Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls rule AI's Season 9

Siobhan "shriek" Magnus

American Idol this season started off with sad, soppy stories from the contestants. If it's just a few sad ones, I don't mind, but hey, it's all tears...gah.

Good thing it's all good season for the girls. I didn't took notice of the guys this year. Boring. There are two of my personal favorites, the okay ones and the not so good ones.

I love Siobhan Magnus for starters. This glass blowing apprentice is a mixture of cutesy and punk rock (check out her arm tattoo). Her signature style is her high pitch shriek in the middle of her song performance. Definitely someone who will excel to Top 12. Siobhan, if you're reading this, please perform "Crazy" from Aerosmith. I'm sure it will sound SO awesome! :D

Didi Benami is another fav of mine. She has a sweet voice, a bit like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Her style of singing is very soulful, almost like a high pitch version of Adele. Love her colorful bohemian fashion sense! But when it comes to the competition, her weakness is finding the right song, cos her voice only compliments niche type of music. She's a reminisce of Brooke White from season 7.

The other hopefuls are Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Lily Scott. The rest are either too generic or not worth to vote.


  1. check out the stand up stand up hoodie siobhan was wearing during group rehearsals...

  2. OMG OMG! She'a Fanson?! That's SO cool! Haven't watched this week's show yet. Will look up for it! Thanks Eera!


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