Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's from JUSCO?!!!

One of my sisters just love to watch Yakuza-spired movie and she recently introduced me to this movie called 'Kamikaze Girls'. I trust her taste - she knows the best stuff out there, not the usual fala-la-la stuff. OMG, if you enjoy Stephen Chow's movie, you'll definitely love this movie. So oh, bizarrely Japanese.

Kyoko Fukada plays a blonde fashionista who's into Victorian-lolita inspired clothings.

Quick fact: You can find a lot of Jap girls in this fashion in Harajuku Street. One of the 'paparazzi' shots I took last Sept (during first day of Raya).

Let's talk Jusco now :D

Did you know you can get discounts or free trials with your J Card? Yes, the Jusco card. It's not only a point collecting scheme, there's a LOT of benefits you can gain by just flashing the card and perhaps with a little help of a JCard catalogue.

My worn out Jusco catalog
Currently I'm using my JCard for Starbucks; 10% discount for any beverage. You can also get 10% off on ala carte in A&W. Other food outlets that grants 10% off are Jogoya, Johnny's (steamboat), Mr Teppanyaki, Carl's Jr (RM30 and above), Sushi King (RM60 and above)...pretty much most restaurants in Jusco/Aeon mall.

There's also privilege on Beauty services (facial treatment), fitness centre, hotels and lots more!

My advise: Go to JCard member counter and grab 1 or 2 copies of their catalog. Put one in your car or better bring if you want to get discounts. To view the online privilege catalogue (valid from July 1, 2009 - June 30 2010) go HERE.

A few days ago, I went to mYoga at Garden's Midvalley in attempt to go for trial as mentioned in the Jusco catalog. The reception made me wait to see the sales person. I told the sales person about the JCard privilege and I am entitled to get 2 free sessions and she told me that she didn't know anything about Jusco and its privilege! I didn't have the catalog with me at that time, so I can't prove anything. Aiyoyo! Will bring it next week to show them. It's either the sales person was not informed about this or for the fact not a lot of people know about such privilege.

Anyone up for yoga or ballet?


  1. You're welcome. Most shops, in fact all of them won't ask for your JCard for discounts. Cos lets face it, I'm sure they don't want you to know about such 'privilege' :D


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