Thursday, March 11, 2010

Battle of impurities!

Dr Ting's acne prescription for me. Clockwise: Pills, Toner, Cleanser (red), pimple gel and spot-on liquid (holding)

It's been 9 days since my first visit to Dr Ting's, my face is doing MUCH better since my January breakout. A couple of days ago, there's a new bump about to erupt on my chin, but with the help of Dr Ting's spot liquid and a bit help from The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil (great for pre-acne), Mr Bump won't stand a chance! It's getting smaller now :)

A few comments on Dr Ting's prescription:
Pills: It's ok. Just swallow. I just have to remind myself to eat it twice a day.
Toner: Not like other toner. I only wear one drop at effected area cos its one heck of a strong alcohol based liquid and its very dry. I'm using my other toner before sleep to balance my skin.
Pimple gel: Often get confused of the usage with moisturizer. It's very light, so i just swipe it through my pimpley part of the face.
Spot-on liquid: I dab a little drop on that Mr Bump and it dries him down. Careful not to lick it...erm, only idiot like me would likely to do so. T_T

Pimple buster = DONE, now pimple scar operation = ACTIVATING MISSION!

I've been reading a lot of success story on Colonial Dames's vitamin E oil and decided to give it a go. Even a good friend of mine is using vitamin E to heal some scars from her face. Vitamin E is measured by the IU's, the higher the IU the better (so they say). The highest for Colonial Dames's range is 30,000. So yesterday, after a few weeks of research, I decided to hit the Midvalley's Guardian to grab a bottle.

Luckily in Guardian this time around, they're having some sale on certain items including Colonial Dames. It's 15% off and they even have tester for it which is erm, a good thing and if only I can see the results real time there, haha, that would be awesome. But hey, better than nothing right?

I tried on their 17,500 IU vitamin E oil on the back of my feels icky. Somehow I'm not sure it's a good idea to put on more icky stuff than my already existing face oil :p

Then I found something better and its also from Colonial Dames, but specifically for Scar Care. Excellent! I bought it on 15% off for RM 59.41. It's more of a light cream base and it doesn't leave an icky feeling like oil does. It leaves a soft and nice feeling to the face. The direction sez to use it 4 times a day on a new scar to achieve desired results for 8 weeks and pre-existing scar will be for 3 to 6 months recovery. Will update this post for results soon!

Here's one review I found in Amazon,
"Very good for removing scars. I had chicken pox as an adult and needed something to help the scars heal quickly. This product speed up the process and progress is noticeable. At first I felt a burning and very itchy sensation on the applied areas, but it's the initial reaction and after the first couple of days it went away"
Colonial Dames Scar Care contains Vitamin E

I've been using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer on my scar for a couple of months, but I didn't really see much difference. However, I do like to wearing under my eye bag and the fine lines under my eyes. I'm only 25, but I think it's good to start early when it comes to moisturizing.

Colonial Dames or Palmer's? Far right bottle is how the Scar Care packaging look like

Impulsive shopping! I also bought this set (comes with extra small bottle) for RM 29.88 only!

My additional 'crazy' beauty regime COMING SOON!


  1. I heard of Dr. Ting's good name before !
    Lilian , the formal SA of RMK recommended me to go there as my acne problem is quite bad too ^^
    but bcoz of i'm studying now at Kampar , so I seldom stay in town :(
    How's the fee ya? expensive or not ?

  2. The first time altogether with the med (photo attached in the blog) are RM150. Quite cheap for first time consultation actually. According to my friend, for the follow up treatment/prescription, the payment is like cheaper than the first one. I'll go back again next week for follow up. Will let you know ;)

  3. what's the result when u used Colonial Dames Scar Care contains Vitamin E? is it work?

  4. I did a test run on this for almost 1 month and it doesn't seem to work for me.

  5. hurm..i just think to buy it this evening..but cancel lol ;p

  6. LOL! It doesn't work for me. How severe is your scars by the way. If it's just a mild, dark spot, that will fade gradually within 3 months with the right exfoliation. Don't worry too much, skin will eventually renew :)

  7. how severe was your scar BTW ?
    I use colonial dames now for my pre surgery scar on face 6 years ago. till now,ive been using it for a month ++ . it do reduce my scar . unfortunately,i didnt achieve any result yet but i believd it will 'varnish' my scar soon bcause by now it smooth my face ! ;D
    You sure had been using it for a long ime right ? so, hows the results ?

  8. Hi Ezra. Not that severe actually. It's just dots from the acne. I've probably used this (the scare care serum) for 2 months and I didn't see any results. Maybe the normal vitamin E works better? Which Colonial Dames product did you use for your scar?

  9. so bottom line, does colonia dames scar care with vitamin E not work??

    I have pretty mild acne scars. Most are light, although some are much darker. I want to get rid of my acne scars before i graduation in a month or atleast before college in 4 months.

    I've been applying lemon and tomato juices to my face and they seem to be working, but very slowly. I also heard potatoe juice works. Please HELP me. I really need it!! PLZ! Thx.

  10. Hi there. I have replied your e-mail. Will share it with the rest of the readers soon. Thanks for reading :D


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