Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ballet & Yoga

A documentary made using Canon 5D Mark II.

Yeap, it's from an expensive DSLR! Wedding videographer in Malaysia has been widely using this for their work. What makes it so "eye candy" is the lens ability to focus manually and the stunning clarity of the picture, thus creating the cinematic look. Amazing, eh?

Ballet has been in my to-learn list for quite awhile. There's something about Ballet that intrigues me - the fluid movement, the 'fairies-like' music, that mysterious Ballerina's expression. Is she happy or just putting on a mask?

Funny thing, the two person that 'influenced' me learn Ballet are renown impressionist, Edgar Degas and the singer, Josh Groban.

Inspiration # 1 - The Star Dancer on Stage by Edgar Degas

The sketch that was inspired by Josh Groban's, So She Dances. Behold the "The praying mantis ballerina". Hahahah!

The song that made me go dancey! Inspiration # 2

Per Te from Josh Groban. Also another awesome dance in this number.

So, anyone knows a good Ballet beginner class for adults around Klang Valley? :D


  1. my sister used to learn ballet when she was very young.. even my mum asked me to learn at a young age.. i said NOOOO! =P

  2. Lucky girl, wish my parents would send me off to such classes when I was young.

    Yeah hor, a bit off looking at men with tight leotards, haha!

  3. wow ~ Roze you got a talent in drawing ! but will it be too late to learn ballet now ? bcoz I heard that our bone is getting harder to bow as we get older rite ?

  4. Thanks Anna. Haven't draw as much as I used to.

    I've been reading a lot on adult ballet for beginners. It seems doable, although can't go to the extend of those who practiced since young. But then, if you practiced doing split for example, a review has mentioned that you can learn how to do split in a month, provided that you practiced (stretch) everyday. I found the answers in Yahoo! answers btw.

    Another fact: it's not the bones that makes you flexible, it's the muscle. For years, I wasn't able to flex and touch my toes. And then I joined yoga, and it only took me a week for me to do so. Stretching is the key :)


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