Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boiling eggs on my face? Possible?

Hahaha, I'm kidding! Though I have one oily face, don't ever try that on me. A ready cooked eggs would be nice though. I love eggs.

5 years ago, I wouldn't use this, but lately with my oily face and busy schedule out of office, this is a must-have. Great to remove excess oil and it won't really strip (a bit) off the existing foundation powder you're wearing. I prefer to use blotting tissue instead of touching up my face using foundation powder. I find that a bit eww-wy since you probably be rubbing bacteria and germs from the foundation sponge on your face, unless if you constantly keep the sponge clean.

Anyway, here's a double review on two different blotting tissue I'm using at the moment - The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissue and Clean and Clear Oil Control Film.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissue (65 sheets)

Pros: Tea tree ingredients on every tissue! Cool! Plus since its made from paper, therefore its biodegradable and earth friendly. Plus, the tissue pulls out nicely. Love the compact size too!
Cons: Prone to tear (see the image above). The paper like feel makes blotting less enjoyable.
Absorbing power: So-so. The paper texture and feel is very tissue paper like (tissue gift wrapper)
Effect: My face feels less oily and a bit shineless, but not completely oil-free. At least I know there's a hint of tea tree here :D
Value: Bought at an affordable price of RM10 (promo price)

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (50 +10 silky sheets)

Pros: The blue film is so velvety smooth and goodness, it absorbs the oil way better than The Body Shop's. It made my skin smooth, oil-less and shine-free.
Cons: It did absorb some trace of my liquid foundation though. The other downside is that it's made from plastic, not so good for mother earth.
Absorbing power: Power! Can see how much oil it absorbs! (see the image above. Disgustingly awesome!)
Value: I forgot...will update soon. It's cheap though. the end, it depends on the priority. Would you like a medicated film? Or would you prefer the one with the absorbent power. I'd go for the blue film. One blue film for me equals to 3 of the green films ;)

Another blotter entry: Clean & Clear Oil Control Film - Grapefruit scent!


  1. So the verdict?? Hehe...

    Anyway here's my review so far on the tea tree set, currently I'm using the moisturizer regularly as my old ones finished sooner then expected but today I'm going to start using the toner as well...Yay!
    Owh, from what I can see (or feel) I noticed my skin feel smoother with the moisturizer on and my makeup also feels much more natural means it kinda blends well, not like before when I was using the previous skincare..
    Still after this I'm going to use the whole set and see the changes...Yay again! :D

  2. LOL! I forgot to add the star rating. I would give The Body Shop a 3 or 3.5 (tak best..feel like kertas minyak) and probably 4 stars on the Clean & Clear.

    Which moisturizer are you using? The skin clearing lotion (day) or the night lotion? Oooh, maybe later you should try the tea tree mask. OMG! So syiok!

    Would like to try the t-tree toner, but need to finish up my body shop Aloe toner. I bought it because a couple of months back, my pimples were all itchy (a bit sensitive). It really helps to soothes the itchiness. The toner is great to balance the powerful, alcoholic toner that Dr Ting prescribe for me.

  3. I'm using the skin clearing lotion for my daily regime.. Haven't buy the night lotion yet, ongkosnya ngak cukup lagi deh.. :(
    I only bought the face was, toner and clearing lotion, even didn't buy the 'minyak gamat mat saleh'..*LOL* But still aiming to buy the others next time.. ;)
    Evrytime I enter any Body Shop I'm really2 tempted to buy the whole tea tree set but just once glance at the price just made me woke up again... :D

  4. Icic. Biasa lar, the temptation will always be there. But since the basic has worked for you, just stick to it, it's okay. Buy if you really really need it. If use and experiment here and there *pointing to self*, its hard to tell difference, hehe.

    Tips: Keep your face hydrated (not too dry, not too moist). If got one or two big pimple, just target that spot and don't use products on your whole face.

  5. My skin is really oily. Especially here in Asia where the weather is hot, I always need to powder my face. My lifesaver is Chambuu Facial Blotting tissue. You can purchase it here Use this discount code: WYMBLF6S (code works. tried it yesterday).


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