Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm eating chicken at a vege restaurant!

Plain rice topped with salty papadom, spinach and tofu made mock chicken.

I don't really like taking heavy lunch, even if I had breakfast a few hours earlier. Makes me sleepy and unproductive the whole day. I would usually eat half way and take away the rest of it. Not when I discovered the beauty of vegetarian food that I found in Khush Vegetarian at Cyberjaya.

Mock mutton (mushroom shred) with saucey tofu

I gotta admit, I used to hate veggies, probably because I was forced to eat it when I was young. The only veggie I could tolerate at that time was spinach and nothing else.

Oh, just for the record, I'm not 100% vegan. I'm a vegan during lunch time? Is there a title for that? Hahaha.

When you're almost a quarter century older like I am, you started to have a realization that "you are what you eat." Try conduct a little observation test when you go to groceries and observe what people are buying when you look in their shopping cart. Regardless of whatever shape and sizes you are, if you have lousy diet, didn't bother to 'move' around (exercising), possess bad hygiene practice, you are prone to sickness. I'm not saying I'm healthy as a horse, but I gotta say I am healthier compared to 4-5 years ago cos I started to change my health habit. Example last year, I could recall that I only got fever/cough less than 5 times.

Goodness! This is a post on vege food, why am I babbling like an old fool? Back to the subject.

The pic above was my usual light lunch. I love to have it together with a refreshing mango lassi. If you're a fan of yogurt, you will love this!

That's my friend's lunch. He's a bread person, so he took chapati and naan bread, topped with curry potatoes and also the mock chicken tofu.

If you're a first timer on vegetarian food, it may take a few times to get used to the flavor and food. It's not that indulging, but quite a healthy alternative. On a lower note, unlike the usual lunch, I tend to get really hungry quite fast just after two hours eating this.

Check out more posting on this restaurant at Cintarasa blog.

If you're from MMU Cyber, you know this restaurant is another addition of the Auntie Vege, the same owner :D

Khush Vegetarian:
GD Ground Floor. Block 2330. Century Square,
Cyberjaya (Tel: 012-213 9317).
Business Hours: Monday to Friday (Opens on Sundays as well). 8am to 8pm.

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