Monday, March 22, 2010

A glance of Home Organisation...

Growing up in my teens, my mom keep telling me, "Kalau suka semak nanti besar-besar nanti orang tak nak kawin ngan hang" (in English it means "If you're a messy person, when you grow up later, no one would marry you). A very Asian thing, if you ask me.

Pressing the button forward + 10 years later, I'm now living in a rented apartment and I'm loving it. Thanks to my mom and my clean and organized room mate back in college, I am now a changed person.....a bit, I hope :D

Some of my home organization and deco tips that's somewhat-suitable for those who live in rented (where you can't really heavily decorate your place) and limited space.

Since I like to color coordinate, I organize my wardrobe in color scheme. I find it easier to search for my clothes especially if you're in a rush. I have a small wardrobe, so I've to simplify the color scheme.

All Black: All Black
Raging Reds: Red, Purple and Orange
The Blues: Blue, Green,
Bright Lights: White, Yellow, Gray

I'm a hat/head gear person so I need something to hang it on. I bought this mini tree stand at Ikea for RM19.90, I think. Wish the branches were longer so I cut put more stuff on it. Here you can see everything from my goofy spider-man mask, headbands, surgical mask, etc. Er...still looks messy right?

The Ikea stand (without anything on it)

What would you do if you're not allowed to drill your wall for picture frame? Just use adhesive hanger and get a cotton rope as a rail. You can remove the adhesive later using 'Goo Gone' when you want to move out. Here, you can hang your favorite photographs or postcards. I'm hanging a few photos from travels and my dear cats and also a postcard that I've received from The Body Shop friendship campaign.

I love what's written here. It's like a wedding vow, but it's for a friend. "I promise to be a good listener, to be there through thick and thin, good and bad times, a shoulder to cry on, a smiling face.."

Same ol' principle like above, except that this doesn't involve adhesive. I'm using a fancy red wire to hang my jeweleries and accessories and tie it at both ends of my metal rack.

Thanks for reading this far and here's an inspiring quote from Peter Walsch, a professional organizer (featured in Oprah show).
“Make room daily for your own time and space, so that you are able to open your door generously to others.”
For more readings on Peter Walsch and his tips on how to de-clutter your home, please go here


  1. haha...Roze , the way you keep your room is really interesting ^^ I like the spider tree but I agree that it will only makes your thing messier bcoz you will throw all the things on it ^^ haha...

    Btw , sweetie^^ I've tag you in my blog post here ^^

    It's a "I love your blog" award ^^ I dunno whether u have receive it before or not , but pls take it my dear ^^ coz you deserve it ^^

  2. Thanks YJia. Yeah, the tree sure looks haunted by now with all the hats and stuff. Even if I hang jeweleries, it will definitely be 3 times more complicated that the hats as it tangles more.

    Nope, never received any, until today :). I just started to get really active this year. Last year was more like writing summary,lol!

    Accepting the award with big 'anime cat eyes'. THANK YOU SOOO MUUUCH!!!! *hugs*

  3. I love cats too!!
    I have 4 babies for now... :D
    That's all..
    Take care...*LOL*

  4. @ Zee: 4! OMG! Good bless you! I have two nasty angels :) Got a new post on cats coming soon though I've a few in my blog. Type 'cats' at the search box, just below the video on the right side of the page :D

  5. hahaha... your big "anime cat eyes" makes me think of the invisible cat in "Alice in wonderland" . The cat is so cute too ~~~hehe...

    You deserve this award my dear ^^ your blog is really interesting ^^ *hugs back* :D


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