the guests want to do, as most of them will probably busy catching up with each other, some will eat..As long as you have a few standalone activities for the guests, as a host, all you can do is just sit back and enjoy the show ;)

Today's post is dedicated to that one special birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Vic!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm eating chicken at a vege restaurant!

Plain rice topped with salty papadom, spinach and tofu made mock chicken.

I don't really like taking heavy lunch, even if I had breakfast a few hours earlier. Makes me sleepy and unproductive the whole day. I would usually eat half way and take away the rest of it. Not when I discovered the beauty of vegetarian food that I found in Khush Vegetarian at Cyberjaya.

Mock mutton (mushroom shred) with saucey tofu

I gotta admit, I used to hate veggies, probably because I was forced to eat it when I was young. The only veggie I could tolerate at that time was spinach and nothing else.

Oh, just for the record, I'm not 100% vegan. I'm a vegan during lunch time? Is there a title for that? Hahaha.

When you're almost a quarter century older like I am, you started to have a realization that "you are what you eat." Try conduct a little observation test when you go to groceries and observe what people are buying when you look in their shopping cart. Regardless of whatever shape and sizes you are, if you have lousy diet, didn't bother to 'move' around (exercising), possess bad hygiene practice, you are prone to sickness. I'm not saying I'm healthy as a horse, but I gotta say I am healthier compared to 4-5 years ago cos I started to change my health habit. Example last year, I could recall that I only got fever/cough less than 5 times.

Goodness! This is a post on vege food, why am I babbling like an old fool? Back to the subject.

The pic above was my usual light lunch. I love to have it together with a refreshing mango lassi. If you're a fan of yogurt, you will love this!

That's my friend's lunch. He's a bread person, so he took chapati and naan bread, topped with curry potatoes and also the mock chicken tofu.

If you're a first timer on vegetarian food, it may take a few times to get used to the flavor and food. It's not that indulging, but quite a healthy alternative. On a lower note, unlike the usual lunch, I tend to get really hungry quite fast just after two hours eating this.

Check out more posting on this restaurant at Cintarasa blog.

If you're from MMU Cyber, you know this restaurant is another addition of the Auntie Vege, the same owner :D

Khush Vegetarian:
GD Ground Floor. Block 2330. Century Square,
Cyberjaya (Tel: 012-213 9317).
Business Hours: Monday to Friday (Opens on Sundays as well). 8am to 8pm.

Friday, March 12, 2010

King Dancer Pose

My friend took this photograph of me at Port Dickson beach, pulling a Natarajasa (King Dancer pose). Straight leg is the more advanced pose.

I came to my first yoga class with the perception that it's gonna be a lot of "Ommms" instead of the "Ummphh". Who would have thought a simple, balancing pose like the warrior pose could produce a lot of sweat! The 40 minutes of vinyasa and a bit of hatha ended with a relaxing corpse pose. Okay, to those who have zero knowledge on yoga, there are actually names for every yoga poses, from cow, cat, dog, cobra, child pose...every animals or unthinkable nouns you can think of. The actual names were actually in sanskrit.

Why yoga?
Some people would think Yoga would come easy to me as I'm skinny enough to pretzel myself. Maybe for headstand, but not for poses like bow pose. Whether you're skinny, curvy, pregnant or old, yoga is for everyone.

I love yoga for the fact that you are your own exercise machine. You can sweat and burn calories as much as running on a treadmill or lifting weights. If you're not a fan of running and love to stay healthy without signing up on gym membership, again, yoga is the answer. What a lovely excuse to stay healthy :D

It's a bit tough for first timer to pull the right pose, but it will gradually change. I can't even touch my toes the first time and two lessons later, I can go all the way down. Keep challenging yourself, relax and breathe - that's my yoga motto.

For great readings on yoga, there are a lot of video tutorials, magazines and books out there.

If you're a Wii-kster like me, check out what Wii Sports have in store for the yogis. The video shows you how to do King Dancer pose.

For other added variations to the pose above, here is another video from Nike.

Sadie Nardini offers a lot of useful vinyasa yoga variations and guess how old is she? She's 38!

Yoga for Beginners has a lot of useful information on yoga variations, sequences as well as great tips for yogi beginners. I bought this at Sun Magazine at e@Curve (former Cineleisure Mall).

Namaste :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Battle of impurities!

Dr Ting's acne prescription for me. Clockwise: Pills, Toner, Cleanser (red), pimple gel and spot-on liquid (holding)

It's been 9 days since my first visit to Dr Ting's, my face is doing MUCH better since my January breakout. A couple of days ago, there's a new bump about to erupt on my chin, but with the help of Dr Ting's spot liquid and a bit help from The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil (great for pre-acne), Mr Bump won't stand a chance! It's getting smaller now :)

A few comments on Dr Ting's prescription:
Pills: It's ok. Just swallow. I just have to remind myself to eat it twice a day.
Toner: Not like other toner. I only wear one drop at effected area cos its one heck of a strong alcohol based liquid and its very dry. I'm using my other toner before sleep to balance my skin.
Pimple gel: Often get confused of the usage with moisturizer. It's very light, so i just swipe it through my pimpley part of the face.
Spot-on liquid: I dab a little drop on that Mr Bump and it dries him down. Careful not to lick it...erm, only idiot like me would likely to do so. T_T

Pimple buster = DONE, now pimple scar operation = ACTIVATING MISSION!

I've been reading a lot of success story on Colonial Dames's vitamin E oil and decided to give it a go. Even a good friend of mine is using vitamin E to heal some scars from her face. Vitamin E is measured by the IU's, the higher the IU the better (so they say). The highest for Colonial Dames's range is 30,000. So yesterday, after a few weeks of research, I decided to hit the Midvalley's Guardian to grab a bottle.

Luckily in Guardian this time around, they're having some sale on certain items including Colonial Dames. It's 15% off and they even have tester for it which is erm, a good thing and if only I can see the results real time there, haha, that would be awesome. But hey, better than nothing right?

I tried on their 17,500 IU vitamin E oil on the back of my hand....it feels icky. Somehow I'm not sure it's a good idea to put on more icky stuff than my already existing face oil :p

Then I found something better and its also from Colonial Dames, but specifically for Scar Care. Excellent! I bought it on 15% off for RM 59.41. It's more of a light cream base and it doesn't leave an icky feeling like oil does. It leaves a soft and nice feeling to the face. The direction sez to use it 4 times a day on a new scar to achieve desired results for 8 weeks and pre-existing scar will be for 3 to 6 months recovery. Will update this post for results soon!

Here's one review I found in Amazon,
"Very good for removing scars. I had chicken pox as an adult and needed something to help the scars heal quickly. This product speed up the process and progress is noticeable. At first I felt a burning and very itchy sensation on the applied areas, but it's the initial reaction and after the first couple of days it went away"
Colonial Dames Scar Care contains Vitamin E

I've been using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer on my scar for a couple of months, but I didn't really see much difference. However, I do like to wearing under my eye bag and the fine lines under my eyes. I'm only 25, but I think it's good to start early when it comes to moisturizing.

Colonial Dames or Palmer's? Far right bottle is how the Scar Care packaging look like

Impulsive shopping! I also bought this set (comes with extra small bottle) for RM 29.88 only!

My additional 'crazy' beauty regime COMING SOON!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls rule AI's Season 9

Siobhan "shriek" Magnus

American Idol this season started off with sad, soppy stories from the contestants. If it's just a few sad ones, I don't mind, but hey, it's all tears...gah.

Good thing it's all good season for the girls. I didn't took notice of the guys this year. Boring. There are two of my personal favorites, the okay ones and the not so good ones.

I love Siobhan Magnus for starters. This glass blowing apprentice is a mixture of cutesy and punk rock (check out her arm tattoo). Her signature style is her high pitch shriek in the middle of her song performance. Definitely someone who will excel to Top 12. Siobhan, if you're reading this, please perform "Crazy" from Aerosmith. I'm sure it will sound SO awesome! :D

Didi Benami is another fav of mine. She has a sweet voice, a bit like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Her style of singing is very soulful, almost like a high pitch version of Adele. Love her colorful bohemian fashion sense! But when it comes to the competition, her weakness is finding the right song, cos her voice only compliments niche type of music. She's a reminisce of Brooke White from season 7.

The other hopefuls are Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Lily Scott. The rest are either too generic or not worth to vote.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

That deadly foodie sin - Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme

Imagine melting marshmallows in a jar! Even the thought of it makes you have sugar rush. LOL!

I was first introduced to Kraft's Jet Puffed Marshmallow back in 2005 in Nagoya, Japan. Yeah, what a place to get acquainted with such bizarre food such as this...in a way, it was almost expected.

I forgot the exact price, but in Malaysia, you can get it for less than RM12.

If you're in Singapore, you can get this baby at Market Place by Jasons or Cold Storage. I happen to found a bigger jar in Village Grocer at Bangsar Village I, Kuala Lumpur. Makes an awesome smores (with Honey Maid Graham crackers) and maybe I dunno, a weapon to wake up kids to go to school?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Need a coffee fix...on your FACE?

It was a hot, Saturday afternoon and I was bored. The E! entertainment channel was on, and the host were babbling about the Hollywood remedies before hitting the Oscars. Then I heard one of the actors was using coffee ground as facial mask for clear skin, so I quickly googled it and found this. Thanks to e-zine for this great tips!

How could I resist? All I need is milk and coffee ground. I got my ground Columbia coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and cold Dutch Lady full cream milk. Feel free to use other brands, although I'm not sure that the Nescafe coffee might work cos its a bit processed and might get too diluted when its mixed. Perhaps try Kopi Cap Kapal. The kaw-er, the better!

Here goes, just mix two tablespoon of coffee with a bit of milk, enough to get a not too thick, not too runny mixture. I'm using a stirrer I got from a hotel. Good thing about it that it has a spatula-like end, which is perfect for mask application.

Avoid eyes and lips and slowly massage the mixture as you apply the mask on your face.

Watch out for the spills especially on white fabrics. Coffee has a very similar effect like Henna.

Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, while relaxing on your couch with slow jazz. The mask will get tingly and tight a bit.

Next, instead of a quick rinse, just slowly massage it again, just like exfoliating and rinse it off. Your sink will be a bit messy at this part, so don't forget to clean it up.

I was surprised that it didn't give any tight effect on your face. My face feels clean and smooth. I just apply a bit of moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and hey, my face smells so coffee-tastic!

Try it!

For more great tips on how to use your coffee ground go to Green Daily
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